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A novella in the Elemental World


“…steamy, heart melting romance.”

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: enclosed entirely, or almost entirely, by water

: What happens when the water vampire you've promised yourself to actually wants you to go through with the wedding? For Gemma Melcombe, her engagement to Terrance Ramsay was a political maneuver. For Terry, it's something entirely more. Rough waters may be ahead for these two headstrong lovers, but until they come to an agreement, Gemma will be waterlocked.

is a stand-alone novella in the Elemental World series.

The Elemental World:

Building From Ashes

Waterlocked: A Novella

Blood and Sand
(Summer 2013)


An Elemental World Novella

By Elizabeth Hunter

To my amazing readers:

This one is one hundred percent dedicated to you.



Terrance Ramsay was married to an absolute bitch, and he couldn’t have been happier about it.

“You!” She climbed over the edge of the luxury yacht, dripping wet, as she would have to be to escape the elaborately secured day chamber on his favorite sailing vessel.

“Good evening, Gem. There’s some dry clothes in the stateroom if you want some.” He sipped a brandy and glanced at the white nightgown that clung to her slim frame. He’d never preferred skinny women. When Terry had been human, skinny meant poor, and the last thing the son of a farmer wanted when he came to the city was a woman who looked hungry. No, he’d always preferred a woman with a bit to hold on to. A generous bosom and bottom were his preference.

But then, one couldn’t always control who they fell in love with.

“I do not want dry clothes, Terrance.” Her voice was clipped and precise. It was the voice she used on her underlings, and Terry ignored how it set his fangs on edge. “I wish to know where we are. I wish to know how I got here. And then I demand to go back to London.”

He wouldn’t grin. No, he wouldn’t. Well, maybe a little. “Well, luv, you can piss in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up faster. We’re on our honeymoon. Relax. And if you don’t want dry clothes, you could always oblige me and wear none at all.”

It took a lot to get Gemma to make that face. He tried not to enjoy it too much. Her mouth was hanging open and her blue eyes were wide. Oh, she was angry, all right. The last time she’d made that face had been before they were engaged and he’d had the gall to chat up her maid when she was in the room. Gemma had turned him down countless times at that point, but apparently, she didn’t share. Even dishes that she hadn’t found a taste for yet. She’d clocked him and had the brass to complain she’d broken a nail. They were engaged two days later.

“After all,” Terry continued, “you don’t see me wearing any clothes.” Her wide eyes finally flicked down to the loose towel he wore around his waist. He didn’t care for swimming clothes. He was a water vampire. He was at home in his element and clothes weren’t something he wore unless he was forced.

“I have a charity luncheon tomorrow!” She stamped her foot. It was adorable.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. I’m sure Wilhelmina will make your excuses for you. That’s why you pay her.”

She hissed at him. “I need to go back to London. I don’t know what mad scheme this is, but I’m not a fan of your pranks. I have responsibilities, people depending on me. And if you think you can—”

“We’re alone, Gem. Middle of the ocean with no land in sight. I’m almost as powerful as you are out here. Imagine that. No maids. No chefs. No minions scurrying about to tend to your every whim. Also, no meetings. No luncheons. No responsibilities other than the one to relax and indulge the imagination of your new husband.”

She was seething. “Indulge the imagination of—”

“No need to be proper here.” He grinned and let his fangs run out, deliberately looking her up and down like the choice morsel she was. No, he’d never cared for skinny women in the past, but then, Gemma wasn’t precisely skinny. She was just slim. She had a fine waist with a nice curve to her ass. Her breasts… well, he’d become rather fond of those, even if they were on the small side. Even more fond of her reaction when he paid them proper attention. And if he wasn’t mistaken, they rather liked his attention at the moment, despite what their mistress might protest.

Oh, he was going to get it for that, especially when he let her see the full effect of his lazy perusal. He threw off the towel, stretched his arms behind his head, and lay back for her examination. “Get rid of the clothes, luv.”

She couldn’t stop her eyes from traveling over him. Never had been able to, not from the first night they’d met over a hundred years before. Part of her hated him for it. He may have been handsome, but he was a bruiser and a cad. There wasn’t a proper bone in Terry’s body and his manners were rough to say the least. Terrance Ramsay was the last man in the world that Gemma Melcombe thought she should want for eternity.

And Terry knew he was the only man in the world she needed.

She tried to roll her eyes at him. “Stop showing off. Put some clothes on and take me back to England.”

He stood slowly and walked toward her, naked and aroused by anger and desire. The moon was almost full and it made her blond hair shine silver. She was a vision. They were in the middle of the Atlantic, not a bit of land in sight, with no lights other than the stars, and she stood long, slim, and furious with the water shining on her skin. God help him. He was completely at her mercy, no matter what element surrounded them, but he’d be damned if he let her see it.

Her delicate chin jutted out when he approached. Her blue eyes narrowed when he lifted his hands. Then widened when he took the straps of her nightgown in his fingers, tore the thing right down the center, and tossed it over the side of the boat.

Terry grinned when he glanced down. “There. Much better.”

Gemma screamed and leapt on him, knocking him to his back and punching his jaw when his head hit the deck. If he’d had to breathe, he would have been in trouble.

“I hate you!” She punched him again before he had both her wrists in his grasp. When she couldn’t free them, she leaned down and head-butted him. “Take me home!”

“Lord, you’re a good fighter,” he grunted. “Knew I married you for a reason.”

“Take me back!” she yelled, wrenching one arm around to pin his neck to the deck.

“No.” His voice was hoarse, but it wasn’t as if he was really hurting for air. Still, it was uncomfortable.

“I hate you!”

“You said that already.”

“First—” She dug her nails in his neck, drawing blood. “—you trick me into that sham of a wedding. Then, you kidnap me and bring me out here to the middle of nowhere—”

“Enough!” He bared his teeth, finally losing patience with her. Terry had been right. On land, she was far, far more powerful than he was. He liked it. Liked being the partner of a woman who others feared. It had always been part of her appeal to him. But on the water? They were equals. That was part of the plan. He rolled her over and pinned her to the teak deck, grabbing her hands and pushing them up over her head as his thighs locked around her waist. They were both naked, the unmistakably erotic position did little to quell his desire, but what she’d said…

“…that sham of a wedding…”

He leaned down and hissed in her ear, “Say what you want, Gemma. Curse me and punch me if you will. I know you’re spitting mad, and that’s fine. But do not lie. There was nothing about our wedding that was a sham.”

She turned her head to meet his eyes. “Bullshit. You promised to lo—”

Terry leaned down and stopped her mouth with a furious kiss. Then he pulled back a fraction of an inch and whispered, “Nothing was a sham.”

Gemma looked up at him in frank shock, no doubt remembering the vows he’d spoken. Vows he spoke before God and their clans. She knew, better than anyone else, that Terry didn’t make promises he didn’t keep. He slid sensuously down her body and kissed her open mouth again, flicking her tongue with his own, teasing the inside of her mouth as his amnis reached out to follow the drops of water that still covered her skin. Feeling the rush of energy, she gave a completely involuntary moan of pleasure.

His thighs pressed around hers, but his hands loosened their grip on her wrists. His fingers dove into the wet strands of her hair, twisting them as he pulled her closer. And the desire that bound them—the desire she fought and bucked against—pulled them both closer. Her amnis, the electrical current that hummed under her skin and animated her immortal life, reached toward his, wrapping around him and causing his skin to throb in response.

Her power utterly floored him.

With a surge, she rolled Terry over so she was the one pinning him down. She pulled her lips from his and looked on in triumph, but Terry kept his expression carefully blank. She couldn’t know. Couldn’t. He’d lose any advantage he ever had. If Gemma knew how madly he was in love with her, she could destroy him.

She threw her head back and the wet hair slapped against her skin. “Concede?”


She didn’t look surprised, only annoyed.

He stretched his arms up again and knit his fingers together behind his head, flexing the muscles in his arms and chest. Gemma looked down again.

“Forget what you were sitting on, luv?”


“You’d know.” He thrust his hips up and arched an eyebrow at her. “Might as well put it to good use, wife. We’ll be here until I say we can leave.”

Chapter One

Two weeks earlier…

The night sped past, shocks of light slashing through the backseat of the black sedan Terry’s driver maneuvered through the twisting streets of the city. He’d lived in London for over two hundred years, but he still loved it. He loved the pulse and life of it. The dirty corners and the ragged edges where the street collided with the more refined elegance of what London had become. The city reeked of money some nights, the same way that it had stunk of garbage and coal one hundred years before.

Terry liked money. Money and power. Money, power, and the occasional bright spot of beauty that reminded him it was all worth it. Was he a good man? He lifted a finger to tap on the glass, ticking a staccato rhythm against the lights as they drove. A smile curled the corner of his mouth.

Good was highly subjective.

“The Spanish delegation will be here tomorrow evening, Mr. Ramsay.” The sound of his human secretary’s voice cut through his ruminations.

“How many?”

“Five. One of Leonor’s lieutenants and four others.”

“No introduction?”

“None that they’ve requested.”

“Hmm.” So it would be someone Terry had met before. Five vampires from Spain. Who would his old associate send? Raul? Melinda, maybe? It all depended on what she wanted and how hard she was willing to tug on their tenuous connection. A connection that had mostly been formed by Gemma’s machinations, if the truth were told.

“I’ve called the office and they’ve already arranged a conference room with some donors available. We’ll have a selection of cocktails before the meeting, as well as some—”

“I want them at the house, Carl.”

His secretary looked confused for a moment. “Excuse me? The house?”

“And call Wilhelmina. Clear it with her, but I want Gemma there. Have her rearrange her schedule if it doesn’t fit.” The Spaniards wouldn’t be expecting the house in Mayfair, and he wanted his fiancé’s read on the situation. She knew Leonor better than Terry did.

Poor Carl was still floundering, no doubt dreading the thought of telling Gemma’s secretary her employer’s schedule might have to be preempted for a business meeting. “I’m sorry, Mr. Ramsay, but could you please explain—”

Terry cut him off with a single raised finger. He turned to his first lieutenant, Roger, and spoke in a lower voice. “Send the boys out tonight. Find out who’s coming, then call Gemma. Take the proper steps.”

“Yes, boss.”

He turned back to the thin man in the respectable suit. “Carl, brief the office about the change of venue. I have a feeling this is about something other than the trade deal she talked about.”

“Sir, this meeting has been planned for months. It’s a routine—”

“Trade would be three. She’s sending five.”

BOOK: Waterlocked: An Elemental World Novella
10.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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