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Unwanted Mate

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Unwanted Mate

Copyright © 2012 by Rebecca Royce

ISBN: 978-1-61333-231-3

Cover art by Fiona Jayde


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Rebecca Royce



Unwanted Mate



Gunther West’s eyes flew open. Something had awakened him, something still in the room with him. He’d gone to bed alone, but as he inhaled, his senses confirmed what his subconscious had known: a female stood in his bedroom. Not just any female either—Judy Bristol. His mate. Although she’d yet to admit it.

The woman who filled his nights with erections he couldn’t find relief for. Maybe he dreamed still. If so, all he’d have to do is get up and shove himself in her sweet little pussy and warm up inside of her.

“After two years, have you finally come to fuck me?”

She quivered in the darkness, grief flowing from her. “Denise died and it’s my fault.”

He sat up, the sheet falling. To his canine senses, her scent tasted sour and wrong, and her pulse beat too fast. Damn it, he’d been so fucking horny from the first moment he’d smelled her, he hadn’t noticed her sadness. He could not feel any illness, just distress. His inner wolf raged to make things better for her even as he calmed himself. It would do him no good to scare her off. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body, but years of learned bigotry against werewolves couldn’t be undone all at once. He had to act the gentleman, and not the wolf. Even if it killed him.

“How did you wake up so quickly? I just stepped in the room and I didn’t make a sound.”

“It’s a wolf thing. And you are you. I think I could scent your approach across a continent, let alone a small room. Sleep is nothing for me.” He gestured her closer. “Tell me what happened.”

She stepped forward, and he wondered how it could be that simply by coming closer to him, she managed to increase the temperature in his bedroom by at least ten degrees. Hell, he’d be lucky if he didn’t start sweating.

“Tell me.”

Rather than answering, she looked away as she took another step. Dark circles marred her face.

For Judy, she’d dressed downright conservatively. Then again, he usually saw her downstairs in his bar, dressed in biker attire, which included leather and snakeskin. Wearing jeans and a black cotton T-shirt, she looked sort of…soft. His hands clenched. He wanted to protect her even though she’d never allowed it.

“Judy. Tell me what happened.”

She began a slow, steady rhythm of removing all of her clothing. Not that he would ever dare to complain about her getting naked, but she’d come to him because she’d suffered a tragedy. He’d been pursuing her for years—since he’d discovered her and known them to be mates—but she’d laughingly resisted her desire for him, not wanting to give up her
to become his other half. He suspected her upbringing played a large part in her resistance. She might not speak to her parents anymore but that didn’t mean their brand of hatred hadn’t turned part of her soul against the idea of a mating.

She stopped moving and regarded him. “Do you like what you see?”

The shake in her voice told him she actually worried about it. If she had ever bothered to find out what it meant to be mates, she’d have no reason to fear that he wouldn’t be attracted to her. To him, she would always be perfection embodied.

Her bra was black and satiny, frillier than he would have expected. Tattoos of various designs covered her, separated by patches of creamy, peach-colored skin. Her dyed black hair hung straight down across her shoulders, touching the tops of her pert breasts. His cock jumped to life even as his conscience warred with him that something about her smelled wrong.

But Jesus, he wanted to fuck her.

“I more than like it.” He sat further up, his cock hardening to the point of pain beneath the sheet that remained over the lower half of his body. “But I’m wondering—not complaining, mind you—why you came to me. Why not go with some of your friends or to your family?”

“I’ve been through hell today and maybe I missed you.”

She’d been gone on a long road trip with her group. The
road as hard as any of the men who frequented his bar. Harder, maybe. They drove their bikes faster than they should, and although he loved a good ride himself, he couldn’t help but worry that she would end up splattered on the side of the road due to her own foolishness. Maybe that very thing had happened to Denise tonight.

Stating his concerns had driven her from the very same room two years earlier before he’d ever managed to get her undressed. She’d not been back since. Until now.

“I know I missed you.” He extended his hand hoping she’d move even closer and take it. Even though he offered it to her, he still felt a small amount of shock that she grasped his outstretched fingers. “Tell me what happened to Denise.”

He brought her hands, always softer than he thought they would be considering that when she wasn’t riding motorcycles, she worked as a contractor at the never ending housing development that took place down by the river. Still, she must moisturize or do something to her hands to keep them as dainty as they felt. Someday, he’d like to know.

“That’s good, wolf. I worried maybe I’d waited too long. Maybe you wouldn’t want me anymore.”

Gunther shook his head. “I’ve told you. You’re my mate.”

He reached down to rub her breasts through her bra. If she wouldn’t tell him what had happened, at least he could ease her. The action didn’t quiet his wolf’s inner howling, but at least it made him feel less ineffectual.

“You and I both know that human-wolf matings are really rare. Most wolves can’t stand the smell of human females.”

He sat up on his knees. “That’s a myth, a stereotype even. And not a very nice one. Look at me, woman. Do I look like a man not interested in you? Her gaze traveled lower until it felt like she’d stroked his cock. He groaned. “Why don’t you tell me what happened? I’m happy to take what you’re offering, but I’d like to know why I’m getting it. I didn’t know Denise, but I knew her to be your friend.”

She blinked rapidly. “An accident happened.”

He touched her nose, running his thumb down her face until he reached her chin. “Were you hurt?”

She shook her head and he stroked her other breast. God, he wanted to bite her. Mark her. Claim her.


“But Denise died and now you’re here with me.” He would fuck the information out of her if he had to.

A tear fell from her left eye. “The whole thing happened so fast. I shouldn’t have let her go out on the second leg. We stopped for lunch, I could tell she didn’t have it in her, but she insisted she could push on to the hotel. I guess she never saw the truck when it came around the turn.”

He could smell her despair and it ate at his soul. Judy always blamed herself for things out of her control. When she became fully his, he would make certain she ceased doing it. Even if he had to paddle her ass until she came over and over again.

“So you came to me.”

“I did.” She sniffed and regained her composure, her eyes returning to their usual distance from her emotions. His mate didn’t like others knowing how acutely she felt things. “But not for compassion.”

“Then for what?”

“For this.” She pushed her mouth hard against his. She hadn’t asked him for gentle romance—no there could be no doubt about what she wanted. His mate wanted to forget what had happened to her, and she wanted to do that by fucking him.

He would give her what she wanted, but she would soon learn that one night with him and she would have a mate—whether she thought she wanted one or not. Although he felt certain she did. Showing up in his bedroom proved what he’d always known—she couldn’t run from his love for her forever.

He pulled her closer against him so her nearly bare chest touched his own. She gasped and bit down on his lower lip.

He couldn’t help the grin that crossed his face. He’d always known she would be wild in bed. Leaning down, he nipped at her neck as he placed kisses all the way to the tops of her breasts.

“Give me more.” Her voice quivered.

“I want to kiss you for a while.”

She shook her head. “I don’t need kisses.”

“Yes, you do. More than anyone I know.”

Gunther thrust his tongue in her mouth. She gasped and he ran his hands down her arms. Her body softened against his. He could smell her pussy begging for him, her juices churning. Someday he’d stick a baby in her. For tonight, he wanted to feel her muscles grip him like a vice until neither of them could breathe.

Slowly, he reminded himself. They had all night. She’d come to him, which meant everything.

She liked to wear skimpy clothing so he’d seen some of her ink before. But the one at the very top of her least breast had not been one he’d previously witnessed. A warrior petting a wolf. Both images were small but intricately designed. He stopped his ministrations to stare at the handiwork. The artistic depiction looked just like him. “Judy?”

She sighed, her skin heating up as she turned one shade closer to red. “Yes, it’s you. I had it done a few months ago. I’d been trying to stop myself from doing it for years. Finally, I gave in to the impulse.” He growled and her eyes widened. “Do you not like it?”

She’d misinterpreted his sound. His human would have to learn to differentiate the difference in his growls. But that would have to be for another night. “I
it just fine.” He pulled her close again, rolling her beneath him. “I will have one made for myself with you on it.”

She giggled. “But, you aren’t inked at all.”

“That can be amended.” He planted a hard, possessive kiss on her mouth. “How did you know that Gunther meant warrior?”

“I looked it up on the Internet. You know, that thing you hate to use.”

“You can fix that for me, too.”

He tugged at her bra until it snapped between his fingers. “I will buy you a new one.”

Her breasts spread out before him, small and perfect. He wanted them.
. Pinching the tip of her nipple, he watched as she squirmed beneath him. Her smell had altered so quickly and the cinnamon scent of her arousal made his mouth water in anticipation.

Above all else, she always smelled like
. Judy turned on only enhanced that sensation.

Bending over, he sucked on one of her nipples while he played with the other one.

“I hadn’t expected this much…heat.”

He grunted his response. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Damn it. They still had on too much clothing. He needed to claim her, to make her his own so she would know she could never run from this molten attraction between the two of them again. “Flip over.”

Her eyes, already smoky with desire, questioned him. “What?”

“Do it.” She rolled over and he tugged off her pants. Removing her leathers proved much harder than it should have thanks to his shaking hands. His erection pulled hard against his briefs, and he worried if she actually touched him he might spill himself immediately.

His effort with her pants paid off as he got to view her long, shapely legs and her black satin undies. “Do you always wear satin under your bike pants?”

She shook her head. “Almost never. I just felt like putting them on today. Sometimes I like to be girly, where no one can see it.”

BOOK: Unwanted Mate
11.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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