Untamed Force (Force of Nature Series)

BOOK: Untamed Force (Force of Nature Series)
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Untamed Force

Force of Nature Series

Book 4




Kathi S. Barton


World Castle Publishing

is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of
the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as
real. Any resemblance to actual events, locations, organizations, or person,
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


World Castle Publishing

Pensacola, Florida

© Kathi S. Barton 2013


Edition World Castle Publishing February 4, 2013


Licensing Notes

rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner
whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations
embodied in articles and reviews.

Karen Fuller


Brieanna Robertson

Chapter 1


He was suddenly awake. He felt his wolf
start to take him when a whispered voice near his ear spoke. He couldn’t see
her in the darkness as she’d put her hands over his mouth and eyes.

“Rein him in or he will pull mine. And
calm your eyes. We’ve enough to do without a couple of snarling wolves to add
to it. Pull him, Dallas, or I will be forced to leave.”

He tried. But his wolf wanted to smell
the woman next to his bed, wanted to taste her scent, but even flaring his
nostrils could not bring her to him. His wolf, however, didn’t care. He wanted
her now. He wanted Dallas to pull her into his bed and bite her, fuck her until
she was his, mate with her. Her low growl told him he wasn’t doing as she’d
asked, but was making it harder. He was harder too.

“Dallas, I will hurt you if you do not
stop that. I cannot think when you smell like that to me.” She was suddenly
gone and he lay on his bed with her warmth still tingling over his mouth and

“Come back here,” he said, his voice low
and hard. His wolf. He was telling her to come to them. “Now, Stacy. Come here.”

She hesitated for a minute. He could
feel her struggle and he wanted her to lose. Moving to the edge of the bed, he
started to rise when he heard a child cry out from the other room. He looked at
her sharply as she moved into the hall.

“There’s been a killing. A wolf from
another pack. His family is down in the kitchen seeking shelter for fear of
their pack alpha. The dead wolf’s mate is downstairs with her family. The alpha
is going to kill them because, he claims, he was hurt when her mate did not
protect him.”

“How was he hurt? Badly?” Stacy shook
her head. “Then why does he want to kill the family?”

“Because the man died too quickly when
he murdered him and he feels that he did not get his reward.” She looked down
the hall toward where his kitchen was. “The woman has been hurt. One of the
cubs is…I have called for the doctor. I don’t know if he will make it.”

“Call Phil. Have him or Holly come. They
can sometimes help when it’s close.” He stood, not caring that she could see
him naked. His cock was still straining from his body. “Next time you come to
my room, it won’t be for conversation.”

She nodded. “Then I will send in
another. I was wrong to invade your bedroom. But I did not want you to come to
us with…please dress. They await you.”

Suddenly, she was gone. Dallas looked
down at his cock and tried to will it to relax. The woman was driving him nuts
and he didn’t know what to do about it. Then there was the added fact that she
was living with another male. Christ, he didn’t know why this woman, of all
females in their growing pack, affected him like this. Going to his bathroom he
turned the water to cold and stepped in. Even his wolf snarling at him couldn’t
bring him down. Reaching for his cock, he did the only thing he could think to

Thinking about her over him, he closed
his eyes as he stroked his cock. He’d never seen her naked. Even during pack
meetings she was careful to stay away from them all. But he’d seen her clothed
and knew that she’d be lovely.

It only took seconds for him to come;
spraying his cum along the tile wasn’t even close to being satisfying. But it
did take the edge off. For now. Soon, he tried to tell his body and his wolf. Very
soon, he’d find a female and fuck her until he could sleep at night without
waking in a cold sweat and a hard-on.

There were nine people in his kitchen
when he walked in. Phil had come and Holly was with him. His sister was holding
one of the smaller cubs. Phil had his back to the family with his wrist over
the tiny mouth of the bloodied babe. When he looked at Dallas, Phil smiled. He’d
been able to save it.

“He will punish you if he knows where we
are. He said that no place would be far enough for us to hide.” Dallas looked
at the woman and sat down. She cowered away from him. “Please don’t hit me too.
I’ve got to care for my young.”

“I never hit a woman. My brother is alpha
here and he’ll make sure you’re safe.” He looked at Stacy. “Have you called

“He did not answer. I have sent one of
the others milling about out of doors to his home. Can you contact him?”

Dallas nodded. He should have thought of

“Take the little ones downstairs and—”

“No. No, please don’t take them from me.
I won’t have you kill them when I’m not there. Please, they’re all I have.”

Dallas felt his anger boil over, but he
pulled it in. This woman was terrified and didn’t know him.

“There are rooms downstairs. Bedrooms we
use when one of the pack or another pack needs shelter. If you’d like to go
down and look for yourself, that’ll be fine. But they are exhausted and will
feel better once they are rested.” He nodded to Stacy and Holly. “You’ve met
them, so they’ll take them down with you.”

“Here is your son, Mrs. Reynolds. He’ll
be fine. I’ve put him into a deeper sleep, but as you can see, he’s breathing
better already.” Phil handed over her baby and the woman started to cry more.

“He tossed him across the room as if he
was no more than a pillow. I knew he was hurt and we shouldn’t have moved him,
but the bastard was going for him again. I had to fight back. I had to save my
children. He killed my mate.” Sobbing now, she leaned against Holly. “I’ve
nowhere to go. He’ll kill us all for justice.”

Phil cupped the back of the woman’s head
and held her. She calmed almost immediately, and soon she was asleep. Phil didn’t
let her go, but picked her up and carried her to the open basement door. When
the kitchen was empty Dallas reached for his brother.

“We’ve a major problem here. I need you
to come to the house. I’ve a family here that needs shelter from their alpha.”

“One of your minions just woke my
children. He’s lucky that CJ didn’t kill him. Ever hear of a fucking phone?”
There was
hardness to his voice, but also a small bit of humor.

“Is it on, moron? I know you have a
habit of turning it off when you’re with the kids. Could be you forgot to turn
it on again?”
Dallas loved his brother’s family and CJ was by far the most beautiful alpha
person he’d ever met. He felt his brother’s anger.

“It’s off. I’m on my way. What do you
He told him nothing other than Phil had saved one of the children from death.
sure there is extra coverage on the grounds. Have Gordon run a check on the
alpha when you get me a name.”

Stacy came through the door, sat at the
table, and pushed a sheet of paper at him.
“His name is Rich Sterling and
the pack is already touring the grounds. Also, you should know that he killed
one of his pack members because he was harmed. I’m not sure…I don’t have a lot
of details on that yet. The woman, I have her in the basement with her five

“We’re on our way. CJ has called Mom
too. We might need some extra food brought in as well.”
He heard his
brother laugh
. “CJ said to tell you not to hurt Stacy. Alexis will kick your

Dallas looked over at the woman in
question and told his brother to fuck off. He tried again to bring her scent
into his body, but all he could smell was the family. He wanted to ask her
about it, but Phil coming up from the basement made him stop. Later, he’d get
his answers and then he’d take her to his bed.

“The family is asleep. I hope you don’t
mind, but they were terrified and it wasn’t going to get any better with their
mother screaming that she was afraid.” Phil sat at the table as he continued
and he pulled Holly onto his lap and held her to him. “Her mate was the man’s
second, or I think maybe his enforcer. I’m never sure of the terminology, but I’m
learning. When the alpha came to her home earlier tonight he told them that he
was going to kill them all for an injustice. Is that possible that he could do

Dallas nodded. “If the man was his
enforcer then, yes, he could according to pack law. How badly was he hurt? And
how did you…you read her mind.”

“Yes. I don’t know what happened with
the alpha and this woman’s mate, but the alpha, Lord Sterling, he has them call
him, has already killed her brother. And still wanted more. The child I saved
was the first he encountered when he broke their front door down and entered
their…house. I have to tell you, from what I’ve seen, it’s not much bigger than
my shed out back. And the shed is in better shape. If he does that for his
employees, then I shudder to think what the rest of his pack lives in.”

Austin entered after a short knock. His
brother was the alpha of this pack and when he entered a room, it showed. Dallas
was his enforcer as well as his twin. And even though Dallas was slightly
bigger Austin could and would command his death if need be.

“Gordon is on his way via car. He has my
mate and cubs with him. Can they bed down in the upper levels until we figure
out what this is concerning? I want to help the family, but I don’t want to get
caught with our pants down.” Dallas nodded and watched as his brother pulled on
some jeans he always had here. “Thanks, Phil, for helping out. Is the child
going to make it?”

“Yes. There was some internal damage
done and without proper care or my blood he would have died. I’ve put them to
sleep to rest. But I was just telling your brother here what happened. You don’t
have to worry this is a ruse, but I would be careful. This alpha is a nut ball.”

Dallas laughed and sobered when Stacy
glared at him. The woman was driving him insane. He looked up when the rest of
his family came in. His mother was directing some of the younger wolves that
were always around to put the food in the pantry. He kissed her cheek and asked
what he could do to help.

Austin may be pack alpha, leader of
nearly a hundred wolves now, but their mother ruled the roost. Each person in
the kitchen knew it too. When she said she needed something every person in the
pack would scramble to get it. She was queen as far as they were concerned.

“Get me that skillet. How long will they
be down for, Phil?” He told her a couple of hours. “Good. I’ll have plenty of
time to get some food ready. There are more pack coming, I think. Phil, go and
get those extra dishes. Holly, see what you can do about getting the bottled
water from the storage unit and, the rest of you, get the tables set up in the
yard. I got a feeling it’s going to be a long night.”

As everyone took off to do her bidding
Dallas and Gordon sat at the table and began figuring out what they could find
on the man who had interrupted their lives. Stacy sat down, too, after Austin
asked her to.

Stacy had not pledged to the pack, but
to Alexis, Gordon’s mate. Austin could ask her to help, but he couldn’t really
command her. She was skittish enough as it was. No one but maybe Alexis knew
her whole story. All they knew was that she’d been thrown from her pack because
they claimed that she was barren. No one knew how that had made her unworthy of
pack, but they were glad for her help.

BOOK: Untamed Force (Force of Nature Series)
3.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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