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SPECIAL SHOUT OUTS go to my family and my friends

who have supported my dream of becoming a published writer.

They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself years ago.

I’m making you proud now! Also to my dedicated readers for

without you there would be no me. I love you all!

To some very special people who have been rocking

with me and supporting me from day one, your love knows no bounds.

Much love goes out to my editors Latosha Scruggs and Samantha Kennedy. You ladies are truly a blessing. Jackie Figueroa, the CEO of #TeamNicety, I couldn’t do it without you diva. If you rep #TeamNicety, then this book is for you.



April 1, 2011



Seagram’s gin spewed from my lips as I exhaled deeply removing the half a gallon glass bottle away from them. I cuffed it close to my brown bare-naked body as if I were cradling my own flesh and blood. Spittle splashed all on his forehead before dripping down his nose and I did not even bother to wipe the shit off. My wide hips and plumped fat mocha skinned ass gyrated on top of his eight inch thick tanned Caucasian dick. His mouth was opened slightly excreting a faint moan as he stared up into my bouncing perky C cup beauties.

I rode his dick like I was in the fucking Kentucky Derby trying to stay in first place, fast and rough. It felt damn good, but the only emotion I could show came from the tears escaping my eyes sliding down my cheeks. They closed as my head tilted back. The room spun clockwise, or counter clockwise, actually I couldn’t give a fuck but my brain felt dizzy. With my mouth agape, my body was in pure unadulterated exuberance. I moved in slow but full motion enjoying the penetration.

“Are you okay, baby?” Chino reached his firm hands to my neck massaging roughly.

“Shut the fuck up.” My hand slapped his, forcing it to flop down on the bed like fish out of water. “Didn’t I say don’t touch me?”

“Starla, you don’t have to be this way. Let me help—“

“I said shut the fuck up.”

His dick tapped my uterus consistently. Not the light patting of fingers to a table tap but the gut wrenching pounding the police would deliver to the door of a decade long wanted fugitive kind of tap. It was like being born again. Every time I went down on him it prompted me to bounce even harder, inflicting the greatest amount of pain and pleasure possible. Pain, greater pain than a flamethrower searing my flesh apart. I needed to feel that pain. I needed something to deflect the aching that I was feeling in my heart. Maybe if my body were in agonizing pain physically, the sorrow that I was feeling would go away.

He reached for my neck again, pulling my head down trying to kiss me. Annoyance read on my face like a billboard. Yet, he continued trying to caress me even when he could clearly see that was the last thing that I wanted from him. I knocked his hands back down once again to his side punching them in the process. I didn’t want him to do anything but what I was telling him to do. Why couldn’t he understand that?

“I’m not gonna cum like this. You’re not into it. You’re just doing this because you’re angry.” Chino leaned back on the bed, bouncing casually and giving up.

He gave up but I wasn’t ready to. I never broke stride, rubbing my tits with my fingertips to get my pussy back wet from the dry gallop it was enduring. I rode him slowly attempting to coat his dick with juices and keep him in the mood, but it proved useless. Chino had already declined his erection. Out of reflex and anger, I extended my arm back against the air and lowered it slapping him hard across his left cheek.

His eyes read of confusion, staring up at me like a worried puppy, as I began to bounce on his dick rougher. Even though it was limp I was not done yet, beckoning him to get it back up for me. I was not fucking done yet. He was going to give me what I wanted one way or the other. I jerked on him allowing the liquor to take over my body. In a way, I felt out of control, like a demon had possessed my body yearning, hungering for my climax. The bed rocked violently. The headboard banged the wall as if it would burst right through it.

“Starla, I can’t do this. You either talk to me about what you’re feeling or this is not happening.”

“I don’t want to talk.” My breathing slowed feeling his dick grow a little inside of me. “I want to fuck.”

“No, you don’t. You just want to find a reason not to talk about the fact that we just buried our fifteen month old daughter this morning.” Chino sighed closing his eyes. “It’s not our fault that the tumor formed in her brain. It’s not our fault that Kenya died of a rare form of Leukemia. You need to accept this baby. Now, please. Talk to me.”

“Hmm. It’s not my fault at least.”

“What the hell is that supposed mean, Starla? Just because my little sister died of Leukemia doesn’t mean anything. This was just a freak-isolated incident. It could have happened to anybody.”

“Instead, it happened to our child. Our fucking child! You with your fucked up genes ruined my baby’s life,” the words flew out of my mouth even though I kind of did not mean to say them. “All I can think about is her precious angelic little face lying there helpless and mommy could do nothing to take her pain away. You killed my baby. My Kenya.”

“So now it’s my fault, Starla? Or, are you just looking for someone to blame since you don’t know anywhere else to put it?” His dismal facial expression read of extreme soreness.

“Fuck you, Chino. You know what’s fucked up? That after 4 years of marriage you know nothing about me. Nothing about who I am or what I need. You just make your own assumptions and work off of that. Well, read my lips. I don’t need conversation, I need dick!” Tears fell continuously through my words.

“Are you serious right now?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking marrying a white man in the first place. You’re supposed to give me what I want, when I want it and right now I want dick. So you’re either gonna give it to me or I’m going to get it from somewhere else. It’s as simple as that.”

“Is that a threat?”

“It is whatever you want it to be.”

The smirk on my face burned a hole through his. It seemed he was not going to let up from wanting what he wanted so I was going to be just as stubborn. He licked his sexy thin lips then grabbed my hips tightly. It was about time he got with the program and I liked the way he was about to do it, nice and rough. He brought my hips up leaving his head inside of me then slammed me down on his dick like I was nothing to him. Like he was sitting a bag of books on his lap, carelessly. Still clenching my waist, he tossed me off of him completely leaving me plunging onto the bed like a discarded piece of clothing. The half full gin bottle went flying over behind the nightstand, alcohol oozing from its neck moderately.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Chino?” I asked as he rose from the bed in alacrity, searching the floor for his clothes.

“Now you shut the fuck up,” his words were firm.

My eyes were empty. I turned my back to him, over on my side cradling one of the long fluffy white pillows, staring off into the sunset beaming through the bay window. The storm outside had dissipated leaving the light to bounce off the water droplets resembling tiny rays of rainbow beauty. I thought I could see my Kenya’s small angelic face smiling down on me as the rays gently covered my face. My lips curled over into a faint smile, my eyes heavy and weary. The bouncing behind me interrupted my solace.

Chino climbed on the bed again, forcing me over on my back, pulling my arms open from their cradled position. He placed his head right on top of my chest pressing firmly, shutting his eyes. It was as if he was listening to my heartbeat slowly realizing that my depression had definitely set in. Since the doctors pulled Kenya’s life support a week ago, we had been unable to get close. We were distant. One would have to travel to another state to connect his feelings together with where mines were. This was the closest I had allowed him to be during this time; even though I didn’t want him there, I was too weak to fight. Our bare skin was surged so securely against one another that it seemed like it would mesh together becoming one.

I felt him as he felt me. The skin between us began forming a fire so hot it would burn eleven men at one time. He gradually scooted his body down in between my thick sultry thighs. He freed my arms, leaving me struggling to push his head away from my stomach, as he gently kissed a path to my clean shaved opening. Chino grabbed my hands wrestling them like cattle in a rodeo. He was not a big brawny burly man but he did remind me of a younger Brad Pitt at times, minus the blonde hair and hairy goatee. But, he was overpowering me from every angle and with the alcohol running through my veins it was becoming more and more impossible for me to fight him off. He wormed his torso down on my legs, moving from side to side to pry them open.

On the sly, I tried to press my legs tightly together, but the energy it took to do so only made me more tired. It forced me to give up almost instantly. Chino wiggled his tongue across the outer skin of my slit, sucking and caressing the way I liked. He planted his mouth right on the top of my pearl, burying his face and humming as his tongue fluttered against my clit rapidly. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, my lips gently spread apart releasing a faint moan and for a brief second my mind drifted away to relaxation. I breathed deeply as my thoughts drew a blank and went calm. I thought of nothing else in the world aside from the increasing pleasure between my now relaxed legs.

Chino hummed, sucked and licked his life away making sure to allow my clit to cum as many times as it desired. If his tongue was tired he was surely not going to give up. He gave his tongue a rest after every climax I made, putting his lips to work in the meantime. My thighs were trembling crazily and my knees grew into silly string. My pussy was so wet that my clit dripped juices down in between my ass crack, while my body tingled from awareness. He could tell whenever I came by the creamy goodness filling space on his tongue. I began to moan louder, growing erratic as though I was about to have the ultimate orgasm or an out of body experience. Chino had me. The son of a bitch had me and there was nothing I could do about it. I was about to explode like I had never done before right in his mouth. With the rapid manner in which he was fluttering his tongue, he showed no signs of letting go. I was rendered helpless in his mouth, owned by him.

“Chino! Chino, wait!” My lips were dry and licking them did no good.

This man’s mouth was sucking me arid and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I opened my eyes staring up at the ceiling as I fucked his mouth, raising my ass off the bed to do so. I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles. I allowed my juices to flow right through my clit to the back of Chino’s throat. He gratefully sucked all that I had, swallowing every drop of it. From my clit to my toes, I quivered in excitement, praying for more but yearning for a break.

Once he’d finished his drink, he licked it soothingly before he reverted back to a few gentle kisses. A smirk filled his face as he lifted his head to peep my facial expression. It was cold and empty much like it was before, but with a hint of satisfaction. He crawled up to my face, trying to get my eyes to focus on his but they remained stuck on the ceiling. Chino massaged my thighs slow and gentle, hoping I would come around eventually. At that very moment, he leaned down again to kiss my pussy one last time, I bent my leg and extended my foot to his face.

For a rather athletically built man, that kick knocked Chino back on his ass harder than a brick from a window ledge. It left him holding his cheek, trying to figure out why I would kick him so ruggedly like that. My head gradually rose, looking into his eyes with the most devilish look he had ever seen displayed. I was not myself. It was as if some evil unnatural being influenced my body.

My eyebrows curled over as deep as a winding road, heavily followed by my lips snarling up like an angry pit bull. The crazed look in his eye only reminded me of the unimaginably throbbing pain his cheek must have been in. Unable to assess the situation properly due to my intemperance, I stood swaying my hips in a taunting fashion and ignoring the juices running down my legs. I gawked him down, with my hands on my hips hovering over him, casting a shadow as if I was greater than God over him at that moment.

BOOK: Unknown
13.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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