Undercover Obsession

BOOK: Undercover Obsession
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Undercover Obsession

by BJ Wane


A Pink Flamingo Ebook Publication

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Chapter One



“Happy birthday!”

Eighteen year old Piper Winters grinned at
her roommate, Kathy, who was sitting cross legged on her bed, a
gaily wrapped package in her hand and a wide smile on her face.
“Thanks, Kathy.” Eyeing the package and her best friend, Piper felt
her pulse accelerate as she wondered what surprise Kathy had for
them this time. For close to a year now, ever since being paired
together in their dorm for their senior year at St. Francis of
Assisi’s private, all-girls school in Switzerland, Kathy had made
it her mission in life to educate Piper in all the areas she felt
her new roommate was lacking. And most of those areas were in the
category of sex. Crossing the room to her own bed, she started to
sit down when Kathy stopped her with a shake of her blonde head and
the quick removal of her tee shirt.

Raising a dark brow, Piper glanced at Kathy’s
naked breasts, her nipples already puckered into stiff, excited
peaks and inquired dryly, “You have to be topless for me to open my

Laughing, Kathy shimmied out of her jeans
without getting off the bed, saying, “No, dork,
have to
be naked before you open it because I got one for me too, so hurry
up and catch up.”

It had taken some cajoling and coaxing on
Kathy’s part to get Piper relaxed enough to parade around their
room naked in front of her, but after the first few times, Piper
had discovered how liberating shucking her more reserved nature was
and had quickly grown to enjoy both the freedom and the sensuality
being so open gave her. Prior to their senior year, all the
students at St. Francis were housed in dorm rooms holding five bunk
beds and took turns using a communal hall bathroom, which made
given a private room and bath with just one roommate their senior
year something to really look forward to.

Piper felt her pussy moisten as she stripped
off her top and jeans and settled on her own bed. “You know we’ll
be expelled if we’re caught watching porn again,” she warned her
friend as she reached up and lightly ran her finger over her soft
nipple, enjoying the way it puckered within seconds, the tingle of
pleasure she gave herself causing even more cream to fill her

Kathy tossed the gift across to Piper then
laid back against her propped up pillows, spread her thighs and
casually cupped her pussy. “It’s not porn, but we’d probably get
expelled if we’re caught using our gifts, so we’ll need to be quiet
when we come.”

Piper couldn’t help it, she giggled like a
kid as she tore into her package, wishing she was as comfortable
with her body as Kathy was with hers. Maybe if she was five foot
seven and weighed barely one ten instead of five foot three and was
topping one fifty she would be as easy about exposing herself as
Kathy was. Being short, it was easier to put on the pounds and it
didn’t help that she ate almost constantly when she was upset,
stressed or unhappy, and lately, her adoptive father’s evasiveness
about allowing her to attend college in the states so she could be
closer to him hadn’t done anything to keep her from raiding the
vending machines nonstop.

Opening her present to find a thick, eight
inch, real as life dildo had her quickly shoving all thoughts of
Charles and her overweight body aside. “Holy shit, Kath, will it

Laughing, Kathy grabbed her own gift to
herself from under her pillow. “Of course it will, silly. We’ve
both seen how easily those large cocks fit in the movies we watched
before they were confiscated.”

“Those women had had sex plenty of times and
were stretched to accommodate them! We’re not!” Even though there
were coed dances as well as sports activities throughout the year,
the students had very little chance or opportunity to be alone with
the opposite sex, one of the reasons most of them were at this
exclusive, expensive school. For Piper, it was a common sense
solution when Charles Sandoval suddenly found himself the sole
guardian of her following her mother’s sudden death in an accident
when she was eight. Even though Christine Winters and Charles
weren’t married, her mother didn’t have any other family and he had
agreed to the stipulation in her will.

“So we’ll have to take it slow. What’s your
hurry as long as you get to come?”

She had a point, Piper thought. “Okay, but if
it hurts, I’m going back to using my fingers.”

“Eventually, we’ll be able to combine our
fingers with the dildo. Now, get to work. First one to achieve full
penetration and orgasm gets the shower first.” Which they both knew
meant only lukewarm water for the one unlucky enough to lose.

The two of them had been openly exploring
their bodies for months now, so neither was embarrassed about
masturbating together, but Piper had always secretly gotten off at
knowing someone was watching. She didn’t know if that was a normal
response or if she was just weird, so she kept that little fact to
herself. Since there was no way she’d expose her overweight body to
a man, let alone if someone else was in the room just to watch, she
enjoyed the added pleasure having an audience gave her now.

Piper mimicked Kathy, propped her pillows up
and leaned back, preparing to ignore her unsightly overly round
body and simply bask in how it made her feel. Her breasts were as
large as the rest of her, but her nipples were so sensitive she
always spent time with them first. Using her palms, she rotated her
hands over the erect buds, the constant circular motion eliciting
sharp spasms of pleasure that sped directly to her already aching
sheath. Closing her eyes, she pretended it was a man touching her,
hard fingers grasping her nipples and pinching them to the point of
discomfort. Moaning, she twisted her nipples slightly then pulled
tautly before releasing them with a plop. Opening her eyes, she saw
both nipples were red and swollen, throbbing in pleasure. Again she
took them between her fingers, only this time she watched as she
alternated between light pressure and harder twists until her
vagina was spasming in neglected complaint. She kept telling
herself she was going to take her time and see if she could orgasm
from nipple stimulation alone, but she was always too impatient to
complete that experiment. When she felt her slick juices seeping
from her pussy, she picked up the dildo and lowered it between her
spread legs, the feel of the smoothly rounded head so different
from her smaller, narrower fingers. When it slid easily between her
swollen lips, she gasped in startlement.

“Are you getting anywhere?” Kathy asked in
obvious frustration.

Piper looked over to see her friend red faced
as she held just the head of her dildo at the entrance of her
vagina, still unable to slip it in. “I took some time with the
girls before I went straight for the pleasure button.” When Kathy
stuck her tongue out, she countered dryly, “I’ll let you know after
this experiment if you’re my type.”

Laughing, Kathy quipped, “You do that,”
before taking her advice and giving some attention to her

As wet as Piper was, she was still struggling
to get the fat dildo much further, so she rooted out her clit and
proceeded to work up more moisture by rubbing the rounded head
against her swollen bud. “Oh, God,” she moaned as the immediate
pleasure swamped her. Fighting the urge to just let go, wanting to
save that pleasure for when she was fully penetrated for the first
time, she slowly pushed the dildo in another inch. Releasing her
clit, using both hands at the base of the phallus, she shuddered
under the onslaught of pleasure at experiencing the full possession
of her pussy for the first time. She would be forever grateful to
Kathy for this birthday gift as knowing what to feel and expect
might be the encouragement she needed when the time came to
experience this with a real cock.

Ignoring the discomfort of being stretched
and filled deeper than she could have ever imagined, eager now for
the full meal deal, she slowly pulled back on the dildo with one
hand while rooting out her clit again with the other. Making sure
to rasp the hard ridges of the stalk along her protruding clit, she
stopped when once again the smoother head was the only part
embedded in her. The glistening dampness on the length of the dildo
excited her as much as the feel of it still in her. In the six
months she had been masturbating, she had never been so turned on,
so excited and anxious for climax. Her nipples were so tight they
ached and her pussy so wet the dildo made a slurping sound as she
penetrated it fully once again. That sound had her perspiring in
expected pleasure, her breathing speeding up as she fucked herself
faster and deeper, the discomfort of her first full penetration
giving way to pulsing pleasure as she felt her slick walls close
around the phallus.

Dimly she heard Kathy moaning in pleasure,
but her only desire right now was to feel herself spasming around
the hard ridges of the dildo as she fantasized about a man taking
her with just as deep, just as hard strokes. Her hips lifted
automatically with each plunge, her buttocks tightening as she
gyrated in time with her strokes until she was lost in a swirl of
bright lights and exploding colors. Trying to hold back her cries,
she pressed down hard on her clit as she now rammed the dildo in
and out of her spasming sheath with unerring rapidity. The pleasure
filling her shaking, undulating body left no room for anything
except ecstasy. By the time she came down from the high, her body
was reduced to a quivering mass of sated pleasure, her bent knees
simply plopping outward, her hands falling to her sides as her
pussy continued to ripple softly around the dildo.

“You gonna leave that thing in there all
night?” Kathy asked with a grin when she glanced over to the other
bed and saw the bemused, satisfied look on Piper’s flushed face.
Damn if she didn’t feel the way Piper looked, she thought on a
pleased sigh.

“I might, that way it’ll already be where I
want it when I get my breath back and go for round two.”

Chuckling, Kathy grabbed her slick dildo and
bounced off the bed. “Go right ahead. I’m showering. Suddenly I’m

Piper gazed out the window, never tiring of
the view of the snowcapped Alps. Even though signs of spring were
already giving way to the full bloom of summer, the mountains kept
their hold on winter throughout the year, making the small country
an ideal vacation destination for a variety of reasons. But after
living here for ten years, she was more than ready to go home to
the states despite her fondness for her adoptive country. She had
been only eight when her mother had died in a car accident and
Charles had whisked her out of the country and enrolled her in the
private boarding school. Piper loved her adoptive father more than
anyone or anything else in the world, but she couldn’t help
resenting her enforced separation from the only home she had ever
known and his refusal to allow her to return to the states in the
years since her mother had been gone.

Charles Sandoval had always been an enigma to
his young ward, a bigger than life persona who was a total mystery
to her. The few memories Piper retained of her life in Missouri
with her mother were how much Christine had adored Charles, how
happy she was when he was there with them and how sad she was each
time he left. By the time Piper was a teenager, she had suspected
that he had another family, a family that knew nothing of her and
her mother. When she had finally gotten up the nerve to confront
him about it, he had shocked her by telling her she wasn’t his
biological daughter, that she had been one year old when he met her
mother. Piper had been so upset by the revelation Charles had
stayed over an extra day to reassure her about how much he cared
and that, despite there being no blood relation between them, he
would always be there for her.

“There has never been nor will there ever be
anyone for me but your mother,” he had told her in his deep, no
nonsense manner. “You and Christine were all that ever mattered to
me, Piper, and I will do what I feel is best for you, what I think
Christine would want me to do.”

For ten years the only explanation Piper had
ever gotten for being isolated in Switzerland had been it was for
her own good, but now that she was eighteen, that explanation
wasn’t good enough anymore. Charles would be here for her high
school graduation this weekend and he had told her he had a
surprise for her. The only thing she wanted more than to see him
and be part of his life for more than one weekend a month was to go
to college back in the states, to return to Missouri, visit her
mother’s grave and start on a career as a clothing designer. She
figured her passion for clothes, especially for sexy, sensual and
risqué lingerie, stemmed from having a limited wardrobe consisting
of girl’s uniforms and jeans for so long because she sure as hell
didn’t have the body to parade around in anything but basic white
cotton underthings and loose jeans and sweatshirts that helped
disguise her overweight, short body.

BOOK: Undercover Obsession
7.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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