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Tying One On

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Tying One On


©Copyright Wendi Zwaduk 2014

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Edited by Sue Meadows

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.


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Published in 2014 by Totally Bound Publishing,
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This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has a
heat rating
Totally Burning
and a











Wendi Zwaduk


She’s the mistake they can’t live without.

Steve Reynolds and Ronan Boyd are happy in their relationship. They own and operate the Circle B Ranch and are very much in love. Both men dated the same woman before they began their own love story. She’s their best friend. But there’s something missing. Would the woman from their past want to be their third?


Trista Connolly knows her place with Steve and Ronan—she’s their friend. She wants to move on with her life after breaking up with her current boyfriend. But she’s still in love with Steve and Ronan. Tylerville isn’t a big city and everyone knows everyone else’s business. She keeps her horse safe at their ranch, but can she keep her heart protected as well?


Things are about to heat up and fast—times three!





For CD because you wanted me to write cowboys

For SB because you asked nicely

For JPZ because tying one on is so much fun


Chapter One




“Sometimes you need to stir things up in order to get action.” Ronan Boyd strode across the barn to his partner, Steve Reynolds. “Either she’ll tell us to go to hell or she’ll sign on for the ride of her life.”

Steve rolled his blue eyes. “She’s our ex-girlfriend and our best friend, but come on. No one has that much…fortitude. She’ll never agree.”

“Maybe and maybe not. We’ve got to try.” He loved Steve more than anyone, but they both knew something was missing from their relationship. He just couldn’t say those words exactly. “She’s the one.” He cornered Steve in the empty horse stable. “But right now, you’re the one I want.”

“Oh I am?” Steve wriggled his eyebrows. His blue eyes glittered. He hooked his fingers into Ronan’s waistband, tugging him and Ronan together. “How badly do you want me?”

“So much.” Pressing their bodies tight, Ronan kissed his lover. The moment their tongues tangled, his blood sizzled. Being with Steve topped any other experience. Nothing mattered but Steve. With his gaze fixed on Steve’s, he popped the fly on his man’s pants. “I’m going to fuck you right here against the wall.”

“Fuck yeah. Did you bring the lube?”

“Sure did.” Ronan patted his pocket. “Show me everything.”

Steve disengaged from Ronan long enough to pull his shirt tail up over his head and do what Ronan wanted. He left the garment around his arms and tucked it behind his head. The move showcased the rippling abs Steve worked so hard to maintain. He’d shaved his chest earlier that morning. Ronan grinned. He loved the hairless look.

Ronan pinched Steve’s nipples, eliciting a groan from his lover. “So sexy.” He kissed Steve’s stubble-covered neck. At the same time, he easily popped the button on Steve’s jeans. He slipped both hands into the denim and caressed his lover’s dick. “You’re hard for me.”

“Always,” Steve bit out.

Ronan shoved Steve’s pants to the barn floor. They’d christened every stall in the barn within days of erecting the steel and wooden structure. Their love for each other held no bounds. He kissed Steve’s chest, biting his nipple. When Steve moaned, he flicked his tongue across the tight bundle of nerves.

“Oh, man.” Steve rocked his hips. He rubbed his cock over the bulge in Ronan’s pants.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Ronan wrapped his hands around Steve’s dick. “Right here in the barn? Trista could walk in on us.” Actually, he wanted her to. She never said anything outright, but he knew she’d heard them fuck on more than one occasion.”

“I do.” Steve let go of Ronan and turned around. “I want you in my ass.”

“Good boy.” Ronan slipped the bottle of lube out of his pocket then squirted the clear liquid on his fingers. He inserted one digit into his lover’s ass while he used his free hand to unbutton his own pants. He wouldn’t last long. Sex with Steve always ranked off the charts, but the act never took long either. Blood surged through his veins. He gritted his teeth as he pumped his finger in and out of Steve’s rump.

“Oh, God. More.” Steve arched his back. He gripped the boards along the wall. “Fuck me.”

“I will.” Ronan withdrew his fingers then dribbled lube over his cock. The contrast of the cool liquid on his fevered skin kicked his desire up a notch. He fisted his dick then lined himself up with his lover’s ass. Inch by inch, he filled Steve’s butt.

“Still so tight.” Ronan buried his face on Steve’s back. Slowly, he moved within Steve. His thrusts started slow and easy, in and out. His balls tingled and butterflies swarmed in his lower belly. “Jesus.”

“Yeah,” Steve moaned. He bucked against Ronan, sending him deeper into his ass. “Harder.”

Ronan increased his speed. He braced his feet wider apart for better leverage and pounded into Steve.

“Are you on the edge?” Ronan asked. He bit Steve’s earlobe. “Do you want to come?”

“Christ, you know I do.”

Ronan grasped his lover’s hips. Each time he drove them together, he grunted. So fucking close. The scent of sweet hay and the earthy tang of the horses flew through the air.

“I—I can’t hold on.” Steve held onto the board with white-knuckled hands.

“Come for me.” With one arm encircling Steve, Ronan curled his fingers around Steve’s dick. “Let go with me.”

“Oh, Christ.” Steve tensed beneath Ronan’s grasp. He shivered and moaned. Cum shot across the wall in a streak.

At the same time, Ronan spilled his seed deep in Steve’s ass. He shuddered and clasped Steve close. “Holy shit.”

The sound of their heavy breathing filled the stall. Ronan collapsed on Steve’s back. He held him and basked in the afterglow of sex. “I love you, Steve.”

“Love you, too. Always.” Steve placed his hand on top of Ronan’s on his dick. “If things don’t happen with Trista, my feelings for you won’t change.”

“Good to know.” Ronan’s wilting erection slipped from Steve’s ass. He rubbed his forehead on Steve’s shoulder. “Let’s saddle up the horses. She’ll be here in a few and I can’t wait for what we’ve got planned. She’ll love it.”

Steve turned around in Ronan’s arms. “I know I will.”


* * * *


Trista pulled to a stop in the driveway at the Circle B Ranch. Her best friends owned the seventy acre plot of land. Most of the time when she came to visit them, she looked forward to seeing Steve and Ronan. Not today. She picked up the apple she’d left on the front seat of the car. She’d paste a smile on her face and pretend nothing was bothering her.

Except a lot of things wrestled for attention in her mind. Her current boyfriend had become her ex that week. He couldn’t handle her being so close to a pair of gay men. It wasn’t like she’d ever cheat with Steve and Ronan. They weren’t interested in her. She knew them too well. Steve and Ronan were definitely gay, even if they’d both dated her before finding each other. She held onto the apple and walked across the driveway to the barn. At least she’d be able to see her horse, Melody.

Thinking about the horse didn’t settle the myriad of thoughts in her head. Part of her had never quite got over Steve and Ronan. She’d dated them individually, but had fallen for them both. She remembered the feel of Steve’s strong arms around her and the rasp of Ronan’s voice in her ear. She sighed. Memories wouldn’t warm her on the cold nights.

“There’s our girl.” Steve leaned on the main door to the barn. “Thought you’d forgotten about us.”

“Never.” She bit back her sad thoughts. Being lonely would have to do for now. Every time she roved her gaze over Steve, her pussy creamed.

Steve’s long hours in the barn mucking out stalls showed in his muscled frame. The T-shirt pulled and tugged on his upper body. A lock of his blond hair slipped over his forehead. When he grinned, the dimple in his left cheek deepened. The stubble on his face extended down his neck. She wiped her hands on her jeans legs. She longed to feel that scruff abrading her skin one more time.

The clomp of hooves on dirt grabbed her attention. Roman led two horses out of the barn. Ronan stood a little taller than Steve. His body wasn’t as muscled as his lover, but Ronan was still a powerful man. His black T-shirt clung to his lanky torso. He’d cut his black hair and wore it closer to his head than when they were dating. She could almost feel the strength in his arms and the warmth of his breath on her skin.

Her horse, Melody, shook her head, her white mane shimmering in the bright sunlight. Trista flipped her hair over her shoulder. Trust the boys to know what she needed—a long, hard ride. She patted the Appaloosa’s rump, rubbing the smattering of white amongst the black hairs. “Where are we going?”

“A ride.” Ronan handed her the reins to her horse. “Hop on. Melody’s been missing you.”

“Are we going anywhere in particular?” Trista tucked the apple into the bag on the saddle. She hooked her boot into the stirrup and hefted herself onto the massive animal.

“The pond.” Ronan climbed onto his black stallion. “Thought we’d have a picnic or something.”

She knew better. Ronan lived to plan. If Ronan didn’t know what would happen next, he couldn’t function.

Steve led his tawny gelding out of the barn. “Didn’t have a firm idea of what we’re going to do. Just ride and maybe take a swim.”

“Baloney. I’m not dressed for a swim and I didn’t bring a suit.” She patted Melody’s neck. “Tell me the truth.”

“We’re going for a ride.” Ronan brought his horse into step on her right side. Steve joined on her left.

Trista dropped the questions for the moment. The path to the pond showcased the beauty of their land. Trees lined the north and west ends of the property, giving them some privacy and shade. Rolling green pastures stretched out in front of the house. The three horses had plenty of room to roam and run.

BOOK: Tying One On
7.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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