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Treats Aren't Always Sweet

BOOK: Treats Aren't Always Sweet
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Treats Aren’t Always Sweet

Treats Aren’t Always Sweet


Lady Riders

Book Two


by Harley McRide


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What I learned in writing
this book is life happens and sometimes you just have to suck it up
and do whatever it takes to get something done. So I have to thank
my old man for stepping in and taking care of things, leaving me to
get this book done.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks
to all the readers for their support of my writing. You are the
best any author could ask for.


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Excerpt from Highway to

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Excerpt from Her Wild

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One year ago…


Lost in pure ecstasy she just held on for the
ride. Both men picked up the pace as they moved in and out, up and
down. Over and over again, until she couldn’t take anymore.
Screaming, she called out to the heavens above for something to
grasp onto as she left all reality. Both men followed, pumping into
her a few more times before emptying their seed deep inside her
body, branding them to her in the most intimate fashion. Both men
now had her heart and there was no going back from there. She just
needed the courage to tell them.

Treat snuggled into War’s and Stone’s bodies
as they collapsed next to her. She wished this could last forever
but she had to dance tonight. Dammit, she only wanted to hang with
her men for the night, not be on the stage.

They were gorgeous, Treat loved looking at
them. Stone was the more laid back of the two and you could tell in
his face, it wasn’t nearly as stern, maybe because he smiled a hell
of a lot more. He had dark brown hair that he tried to comb back
but it always fell in his face making him look younger and more
endearing. While War was rock solid man through and through, he had
a goatee and although he smiled, it looked more like a smirk than
an actual smile. His eyes made him unforgettable. A woman could
lose herself in them, which Treat had and that was the problem.
Both men had stolen her heart without her realizing it.

“I have to dance tonight,” she muttered and
both men made noises of appreciation, they hadn’t seen her dance
yet, maybe they would tonight, she could put on a show for them so
after she was done they could go to the backroom and have fun.

Treat was hoping soon the men would ask her
to wear their patch, they had been sleeping together for the last
year, and she knew they hadn’t been with any other women, the club
whores talked so she listened. But she was trying to take it slow
with both men, she knew they had demons, and she wasn’t going to
push them.

War and Stone had been in the Marines for
eight years, two of them in frontline combat. They were helicopter
pilots and worked together to transport the wounded back from the
frontline. It was a gruesome job on a good day, but both had seen
more than their share of death. Treat had only gotten them to speak
of it once when they were drunk, and both had passed out only to
wake with a nightmare when the sirens in the clubhouse had gone off
because of a dumbass accidently setting the trash on fire with a
cigarette. The sound had scared the shit out of the guys, and they
had been half asleep when they told her about the sirens on the
base for incoming mortar shells, it was the same, and every time it
rang they had to deal with death.

“You should come to the show and afterward we
can have some fun. We haven’t been in the backroom of ‘Sexy

“Got things to do,” War said and pushed
himself up off the bed. They hated cuddling she knew that, it
didn’t stop her from trying though, she liked the closeness she
felt to them after sex. They were the only ones she had ever wanted
to cuddle with. She felt a connection with them, she knew they were
going to be hard nuts to crack when it came to a relationship,
because they had told her it was only sex. But then they would do
shit that would give her hope, she was clinging to that. After her
childhood who wouldn’t, she didn’t want to think about it right
now, she was too content.

Stone stood as well and slapped her on the
ass. “Yeah, got things on the calendar, may see you before we leave

Treat froze, what? Before they leave? They
just got here. She turned her head slowly and looked at them
getting dressed.

“When are you leaving?” she asked.

“Maybe next week, can’t be sure,” War said

Treat frowned, they were going to be here for
a week, and they
see her before they leave? Seriously?
What the fuck?

“Oh, well, cool, I will be dancing tonight,
then I have the weekend off,” Treat said and Stone smiled.

“Good, hope you have fun, babe,” he said and
both men walked out the door.

What had just happened
? she wondered.
They never left like that, they always kissed her goodbye.
Something was going on. Treat looked at the door, she was never
going to ask for scraps from anyone again. Growing up, she had
craved attention, mostly because she didn’t get any, and she knew
it. It was something she had overcome a long time ago, and she was
not going back there.

Throwing the covers aside, she went to the
bathroom to get ready for work. If they were done with her, she
would be heartbroken but she wasn’t going to beg for attention.

They had shown up, Treat saw them and was
really surprised, they had never shown up to one of her shows
before, maybe she was wrong, maybe they… She thought, no she wasn’t
going to do that; if they wanted her tonight, they would give her a
sign, easy as that.

She got on her table and began her routine.
She had done it enough to know it by heart, but it didn’t mean she
didn’t enjoy it. Sadly enough, she really liked dancing—it
empowered her. She wasn’t embarrassed. She also didn’t dance for
men, so she never looked at the two men’s faces that were watching
her. She also never saw the anger and jealousy on their faces.

BOOK: Treats Aren't Always Sweet
4.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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