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Tonight Conrad, who if there were a leader it was him, collected her from her bedroom, holding her with a powerful muscular arm. He led her though the marbled hallway, through a long cream drape curtain, into a large mirrored room with luxurious dark leather couches. The other four men were all there, some smoking cigars and the smoke from them hung in a haze that added a mysterious fog to the room, shrouding them in the dimness of the room. They sat around on the couches watching her entrance, relaxed, drinking whisky. Tonight it seemed, they were all in calm repose, enjoying one another’s company. Again, as she looked around her, taking in the sight of the immaculately attired men, she felt as though she had stepped into a dream fantasy world where only the most exclusive, most handsome men were allowed, chosen only for their looks, their charm, their fabulously masculine bodies, and it was like the most exquisite dream she cold have imagined. Pure, unrestrained sexual fulfilment given to her by these brooding, alluring, enigmatic men, who offered everything they had to her, for her exclusive pleasure. Sumptuous, thrilling, forbidden sexual acts performed on her without inhibition, without restraint, again and again in utter abandon, scorching her soul, binding her to them in their secretive surrender to her.


At the end of the room was a long cream see-through curtain on which she could see a huge plush bed with cushions. Conrad led her to the bed and tied the curtain to a sash at the corner of the bed.
“This bed is for your comfort and pleasure Gabrielle, but before you lay down we would like you to join us for drinks.”

He led her over to the couches, and she was handed a glass of champagne. Trent pulled her gently onto his lap. Tonight Conrad had requested that she wear only stockings and a suspender belt, nothing else. They were in a decadent, debauched mood he said, and wished not for her clothes to get in the way. She wore again the diamond necklace they had given her but Conrad held out a box in front of her and opening it she found the most beautiful pair of diamond earrings for her, which Trent helped her to put into her ears. They were stunningly beautiful.


As she sat in Trent’s lap, Conrad stood in front of her and taking hold of her legs he separated them and placed them so that she had one laid over each of Trent’s thighs, in effect holding her legs wide open and exposing her pussy completely. “Gentlemen,” he spoke to the others, “Gabrielle is in position for you to pleasure her.”

Trent’s hands went underneath her, cupping her buttocks to ensure she was in a supported position. Conrad looked over to Kane, offering him the first opportunity, and as Trent held her out, Kane stood and came over.


Standing before her, unzipping his pants and bringing out his cock already hard and ready for her just from the anticipation of fucking her, the sexual tension in the air was palpable amongst the brothers as they watched Kane. He stroked his cock slowly in front of her, teasing her in a provocative demonstration of his readiness for her, looking at her pussy held open for him as he ran his hand up and down his thick cock. He placed it at the entrance of her sex and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down against the lips of her pussy, moistening his cock from the wetness that seemed to be permanently between her lips. He watched intensely as his cock separated and opened her lips wider, running it around her entrance in a tantalisingly promising way that excited her enormously.


From across the room, she could see him in the mirror, his broad back and his tight ass, as she looked at the other men reflected around her, their erections visible in their bulge of their pants and they met her gaze and unzipped their pants, pulling out their cocks and holding them in their hands for her to see. Kane began to enter her, and as he went deeper he began to thrust into her, his hips rocking back and forth as he arched his back and pumped his cock inside her as Conrad stood watching and Brandon and Nathan came closer to watch her face as she began to moan in pleasure, and driven by her desire they stood either side of her and began to stroke their cocks, achingly aroused by the sight of Kane’s cock claiming her. They picked up her hands which had become locked onto Kane’s waist and placed a hand each on their cocks and as she formed a fist shape around their cocks they began to slide them in to her fists, pumping them into her hand, and with a growl Kane threw back his head as he came hard into her. Pulling out, he stepped aside for Brandon who took Kane’s position between Gabrielle’s legs as Trent continued to hold her out, the strength in his arms unwavering from her weight as Brandon took his cock in his hand and eased it into her, pushing his cock slickly through the wetness inside her. Nathan took Brandon’s former position and pumped his cock into her fist, Conrad staring into her eyes, watching the bliss in them, holding her in his intense deep brown eyes with an expression that exuded pure love, encouraging her to let go, to let them in.
Trent could feel Brandon’s cock pounding into her as it vibrated through Gabrielle’s ass onto his hands beneath, and he wondered how long he could hold on with his balls aching like crazy to fuck her.


Only after each man had fucked her did Conrad then lift her up and carry her to the bed, laying her down and entering her, fucking into her with a desire fuelled by the scene he had watched, the need to claim her now as his, his balls slapping hard against her ass as he held her legs up above his shoulders and entering her deeper with each thrust as the other men gathered around her to watch Conrad drive into her, several of them aroused again so quickly by the sight of her that they held their cocks in their hands and stroked them again, close to her body, their eyes full of predatory need again. She knew what they wanted to do and she welcomed it as they jacked off onto her breasts, her belly, her pussy, shooting their cum onto her as Conrad held onto her legs and fucked her until he came, complete now that he had claimed her.



Chapter One


She had heard about the job vacancy from her friend Jennifer. She’d been a Waitress to pay her way through school, and now it seemed she had no choice but to return to it again. Her job at the bookshop having ended, she’d spent two months trying to find another job but there were few vacancies. If she didn’t find something soon she would be forced to move out of her apartment. Jennifer was the accountant for an exclusive private gentlemen’s club in central D.C. that Gabrielle hadn’t known even existed.


She’d had no need to, it being a place where only the most elite and wealthy gentlemen belonged. Jennifer had suggested that Gabrielle apply, and although Gabrielle had expressed concerns that she had not waitressed for several years, Jennifer told her that it was not an incredibly busy place, its membership being very small and exclusive, and that it had a very relaxed atmosphere. Its requirement for membership was substantial wealth and service in the elite Special Forces; privately educated and now highly successful businessmen who each had a net worth of millions. They also had to be unmarried whilst members, retiring their membership when they married. Gabrielle thought that was an unusual rule.


Jennifer had done their accounts and tax for the last two years and she explained to Gabrielle that the members she had occasionally come into contact with had been the most well-mannered, charming, and stunningly handsome men she’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. She said it seemed almost as though an unwritten rule was that they would only accept members who looked as though they had stepped off the set of a Gucci or Chanel advert.

Gabrielle’s curiosity was piqued, and so it was that she found herself walking up the steps of the large mansion only a few blocks from the White House, nervous at her upcoming interview. The large bay windows at the front gave hints to the opulence inside, as Gabrielle saw the huge chandeliers hanging in each room.


As she rang the doorbell hesitantly it was opened by a tall dark haired man she guessed to be in his early forties. She was immediately struck by his immaculately cut suit, and the masculine figure underneath it; the suit tailored to perfection highlighting his lean muscular shape and broad chest. He had deep warm brown eyes and chiselled features that spoke of a firmness despite the warmth of his eyes; a rugged face that held strength.

“Come in Gabrielle.”

“Thank you.”

“Please come with me into the library.”


Inside, the lobby was of a grandeur she had not seen in many places before; stylish marble flooring, modern sculptures, and fine art paintings hanging on the walls. Decadent luxury surrounded her.

The library held floor to ceiling shelves of antiquarian books.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“Thank you.”

“I have a bottle of fine whisky. Would you care for a glass?”
“Thank you,” although she found it a little unusual to be offered whiskey at an interview.


He had a deep voice, redolent of cigars and southern charm. His presence was palpable.

“You know Jennifer?”

“Yes, she’s a friend.”
“And what has she told you of us?”
“Not very much.”

“I see. Well, we are a private gentlemen’s club, former Special Forces officers, now with businesses or consulting firms here in D.C. We’re a very small club, in fact only a group of five members; it’s more like our second home, where we come after a hard day.” He smiled at her and she felt drawn by its warmth. “It’s how we prefer things. We purchased the house between us. It’s a little different to the larger members clubs around, but we’re a very private, very tightly bonded group, and it suits us. What we are looking for Gabrielle, is a little like a personal assistant I suppose, but we would not expect you to be our waitress, in fact we are keener to serve you.”

Gabrielle had no idea what he was talking about, lost in the smoothness of his tone as she listened to him talking.
“I suppose it is what you could call an unorthodox, unconventional arrangement that we would like to propose.”

He leaned forward. “You are utterly adorable from what I have seen of you so far.”
Gabrielle felt her cheeks redden at this unexpected comment.

“You’re a very beautiful woman Gabrielle. In fact, I have to confess, I first saw you before today when I was talking to Jennifer in the office last week, and she had her phone on the desk. For some reason she was looking through the photos on her phone as she waited for me, and I happened to walk in behind her and see the most charming face on the screen of her phone. I asked Jennifer who you were, asked her if she would bring you along for us to meet.”


Gabrielle was shocked and surprised at the request and at the thought that he found her attractive. She was not someone who turned the heads of men in a room. She was on the larger side, not a thin model-type; she was curvy and certainly no supermodel. She had sometimes been called sultry for her long dark hair and deep blue eyes, but she felt that her face was on the plain side, certainly no great beauty.

“The picture I saw of you was stunning Gabrielle, and you live up to that picture today. You have a very ethereal look, something most unusual in your eyes. I don’t wish to embarrass you, merely to compliment your beauty. And I’m sure you’re thinking now that this is a most unusual job interview, but what I’m proposing is a little different. My friends and I here, my brothers, have an unusual need for someone like you, a predilection to adore someone as earthily beautiful as you. We’re a very close group but we need a woman like you to indulge, to please, to comfort, and protect. We want to make it our duty to give you pleasure.” He paused. “You’re probably feeling shocked and confused.” He laughed, smiling reassuringly at her. “I’m sure you’ll need time to consider what it is I am really saying to you. It’s something, Gabrielle, that will change your world in the most divine way.”


“I’d like to show you around the Club whilst you are here, I want you to see whether you would like to spend time here with us looking after you. Come with me and I’ll show you.”
As he rose Gabrielle copied him and stood, extremely unsure of what was happening, of what he was talking about.

He took hold of her upper arm gently but she could feel the underlying strength of his hand. He led her out of the library into the hallway and down a corridor to the left which had a series of closed doors.
“Let’s start downstairs.”
He led her down a spectacular winding staircase into a smaller corridor and she saw to her right an underground swimming pool, lighted by soft spotlights.

On recliners were two of the most attractive men she had ever seen, both naked, their physiques stunning; ripped, muscular, lean sculpted bodies, with incredibly handsome faces. Instinctively her eyes travelled down their bodies from their broad chests down, unable to stop herself from looking at their cocks, and from the distance she stood, she could clearly see the size of them, shocking herself at the instant arousal she felt.

“Trent and Brandon, two of our members.” Conrad told her, and raised his hand to them, beckoning them over.


They rose gracefully, and with languid strides they walked over to Gabrielle to introduce themselves. They reached to shake her hand surprisingly gently, both towering over her with their height. They held no inhibition at their nakedness.

3.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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