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To Wed a Werewolf

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Kryssie Fortune

To Wed a Werewolf

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This is for my wonderful husband. He’s supported me through life-threatening heart surgery and encourages me to chase my dreams.

Chapter One

“I told you”—a huge hand landed on each of Sylvie’s shoulders—“you’re not welcome here.”

The damn security guard had already turned her away twice, but he definitely looked good in a tux. She could get a neck ache staring up at his towering wall of muscle and menace, but she liked the way his blond hair curled over his collar. His broad shoulders and long, lean physique made her heart beat a machine-gun rhythm, but his clear gray eyes narrowed when he realized she’d sneaked back again.

Although her breasts perked up and demanded his attention, the attraction certainly wasn’t mutual. Maybe she shouldn’t have crept in with the caterers, but he’d left her no choice. Why did he have to be huge, imposing, and so sexy he made her mouth water? Damn it, she was lusting after another Lykae, and people’s lives were at stake here.

Desperate to speak to the bride or groom, she grabbed a tray of drinks from a side table and slammed it into his stomach. Wine splattered the walls. Glasses shattered as they crashed onto the marble floor. The Lykae growled in annoyance, but the tray bounced off him like it had hit a brick wall.

“Violent little thing, aren’t you?” He never flinched. “But I’m definitely up for the fight.”

He stalked toward her, his eyes—dirty ice diamonds—condemned her, and she quickly dropped her gaze.

Great! Now I’m staring at his dick. But it’s definitely worth a second look.

His brows drew together in a frown so fierce her courage shriveled inside her. Arms wrapped around her chest, she backed off, but there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

“Hey, lady,” one of the caterers called, “get back in the dining room and finish setting up your tables.”

“She’s fired,” the security guard snarled. “And step up your security, or your firm won’t work here again.”

His clenched jaw and angry glower sent the caterer running. That left Sylvie trapped and alone with a furious Lykae. God, what if he turned? Would he rip out her throat? So scared she could hardly breathe, she stared anywhere except at him; then he stepped closer and invaded her personal space. One swift, graceful move and she hung over his shoulder like captured prey. An inch or so lower and she could bite his spectacular butt. When he flashed them into the otherworld, she struggled not to barf all over it.

The transition always made her stomach churn. Once her nausea settled, she screamed the high-pitched shriek only a fairy in distress could manage.

“That”—he stroked one hand over her bottom as she squirmed and kicked—“hurt my ears.”

“Good,” she snapped, and screamed again.

The gentle pressure became a full-on slap that made her bottom burn.

“Be quiet or I’ll spank you again. The wedding’s in two hours, and I don’t have time to deal with a troublesome bitch like you.”

God, that slap made her ass throb—and there he went insulting her again. What was it that attracted her to arrogant Lykae men? And why did they treat her as a second-class citizen? Story of her life, really.

Even her Fae father had walked away and left her human mother to work two jobs to keep Sylvie clothed and fed. Then the day she turned seventeen, her half brother had arrived on her doorstep and told her she was a Fae princess. She’d told him to get real, but he had been. He introduced her to the otherworld—a place so beautiful it made her gasp, but so violent it scared her witless. Ever since, she’d dreamed of someone strong and special, someone who’d always put her first.

“You don’t understand.” She beat her fists on Mr. Arrogance’s back. “I have to speak to Giles.”

“I just bet you do, but news flash, sweetness, you have to get past me first.” He shoved her into a bare room, empty but for a cast-iron bed. “Don’t worry, princess. I promise we’ll play later.”

She tried to dodge around him, but he moved with Lykae swiftness, blocking her way and looking her over like she was a fine meal.

What the hell happens if he bites me? Will I turn all wolfy too?

He backed her against the wall, placed one hand on either side of her shoulders, and leaned in closer. His woodland-fresh essence hit her; then his gaze focused on her lips. He pressed his body against her, and she suddenly understood the expression “hung like a stallion.”

His grin was all predatory wolf and playful masculinity. Her body tensed with excitement. Anticipation made her breath catch as he lowered his mouth toward hers. Eyes wide, heart racing, she parted her lips for his kiss. Then he spun her around, shoved her, aching breasts first, against the wall, and locked one arm around her neck in a sleeper hold.

Damn it, she thought just before she lost consciousness. What do I need to do to get a Lykae to kiss me?

* * * *

Sylvie’s sore arms and aching head woke her. She forced her eyes open, but the world seemed blurry and unclear. She’d no idea where she was or how long she’d been unconscious. Gradually her vision refocused, and she realized she stood in a bleak room—medieval even—her wrists bound in thick rope that looped around the rafters. No wonder her arms throbbed, but if she stood tall, she could relieve the strain.

The room was dirty and neglected, but clean sheets covered the bed. Spiderwebs hung like curtains over the windows. Something flapped sedately past, its golden scales a stark contrast to the green sky, bloodied prey dangling from its beak. A wyvern swooped from nowhere, its claws sinking into the carrion eater’s flesh, and they plummeted downward. Their battle screams echoed through her prison, then ended in a roar of triumph. The blue-scaled wyvern zoomed past the window as it shot off with its stolen prey.

Her Lykae had left her alone and vulnerable, but even if she escaped her bonds, how could she survive out there? And why was her magic always just beyond her grasp? Then she remembered. Mr. Arrogance had brought her here. As she struggled to free her wrists, she prayed he came back after the wedding.

Oh God, the wedding! The war!

She’d failed, and now the entire Fae Nation would pay the price. How could she have been so stupid?

She swung like an acrobat on the rope, but her bonds stayed intact and her wrists burned and bled. Desperate, more scared than she’d thought possible, she screamed that bloodcurdling banshee shriek that carried for miles—but no hero rushed to her rescue.

She’d no idea how long she hung there. Eventually the door opened, and Mr. Arrogance swaggered back, his every movement making his muscles ripple beneath his tux.

He was one breathtaking, blond he-man, the stuff of any girl’s fantasy, but he’d never look at a skinny thing like her. Her stick-thin body, coffee-colored hair, and clear green eyes could never compete with the curvaceous Lykae ladies she’d seen back at the wedding hotel. Better to forget this jaw-dropping piece of masculinity and creep back to her half brother’s court—not that he wanted her for more than a political pawn.

Her dominant Lykae stared at her, eyes stern gray mirrors void of any emotion, and his wolfish grin made her wonder if she was his dinner. Then she remembered his promise to play later, and no matter how she much she wanted to fight him, a delicious tingle spread through her pussy. Damn it, this was no time to give in to her body’s cravings, not when she had a wedding to stop—or better yet, postpone—and an interspecies war to prevent.

“Had time to reconsider?” He smirked.

“Are they married,” she demanded, “or is there still time?”

“Persistent little beggar, aren’t you?”

“You don’t understand—”

“Oh, sweetness,” he mocked, “I understand all too well, but if you’re determined to play your sex games, you should play them with me.”

She spluttered in fury and outrage, so angry her words came out incoherent and mixed. He sniffed, stared at the dried blood on her arms, and marched out of the room.

Oh great! Now he’s left me again, and what did he mean about sex games?

She hadn’t… She couldn’t… She didn’t play sex games… But her nipples pearled at the thought. He was a conceited, overbearing Lykae—a jumped-up security guard whose unexpected sexual kinks made her want to stay.
Way out of my league. I’ve got to get my mind out of the gutter and get out of here.

She needed to find Giles and persuade him to stop the wedding, at least until she’d smoothed things over with her half brother, but her treacherous body screamed for this security guard’s touch. She shuddered, confused and excited by a cocksure male who tied her up and tempted her with the promise of hot sex—something she’d always avoided. Then he was back, a damp sponge in his hands.

“Hold still, and let me clean your wrists.”

He matched his actions to his words, but she refused to squeal as the antiseptic crept into her wounds. Her half brother—Leonidas, King of the Fae—would have healed her with a spell, but Lykaes were all about strength, speed, and loyalty, not magic and myth. If she’d only mastered her own powers, she’d be out of here in a flash—although those sex games he promised might have tempted her to play.

She’d expected violence from her autocratic Lykae, but he was gentle, almost kind. Damn, she wanted to stay angry and defy him, but his soft touch and caring gesture knocked the fight out of her. When he moved behind her, he stood so close his breath flowed like a summer breeze over her neck.

“I don’t like you in black,” he growled.

She wanted to tell him she didn’t give a damn, but his deep, rasping voice just inches from her ear was an intimate caress that soothed her soul. When he wrapped his powerful arms around her, she loved the way his muscles rippled and bulged. He was wolfish, sexy, and domineering, but he made her feel truly alive at last.

He flicked out a claw and split her little black dress from top to bottom. Another two slashes at the shoulders, and her dress dissolved into a pile of rags on the floor. Sylvie hated displaying her body and never wore a bikini to the beach. Hell, with few girlfriends and no prospect of a love life, she rarely visited the beach at all.

BOOK: To Wed a Werewolf
2.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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