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Authors: Marian Tee

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To Love a Shifter: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set (9 page)

BOOK: To Love a Shifter: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set
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Domenico suddenly picks me up, taking me with him as he lopes into one of the shadowy corners of the street with the kind of speed that leaves my mouth hanging. When he finally stops, I don’t think more than a few seconds had passed.


“Dome--” The rest of his name is consumed by his kiss.


He cups my face and kisses me so deeply my entire body is forced back until I hit the wall behind me. Domenico follows, and when his body slams onto mine I realize dizzily that he’s naked.


Moaning in surrender, I haul him close, kissing him back with almost wild abandon. Again, I lose all common sense in his arms. I forget that we’re in a public place, forget that we’ve just been involved in a fight, and I even forget at how impossibly cold he can be.


All I care about is the fact that I’m back in his arms and he’s hot for me.
hot for me.


A little shriek escapes my lips when he lifts me up so high that I instinctively wrap my legs around him. He nuzzles my neck before nipping my shoulder, hard enough to make my body jerk, my head falling back against the wall.


Domenico starts rocking against me, and with every thrust, it’s as if he’s pressing his erection against my heat insistently. Harder.


“Domenico.” I can’t stop saying his name.


“You have to marry me, Misty.” He growls into my ear just as his fingers slide inside my panties and trace the quivering flesh hidden within them.


“I won’t allow you to say no.” Without warning, he shoves his fingers inside me.


Not just one or two but three, all of a sudden, and the combined thickness of his fingers makes me scream, as loudly as I can.


It should have hurt, but it doesn’t. I’m so wet for him my body has melted into liquid heat, my mind shutting down at the sheer pleasure of his penetration.


“Say. Yes.” He emphasizes each word with a thrust of his fingers.


.” I can only pant in answer.


“Misty,” Domenico growls.


How can he expect me to make coherent sense? The thrust of his fingers creates such an exquisite form of pleasure all I can do is shake my head side to side as I struggle to raise my hips and meet the downward slide of his fingers.


“Shit,” Domenico mutters just before he kisses me again, even more deeply than the first time. His tongue swoops inside my mouth, its aggressive movement matching the increasing speed of his thrusts.


“Come for me,
,” he rasps when he lets go of my bruised lips.


I can’t
!” But already I can feel myself trembling, the rough tone of his words only serving to inflame me more.


My werewolf prince commands and my body strains to follow.


Domenico bites my lower lip. Then he pulls back, his intense green eyes locking with mine. “Give yourself to me.” His thumb presses against that extra sensitive nub of flesh.


I shatter.


Domenico manages to push his fingers in further, intensifying my orgasm. I can only wrap my legs more tightly around his waist as my body doesn’t stop quivering at the onslaught of pleasure. When it’s over, I’m limp in his arms, but Domenico carries my full weight with ease. I don’t even feel his muscles tense as I grow heavy in utter exhaustion.


“You’re mine now,” he whispers.


I can’t find the energy to answer.


An eternity later, Domenico slowly lets me slide down to my feet.


I murmur my protest when he gently disentangles my arms from around his neck. I would have been embarrassed about how clingy I suddenly was if my mind still wasn’t busy replaying the last few minutes. There will be enough time later to be embarrassed.


Domenico kisses my forehead, and I feel him smiling against my skin. “I have to let you go,
Your brother is coming.”


I blink.


When I open my eyes again, he’s vanished into the night and I hear footsteps approaching.


“Misty?” Kevin sounds distressed.


And I…


I think I look disheveled.


In a way that I don’t ever want my brother to see.


Hastily rearranging my clothes, I run out of the alley before Kevin gets to me. One sniff and I’m out. Right now, you don’t need a werewolf’s sense of smell to figure out what just happened.


“What happened?” Kevin demands almost angrily, but I know it’s his anxiety talking. Barefoot and shirtless, he seems to have run straight out of his room the moment he realized I wouldn’t be returning his call.


For a moment, I mourn the loss of my phone. Why couldn’t have that darn werewolf attacked me next month? Or better yet, the month after? I can’t afford to replace my mobile phone right now, not with the baby entering our lives.




Kevin’s alarmed tone stops me from dwelling further on my growing list of expenses. “I’m okay,” I assure him. And though I feel that I really am, my voice becomes shrill at the end.


“You’re not okay,” he accuses. “Did you get attacked?”


“Yes, but they’re gone now.”




Shick. I really have to start thinking before I open my big fat mouth. Kevin looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. “I’m okay, Kev. I’m really okay. I managed to use the stun gun.”


Kevin fumbles for something inside his pocket. “My heart almost stopped beating when I saw this lying on the road. Did you get them good?”


Nodding, I take the stun gun from him. I think I’m going to buy another, just for good measure.


“We should file a police report,” he says grimly.


“Umm, no. I don’t think that’s necessary.” My lying skills are so-so, but they’re definitely not at a level that I can get away with perjury.


“Those bastards could still be around!”


“They didn’t get a good look at me.” This kind of lie, I’m pretty good at. Giving him a rueful smile, I say, “And I don’t think I have it in me to jog alone again for quite some time after what’s happened.” This one’s the truth, though.


“If you’re sure,” Kevin says with a doubtful look at my now-just-slightly-disheveled state. “What did they do to you? Did they--”


A look of horror crosses his face, and I instantly get what he isn’t able to say.


. God, no, don’t think that. I mean it. I’m not lying.” I can’t say the words fast enough. Kevin already has more than enough hang-ups because of what (almost) happened to Kelly at the orphanage. I don’t want him to go back to rehab a second time because he thinks he’s failed to protect me.


“You swear?”


“I’m still a virgin,” I say instead, just to make him smile.


I half-accomplish my goal when Kevin makes a puking sound. “Gross, Misty. TMI.”


I ruffle his hair, even if it means I have to tiptoe to do it. “You came here fast enough, that’s what’s important.”


“I’m still grossed out.”


“Shut up.”


We argue good-naturedly, absently, all the way back. We’re standing in front of the house when I realize what I forgot to ask. “The baby?” I demand, fearing he’s left the baby all alone in his haste to get to me.


“Relax, sis. I left him with Kels.”


I almost collapse against the front door in relief. “Thank God.”


Kelly’s waiting for us in the living room, hair all scraggly around her face, the baby sleeping peacefully in her arms.


. We have got to find out the baby’s name soon or I won’t be able to stop thinking of him as The Baby.


“Are you all right, Misty?”


“Yes, I’m good. I’m sorry I made you two worry.” I give her a quick hug before taking the newest member of our family from her arms.


Looking down at him, I remember Domenico’s words earlier, and suddenly the whole scene feels like déjà vu.


But it’s too late
, I think as I kiss his forehead. I think I’m halfway in love with him already.


What a bummer.


For our finances, that is.


I apologize to the twins again as we go back up to our rooms, thankful that Kelly hadn’t woken Andy or Nicole up. She can get really panicky sometimes.


Back in my room, I curl in bed next to The Baby.


Oh, shick. It’s started.


Lying in the darkness, I remember with shameful ease the way Domenico’s fingers felt as they thrust in and out of my body.


I can’t help wondering how much better it would feel when it’s his cock ramming into me.




Today’s events – all of them – gradually take a toll on my body and I yawn.


, Domenico either does what I ask of him or not.


And when he does…


My toes curl in spite of my hardest attempt to keep them straight.




I can’t wait.





Chapter One

Dear Diary,




My heart can’t stop beating at the thought of what tomorrow can – will – bring. Frankly, I can’t believe anything that has happened lately.




I’m blushing as I write this but I feel like I’m going to burst if I don’t tell anyone. Oh, Di, I can’t forget his kisses. The way he moves his tongue, the way he leaves me breathless…and oh, Di, his fingers! Every touch drives me crazy. I just can’t stop imagining what it will finally feel like when he takes me.




Oh, Di, how am I ever going to sleep? Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.



BOOK: To Love a Shifter: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set
13.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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