Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

BOOK: Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast
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The Pirate Fairy: The Chapter Book
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The Pirate Fairy: The Chapter Book

ridessa was gathering light beams near the Pixie Dust Tree in Pixie Hollow when a strange green glow passed over her. She paused in the field of
flowers to watch it. The light moved past Tinker Bell in Tinker’s Nook and caught the attention of an owl, who swiveled his head to follow the comet’s trail.

Scribble, a reading-talent sparrowman, looked out a telescope at the strange green light flashing across the sky. He jotted notes on some parchment, never taking one eye away from the
viewfinder. The green light hovered over a small cave before disappearing inside.

Deep inside that cave, where the fairies couldn’t see, the green light ended its fantastic journey. The green glow intensified and suddenly…an enormous glowing eye blinked open.

The next morning in Pixie Hollow, Fawn was enjoying the perfect day. She flew quickly, skimming water with dragonflies and joyfully greeting a family of bears before blasting
into the sky to join a flock of birds. She enjoyed the warm sun on her face and the wind in her hair, then curled into a cannonball and rocketed back down to the earth.

As she dropped through the tree canopy, she grabbed a leaf and used it like a parachute to soar the rest of the way down, swinging past Never Land’s magnificent animals and the fairies who
were caring for them.

Fawn loved her job with the animals. She landed near a groundhog who was refusing to dig a hole. It only took Fawn a few minutes to solve the problem. She tackled the groundhog and popped
underground with him. An instant later, they’d created a burrow together.

Next, Fawn raced two pillbugs to the bottom of the hill. Then she landed on the back of a bunny, who playfully tossed her into the air with its powerful legs. She nudged a nervous baby bird out
of his nest, catching him as he first fell, then flew. The bird smiled at Fawn as he went to join the others, and she soared off toward the sky, breaking through the treetops.

When Fawn got home, Tink was there already. She’d made Fawn a cart out of a large blueberry basket mounted on thread spool wheels.

“Oh, Tink! It’s perfect!” Fawn exclaimed.

“Just like you ordered, Fawn, one extra-large wagon.…But what’s it for? I mean, why all the mystery?” Tink asked.

Fawn didn’t tell Tink the reason she needed the contraption. She began to wheel the basket away.

Tink said, “You’re up to something.”

Fawn shrugged. “Who, me? Never.”

“Yep, you definitely are. I know that look. I invented that look.” Tink asked seriously, “What’s the wagon for?”

Fawn gave up. “Okay, okay, just…try not to scream, deal?” She swung open the door to her house. Inside was a baby hawk.

Tink couldn’t believe her eyes. “You—You have a…
! Fawn! Hawks

Fawn nodded. “Oh, adult hawks, yes—Hannah’s still technically a baby. That whole must-eat-fairy urge hasn’t
kicked in yet,” Fawn said. “She had
a bad wing, but I fixed her up, and now…”

Hannah flapped her injured wing, knocking over everything, including Fawn and Tink.

“Wing’s all better!” Fawn cheered.

“You can’t have a hawk in Pixie Hollow! What if the scouts find out?” Tink asked.

“That’s where the blueberry wagon comes in!” Fawn explained. “We just have to get Hannah out to where she belongs without causing…you know…widespread
panic.” Fawn grinned. “Let’s go!”

Tink sighed. She really didn’t want to help, but she knew Fawn needed her.

A few minutes later, they’d loaded Hannah into the cart and covered her with blueberries.

As they moved the cart through the Animal Den, the animals started to act strange. A bear nervously scooted into his hole. Two pillbugs turned into balls and rolled away. A pair of mice lowered
their heads to hide.

“Fawn?” Tink was getting nervous.

“Just keep smiling,” Fawn replied through clenched teeth. At that moment, the cart rolled over a bump in the ground and a berry bounced off. Tink quickly put it back in place.
“See, Tink? I told you this would work.…” Fawn paused when she noticed pixie dust falling from the sky above. “Pixie dust?”

It was Rosetta. “There you are! We’ve been looking for you all morning!”

Iridessa, Vidia, and Silvermist were with her.

“Hey, did you guys see that comet last night?” Iridessa asked.

“No, but did you see that big green ball of light that flew by?” Silvermist replied.

Rosetta changed the subject. “What’s with the berries?”

Fawn hummed. “Just bringing them to the forest. For the animals.”

“Don’t berries come
the forest?” Vidia wondered.

Fawn said quickly, “Not this particular variety, which is, um…extra berry-full-licious-tastic!”

Silvermist was excited. “Yum! Can we help?”

Fawn brushed her away. “No. We’re fine.…”

“Oh, for goodness’ sake, there’s an easier way to do this.” Without permission, Rosetta sprinkled pixie dust on the berries. The berries began to rise.…

“Wait. No—” Fawn tried to stop her.

“It’s called helping,” Rosetta said. “A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice.”

The dusted berries kept lifting rapidly into the air.…

“What are you all staring at?” Rosetta asked the others.

The girls all backed off, wide-eyed. Every animal and fairy in the Animal Den turned to stare. Then Hannah chirped.

The fairies screamed! Animals and fairies were running and shouting, trying to get away from Hannah. Hannah was scared from all the screaming. She flapped her wings and squawked.

Nearby, three adult hawks heard the noise. They hurried to the Animal Den.

A fairy on lookout sounded the alarm. “It’s a hawk! Run!” The scout raised her spyglass and saw Hannah while the adult hawks buzzed by.

ueen Clarion was in a meeting with Scribble. He was telling the queen about his latest research. He had a lot of charts and reference materials to
explain the mysterious comet. “That comet is an astronomical puzzle to be sure,” he was saying, “but careful observation and application of the scientific process will allow us,
or rather, me, to determine exactly—”

Suddenly, scout warning sounds blared through the castle. Queen Clarion turned to the window to see the animal fairies flitting around in a panic. The large hawks were overhead, preparing to

“HAWWWWK!” a fairy screamed.

The first hawk swooped low and tried to grab a baby beaver. The beaver was fast, and the hawk missed. He swirled around, looking for another animal to snatch.

Hannah quickly abandoned the blueberry basket and took off into the air.

“HANNAH! Hannah, stop! Come back!” Fawn went after Hannah, while Iridessa and Silvermist worked on a game plan down below.

“Everyone, get inside!” Iridessa shouted as a large hawk chased the fairies in all directions.

“IRIDESSA!!” Silvermist shrieked as a hawk headed directly toward her friend.

Iridessa flew as fast as she could, but it wasn’t fast enough. The hawk opened its razor-sharp talons and…

“Oh no!” Silvermist gasped.


Iridessa thought she was safe until something grabbed her from behind. But it wasn’t the hawk!

“Nyx?” Iridessa asked quizzically.

Nyx was the leader of the elite scout fairies. She was cool, confident, and very fast. After taking Iridessa to a knothole, she faced the first hawk with a porcupine needle spear.

When the hawk backed away, Nyx gathered her four scout mates, Fury, Di, Shade, and Chase. They soared through the sky and fell into perfect formation behind Nyx.

The hawk moved on from Iridessa and chased baby animals through the Animal Den. He found another helpless fairy to attack, but suddenly Chase and Di flew past his beak, distracting him.

Fury came in, jumping to launch herself off Nyx’s spear toward a second hawk circling above. Midair, she lassoed her rope through his beak before landing on his back and riding him like a
horse. She turned around just as Chase and Di led the first hawk directly into his path!

The two hawks collided and then flew away together.

Fawn looked around panicked. “HANNAH? HANNAH!”

As she was searching the trees, the third hawk came in fast and close and tried to grab her in his talons. Fawn barely escaped.

BOOK: Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast
8.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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