Thunder & Lightning: We're all leaves in a hurricane. (Gifted)

BOOK: Thunder & Lightning: We're all leaves in a hurricane. (Gifted)
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Chapter 1: Uncanny


As I run through the alley, I find myself trying to do this the hard way. As I look backwards, I see the figure in front of me easily hop the fence and I know I’m in major trouble. I run as fast as my legs can carry me and I feel as though I’m about to go out of my mind with worry. I can feel the energy building inside me, begging to be unleashed but I try and stabilize it. It’s harder to do than to say.

I hope a crate laying in the alley and easily scale the fence, using my powers to float me back down. Without thinking, I run into the street and nearly get hit by a green Toyota but I put my hands up and electricity sparks out of my hands and overturns the car.

People along the street begin to watch as the scene unfolds.

I can no long hold onto the power and as it surges in every direction as lightning surges one way, a fog descends over the city and whirlwinds pop up around me, like mini-tornadoes. It’s the last thing I see before the fog fully descends and obstructs my view of the city.

When the fog clears, I looked around and see the damage that I’ve caused. Cars are overturned, buildings are missing huge chunks and lifeless bodies are lying all around me. I scream out in horror as I hear the sirens behind me and to my left and right. I sink to my knees, afraid of what I might do next.

“Freeze!” A cop yells.

“Oh my God.” Another says in awe.

Chapter 2: Three Weeks Later


My name is Pas and three weeks ago, I became public enemy number one. After turning myself over to the police, who had no clue what to do with me, they released me into the care of Third Winds Asylum.

I’d been having regular appointments with a doctor named Samuel Michaels. He was a really weird and very intrusive person.
He was also a very handsome man with a chiseled jaw and dark raven hair. He seemed more interested in my powers and how they worked than anything I was going through.

I wasn’t surprised. What I was surprised by is what he asked me for.

“You want me to give you my DNA?” I asked as I paced back and forth in front of him, “I’m sorry but how does that help me?”

“I will write you a full pardon.” He said slyly.

“Why does that sound like blackmail?”

He intertwined his fingers and rocked forward, “It’s but a formality. If I truly wanted your DNA, I would take it.” He said confidently.

“Listen, I’m not sure you know me well enough to joke like that.”

“Who’s joking?” He asked, “You’re the state’s property now…”

“I’m my property.” I said angrily, “And if you want my DNA, come and get it.”

“Guards. Take Mr.
Pasaiden back to his room until I can ready the equipment.” Dr. Michaels said angrily.

Two guards came in and tried to grab me but I yanked away from them.

“This isn’t over. And I’m pretty sure this isn’t legal.” I frowned.

“You’re outside of the law now.” He said sitting back, “I’ll see you in a little while.

The guards escorted me out. I was quite sure he wasn’t playing a game of cards. He wasn’t playing at all. I had to find a way out of this asylum and in a hurry. The question is, if I managed to get out, where would I go? Could I truly be a fugitive?

Chapter 3:


As I paced in my room, I felt energy bubbling just below the surface. It might have been anger. In any case, the only thing keeping me here was the fact that I could hurt someone trying to escape. Well, that and the fact that they put up some kind of electronic doo-dads to keep me from escaping.

I looked around at my new
. It was frustrating. The first two weeks, I was so intent on staying in here for the well-being of everyone else, but now that I needed to escape, they’d found a way to keep me in. I needed out for my well-being.

I felt a slight rumbling. At first I dismissed it as a minor Earthquake. The second time, I couldn’t deny it because it was quite a bit more noticeable, especially since the door’s hinges popped off and the heavy door fell to the floor.

A tall man walked through the door and stood in front of me. He was wearing a guard’s uniform, complete with that fashion disaster of a beige hat. He stared at me for a minute, obviously sizing me up before tossing me something.

“They’ve been dosing you. I’ve disrupted you dosages but the effects are…”

“Who are you?” I asked.

He took off his hate to reveal that he was beautiful beyond measure. His sparkling green eyes and brunette hair hit me like a ton of bricks. He smiled at me and the gun levitated upwards allowing me to grab and aim it.

“My name is Chace Lavers; I’m here to save you.” He said turning, “Do you know how to handle a gun?”

“Yes,” I said bypassing him, “Do you?”

As we walked through the hallways, he looked nonplussed by the six guards who’d just shown up in front of us.

“Any ideas?” I asked aiming the gun.

“One.” He said throwing his hand forward, causing the men to fly backwards, pinned to the wall.

“Show-off.” I said walking forward.

“My, my, my…” Samuel Michaels’ voice said behind us.

I turned to see him standing with a woman with long golden hair and piercing blue eyes. Within seconds of staring at her, I felt my brain begin to swim. Chace’s head must have done the same thing because he kneeled to one knee.

“Now, for that DNA.” Samuel said moving towards me.

I looked towards them and saw that he was pulling out a needle. I aimed the gun above their heads and shot a light down, causing them to scatter.

I turned to Chace, who was now standing again, “My protector.” I said sarcastically.

Ahh!” He said grabbing his head.

I looked over to the woman, who’d gotten back up and was now watching us intently. I wondered why I wasn’t feeling the pain Chace was feeling. As quickly as he went down, Chace stood up and looked at her. She’d gone wide-eyed and was now watching us.

“You okay?”

“No, he’s not.” A man said standing in front of us, “She cannot hurt you or him.”

“I’m thinking she deserves to be shot.” I said aiming my gun.

, The man’s voice said in my head,
We do not kill.

You don’t kill. I’m a certified murderer
, I thought.

The gun floated out of my hand and into his. I stared at the two of them. The new man was shorter with longer greying hair that didn’t match his youthful face. He had a set of knowing almond eyes to go along with his greying hair.

We need to move
, He said quickly into my mind.

“Right.” I said testily.

I led the way out.

Chapter 4:
The Lair


Upon making it to the city, I actually started asking questions. Ned was the one with the information, though Chace would cut in here and there to explain his part of things.

Apparently, it was an X-Men-type of story. The two met
when they were younger and were now partners in fighting against my doctor, whose real nature was more sinister than I ever could have imagined.

Samuel Michaels is a genius level scientist under the guise of a normal physician. He appears to people with power and asks for their DNA to use.

Ned was from a rich family and Chace’s family worked for them when they until they were murdered. The only suspect is the mysterious Dr. Michaels.

As we made our way down the streets of the sprawling metropolis,
Liberon City, I found myself noticing the terrified looks on the faces of the civilians. They didn’t seem to forget anything, especially when it killed hundreds.

Just act nonchalant
, Ned thought.

I nodded and tried to ignore the scathing looks and whispers.

Where are we going
, I thought back.

The Lair
, Ned said quickly.

I nodded. As we walked on ahead, I saw that we were being followed by officers.
I kept my head down and continued walking ahead with. I was so nervous that I neglected to notice them stop and bumped into Chace.

“What?” I asked looking up.

I looked up to see that cop cars had silently blocked our way. Ned and Chace exchanged confident stares, which worried me beyond belief. I knew they were speaking with each other in their minds.

“Stand back.” Chace said to both Ned and I.

I chanced a glance at Ned, who pushed past me to the other side. I watched as Chace’s hands raised into the air and so did the police cars. Without warning shots fired, much to the dismay of the commanding officer, who shouted against the gunfire.

Ned moved his hand quickly, deflecting the bullets to unpopulated places but one found a target! The bullet clipped a child and my whole body shook with righteous anger. Before I could control it, the winds began to pick up and the sky darkened.

You must control your anger
, Ned said.

Stay out of my head, mortal.
I shot back.

“Mortal?” Ned asked.

Chace looked between us, probably figuring that we were communicating telepathically. My reply to Ned shocked all of us. His words seemed to reach some part of me and my mind pieced back together like a puzzle as I watched the mother of the child looking on in fear.

“This stops now.” I said angrily.

I raised my hand to the sky, causing a torrential downpour, giving us cover enough to disappear.

By the time we made it back to their
, we were soaked by the surprise downpour. The rain felt good against my skin. I hadn’t really seen the sun in three weeks so to feel anything was a Godsend.

As we entered the
, I was struck by how beautiful it was. It made sense that the
was state of the art because Ned was rich.

was an all metallic safe house. The main room had a computer set-up in the corner with multiple screens. There were three doors to the left and one to the right. As I walked in, I noticed there was a slab with some kind of holographic view of the city on it. Little dots populated the city and a cluster of them were centered in a place just outside the city. There were chairs around the slab as well as a flat screen hanging beside it.

In my awe, I neglected to see that there was a beautiful woman with long Raven hair with Auburn highlights sitting at the computer. She stood and walked over, all the time sizing me up. When she got to me, she didn’t extend a hand. Instead, she folded her arms and frowned.

“I thought he’d be taller…and less frail.”

“Erin.” Chace said warningly.

“Hmmmph.” She said walking away and sitting back at the computer.

“I’d ask but I really don’t care.” I said indignantly, “I’m tired, is there somewhere I can rest?”

“Yes, Chace, please show him to the guest room.” Ned said walking over to the computer.

I looked to him and smiled as I followed him to the guest room. The room was rather bare but it had a four-poster bed and led into a bathroom, so I think I could let it go. I stood in the middle of the room looking around at the beautifully done room, only for my eyes to land on Chace again.

“I’m sorry about Erin; the truth is she just is a bitch.” Chace said causing me to laugh. He smiled and continued, “But I love her.”

“Is she

“Oh no. We’ve been great friends for far too long for that.” Chace said quickly. He looked around, “But she’s a good person.”

“I’ve heard the spiel.” I said with a nod, “Everyone’s good.”

“No. I have a different view on the world than my partner.”

“Lemme guess, ‘the world will never accept us’?” I asked, “It’s all very

He chortled, “Yes, I suppose it is.” His demeanor changed, “We severely need your help.”

“I don’t have a place to go. I guess you win by default.” I nodded.

“I’ll leave you.” He said turning to leave.

“Ummm,” I said causing him to turn to me, “I need some things, from my place, and…”

“They’ll be waiting for you there.”

“Maybe, but if I’m going to help you, I
some things.” I said quickly.

advise against it. But if you really need to go, I’ll take you.” He said.

“Thank you.”

“Thank me after we’ve figured out why your DNA is so important.” Chace said leaving.

I walked over and sat on the bed, taking my jacket off and draping it across the headboard. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I felt all my worries dissipate and my eyes getting heavier.

BOOK: Thunder & Lightning: We're all leaves in a hurricane. (Gifted)
13.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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