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The Unforgettable

BOOK: The Unforgettable
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Rory Michaels

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Rory Michaels

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Rory Michaels

Chapter One

smell of cigarette smoke still lingered in the air even though the bar had been closed for nearly an hour. Last call had felt a million miles away earlier in the night. Now that it had come to pass and the moment he’d been waiting for was upon him, Levi Ackerman found the entire affair very surreal.

The lights of the bar were dimmed as was the custom after hours. He and his brother had inherited the place from their father and he from his father before him.

had been in the family for three generations now and the boys fully planned to leave it to their children someday—when they got around to having some.

Levi downed the rest of the whiskey from his glass. The liquid burned on its way down. He set the empty glass on the bar top. Peanut shells crunched beneath his cowboy boots with each step he took. His gaze eased back toward the pool table. Excitement and disbelief permeated his every thought and move. This was it, the moment he’d been waiting for. The night he and his twin brother, Lyle, would share the woman of their dreams. The night he’d finally know what it felt like to sink into her warm body.

Lyle had been getting a taste of paradise for nearly a month. His brother had teased him with elaborate tales of his rendezvous with Sally Young—the one for them. Of how tight her cunt was. Of how cute she was when she blushed during an orgasm and how softly she panted as she took his cock again and again.

The past four weeks had been a living hell for Levi. On one hand, he knew his brother Lyle would talk her into a threesome. On the other hand, it killed him knowing Lyle was there, in her bed, without him. When they were younger, they’d made a pact to find that perfect woman and to share her. To spend the rest of their days together, married to the same woman, popping out babies with her, growing old together. Life had made the men emotionally dependent on each other and they knew only the love of one woman, uniting them further, would do. It had always seemed so perverse to them until recently when a rash of the men they’d grown up with in Macon Valley had started doing the same thing. Apparently, it was in the water, and Levi was damn sick of fighting what felt natural.

Levi’s gaze found the pouty-lipped blonde number sitting perched on the edge of the pool table. There she was. Ms. Sally Young, quite possibly the sexiest woman he’d ever laid eyes upon. Her expression was one of trepidation. His heart sank. If she wanted out of the deal, he wasn’t sure what he’d do. She was it for him. Hell, for both the Ackerman boys. He only prayed she understood as much.

“We don’t have to do this,” said Levi even though he wanted it more than life itself.

Sally licked her lower lip. “I’m ready for this. You think I’m not, but I am.”

Levi chanced a look at his twin brother. It gave him hope. “Lyle, is that right? She really ready?”

“Oh, brother, Sally is so fucking ready for us,” replied Lyle, his Southern drawl evident.

Sally had been the object of the boys’ fixation for nearly ten years. Both had longed for her from afar but until recently neither had made a move. Much to Levi’s surprise and a bit to his dismay, Lyle had manned up and asked her out. She’d accepted. That was nearly a month ago. The two had been inseparable ever since. When Lyle had told him he was sure Sally was the one for them, Levi had been skeptical. To have the girl of their dreams actually accept them openly for who and what they were was nearly too much to absorb. Yet, here she was, sitting on the edge of the pool table, running her fingers over the slate, her blue gaze locked on him.

“I’m ready, Levi,” said Sally. “I want this to happen between us.”

The smile on Lyle’s face was damn near blinding. Lyle pulled his button-up, white cotton shirt off and tossed it aside. He stood there, at one end of the pool table, now shirtless.

Boldly, Sally grabbed hold of her tank top and lifted it up and over her head. Her long blond hair spilled out and over her lace-covered globes. Levi’s cock responded at the sight of her tits there, tempting him so. His throat went dry. Her earnest blue eyes sought him.

Lyle stepped closer to Sally and she put her hand out to him. “Show him you mean it, darling. Make him understand this isn’t a game.”

Sally reached for the clasp on the front of her white lace bra. As her fingers found it, Levi’s hands clenched as if it were he undoing it. Her bra came open and pink, rosy nipples spilled out at him. He shook in place, his fingers digging into his palms. He’d fantasized about this very thing so many times he’d lost count. Hell, his favorite thing to masturbate to was the fantasy of Sally undressing slowly for him right before she began fingering herself.

She took hold of her breasts, cupping them as best she could. “Levi, touch me.”

Lyle grinned and shook his head. “No, darling. Tease him more. Pull your skirt up. Let him see you aren’t wearing any panties.”

She wasn’t wearing panties?

The temperature in the room spiked. Sweat trickled down Levi’s temples and he swallowed a lump in his throat as he blatantly adjusted his cock through his jeans.

Sally did as his brother had instructed. She spread her legs wide, causing her skirt to ride up and her sex to show. A glimpse of her pussy, the thin thatch of dark blond curls there, glistening, caused his cock to spasm. He gasped. Only hours earlier he’d been going about his night like it was any other, except he’d been stealing extra peeks at Sally, who’d been seated at the bar then. He’d never dreamt this would come to pass. Truth be told, he wasn’t sure he wasn’t dreaming even though it was laid out before him.

Lyle eased up even closer to Sally. He reached out and pinched one of her nipples. It hardened under the weight of his touch. “Brother, look at ‘em. Exactly the way we’d pictured them.”

And they had indeed pictured them. Since Lyle started dating her, Levi had often found himself pumping his brother for details about her. The actual size of her breasts, how tight her pussy was, anything and everything. Lyle was all too willing to share the information with him.

Sally ran her hand up her inner thigh and looked toward Lyle, who nodded in encouragement. She used her fingers to spread open the folds of her pussy and a groan slipped free of Levi.

Chapter Two

Sally hid her smile at the sounds coming from Levi. He stood there looking as if he might burst into flames. His green gaze held a fire and a look of hunger that only served to turn her on more. Not that she needed much help in that department. One Ackerman boy was more than most women could ever dream of having and here she had two at her beck and call.

For a chunk of her life, she’d watched them from afar, admiring them, secretly in love with them. Now the time had finally come for her to act on her desires. She’d heard the stories—how they liked sharing women, how they liked tag-team fucking a woman. She’d heard all about it and she wanted that. She wanted to be their sole focus for a night. Already she’d known the touch of Lyle, what it felt like to have his thick, long cock buried deep in her pussy. He’d been the first man to enter her body and already she was willing to go further, to share herself with his twin.

She was being naughty. More naughty than she’d ever thought possible. All her life she’d been the good girl. The girl who didn’t get into trouble, who didn’t swear and didn’t have sex before marriage. All that changed the minute Lyle Ackerman gathered up the courage to ask her out on a date. He’d unleashed the wanton woman within and now there was no caging her.

Sally kept her gaze on Levi as she dipped a finger inside herself. Her cunt grasped it tight, pulling at it. A popping noise sounded and as it did Levi groaned again and stepped closer. He nodded. “Like that, sweet thing. Just like that.”

He liked it.

Lyle had said he would.

She did more, pushing a second finger into her pussy. Lyle touched her shoulder with one hand as he opened the fly to his jeans with the other. He freed his cock and began stroking it absently as she continued to fondle herself. Levi licked his lower lip. With a stark boldness that shocked her, Sally brought her fingers to her lips and licked them.

Levi visibly shook.

She held her hand out to him. “Taste me.”

He tipped his head back. “Fuck. Double fuck. I’m going to finish before I even get started.”

Lyle laughed softly. “Happened to me to the first time I was with her. Not something a man likes admittin’ but I came all down her leg before we even got started. Never had that happen to me before.”

Sally didn’t like being reminded she wasn’t the first woman he’d been with. He touched her chin, directing her gaze up at him. He dipped his head, his lips finding hers.

“I see it in your eyes, darling. You’re it for me. I’ve already told you that. You’re the one. You’ll see what I mean.”

Suddenly, Levi was there, standing so close she could touch his t-shirt-covered chest. She did. Sweat coated it. He grabbed her wrist and moved it away before dragging it and her hand to his mouth. He claimed her fingers with his mouth, the very ones she’d used to finger herself with. His eyes rolled into the back of his head for a second before he locked gazes with her. He took her fingers from his mouth.
Her breathing
intensified as Levi’s hand skimmed up her inner thighs. “I want more.”

That was all the warning he gave before he bent in front of her. He pushed his head between her legs and in one swift, skilled motion, he had his tongue on her clit and his finger shoved into her. He moaned into her pussy and she gasped at the pleasure of it all. Lyle picked then to kiss her again as he continued to jerk at his cock.

Lyle’s kisses came faster, stealing her focus from Levi who remained between her legs. Levi’s fingers plunged in and out of her body, causing pleasure to build quickly. She wiggled and squirmed on the pool table. She wanted more. Much more.

Levi’s tongue flicked over her clit and the action shoved her over the top. Her orgasm seized hold of her. Tremors came over her. She clung to Levi’s shoulders, her tongue wrapped around Lyle’s. Smiling against her lips, Lyle drew back from their kiss. “You liked that, didn’t you, darling?”

“Yes,” responded Sally weakly.

Levi rose to his feet, his chin glistening with the after-effects of his hard work. He swiped the back of his hand over his mouth before yanking his shirt off. In seconds he was going for his jeans, undoing them and freeing himself. He slipped them off and stood there staring at her, his hand around his cock. “Woman, I’m gonna fuck every inch of you.”

She smiled. Those were words she’d been waiting to hear from him.

Lyle chuckled as he went to work easing her onto her hands and knees on top of the pool table. He took a moment to remove his jeans as well before hopping onto the table. His cock bobbed in her face as he lined up with her head. “Suck me off while Levi samples that pussy of yours.”

She loved the sound of that. Lyle had been so patient with her. When she’d given herself to him, she’d been a virgin. All she’d done prior to him was kiss other men. He’d taught her everything. He’d instructed her on the ways of pleasing a man. On how he liked best to have his cock handled, licked and sucked. Reaching up, she took hold of his shaft and then licked the tip.

Levi eased onto the pool table from behind. He grabbed her hips roughly and slapped his cock against her ass cheek several times before rubbing the head of it through the accumulated cream on her slit. She looked over her shoulder at him. He seemed so fixated on her ass and cunt that he never glanced up.

Lyle touched her cheek and brought her face back around. He put his cockhead to her lips. “Suck me.”

Eagerly, she opened her mouth and slid it over his cock.

BOOK: The Unforgettable
3.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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