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According to one authority, most of the major dimensions of the cathedral are unequivocally based upon this ratio and this is the principal reason for the feeling of calm and serenity that many visitors experience. And this is despite an expensive and extremely ill-conceived
renovation project nearing completion in the cathedral. Widely condemned, this attempt to re-create the interior as it would have looked just after the building had been completed has been described as a “scandalous desecration of a cultural holy place” and an “unfolding cultural disaster.”

The carvings depicting the Arc of the Covenant and the carved inscriptions are exactly as described in this

About the Author

James Becker
spent more than twenty years in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm. Throughout his career he has been involved in covert operations in many of the world’s hot spots, including Yemen, Russia, and Northern Ireland. He is the author of
The Lost Treasure of the Templars
as well as the Chris Bronson novels, including
The Lost Testament
Echo of the Reich
. He has also written action-adventure novels under the name James Barrington, military novels as Max Adams, and novels exploring conspiracy theories as Jack Steel in the

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