The Sweetheart Bargain (A Sweetheart Sisters Novel)

BOOK: The Sweetheart Bargain (A Sweetheart Sisters Novel)
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“Shirley Jump’s stories sparkle with warmth and wit and glow with strong, heartfelt emotions. This is real romance.”

—Jayne Ann Krentz,
New York Times
bestselling author

“A fun, heartwarming, small-town romance that you’ll fall in love with . . . Shirley Jump is a true talent.”

—Jill Shalvis,
New York Times
bestselling author

“Shirley Jump packs lots of sweet and plenty of heat in this heartwarming first book of her promising new series.”

—Virginia Kantra,
New York Times
bestselling author of
Carolina Girl

Praise for the novels of Shirley Jump

“Fast-paced and filled with emotion and larger-than-life characters, this is a beautifully written, heartwarming story.”

RT Book Reviews

“Shirley Jump weaves a story that hypnotizes from the first page . . . I love it, absolutely love it.”

Coffee Time Romance

“Lots of sizzle, wit, love, and romance.”

A Romance Review

“A hilarious and passionate contemporary romance that I found impossible to put down.”

Romance Junkies

The Sweetheart Bargain



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The Sweetheart Rules
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Special Excerpt from
The Sweetheart Rules


Sincere thanks to the people who shared their knowledge that helped make this book possible. Their generous spirit gave me the information I needed to bring the characters in
The Sweetheart Bargain
to life, and I am eternally grateful to so many people for their time.

A special thank-you to USCG Lieutenant Commander Adam Merrill, who was a fabulous source of information about Coast Guard life, the Kodiak station, and a day in the life of a pilot. These are the guys who put their lives on the line every day, and for that they deserve a big round of applause and gratitude.

Luke’s eye injury was a complicated medical situation; thanks to Dr. Daniel Krach and Dr. Paul Bodendorfer, two of the most knowledgeable ophthalmologists I’ve ever talked to. Hopefully I was able to create a realistic depiction of Luke’s retinal detachment and the ensuing complications. Their assistants, Janice Richards and Paula Schomburg, were also super helpful and stepped in when I needed a doctor-speak translation.

Kazzie Anderson, founder and director of Pets Assisting Well-Being & Success (PAWS) Placement Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, shared wonderful, heartwarming stories about the miracles that a furry friend can help bring about in a handicapped person’s life. Her dog Carl touched a lot of lives before he passed, and his devotion to others served as a model for my fictional Miss Sadie.

A big thanks to my critique group: Janet Dean, Julie Sellers, Karen Morris katz, and Jeremy Asher, who read umpteen drafts of the first chapter before it became the book it is today. Thanks for your support, your input, and your patience! Thank you to my agent, Pamela Harty, for her support and belief in me, and to the Shirley Jump Reader Posse, whose enthusiasm and support are immeasurable. And a special thank-you to Kate Seaver at Berkley, who believed in
The Sweetheart Bargain
and brought Greta and the girls to life on the printed page.

My husband, who took over the housework and meals when I was on deadline, and who created the most memorable celebration ever for the sale of this book, deserves a shout-out and a mega thank-you. He’s always there with a cupcake or a hug (or both!) when I need them most.

A final thank-you to my readers. You all make my job so rewarding! I love your letters and e-mails!

Any mistakes in this book are my own, and a direct result of long writing days with too little coffee and chocolate!


Olivia Linscott made the most insane decision of her life in less time than it took to microwave a burrito. Before she could think twice, or worse, hesitate, she’d packed what remained of her belongings into her car, loaded up on gas and 5-Hour Energy drinks, then ditched her life in Massachusetts and headed south.

All because a lawyer had shown up on her doorstep with a mysterious will, a crinkled photograph, and a butterfly necklace. Olivia’s heritage, reduced to a nine-by-twelve manila envelope.

BOOK: The Sweetheart Bargain (A Sweetheart Sisters Novel)
2.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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