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The Snow Globe

BOOK: The Snow Globe
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The Snow Globe
Marita Conlon-McKenna
Illustrated by P J Lynch



First published in Great Britain and Ireland by HarperCollins
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Beyond the Stars: Twelve Tales of Adventure, Magic and Wonder

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The Snow Globe

The Write to Right

About the Author and Illustrator

About the Publisher

Beyond the Stars
is unique.

Why did twenty-three stellar children’s writers and illustrators band together to show their love and support for
Fighting Words
, a creative writing centre in the heart of Dublin city?

That’s easy. Because, like this book,
Fighting Words
is unique. As Roddy Doyle, the centre’s co-founder, says, “It’s a big bright room. In an area that needs a big bright room. In a climate that needs a big bright room.”

Fighting Words
is a remarkable place that provides free tutoring in creative writing to all ages, but most especially to children and teenagers. It gives young writers a voice and helps them to reach their creative potential. And above all, it’s fun.

In January 2009 I volunteered at
Fighting Words’
very first Primary School Workshop. The room was so full of creativity, joy and optimism I thought my heart would burst. With the help of a storyteller, an illustrator and a team of volunteers, each of the children involved wrote their own book. On the back of each book (every young writer was given their own copy to take home – complete with wonderful full-colour illustrations) was a photograph of the child’s smiling face and a blank box for them to add their very own writer’s biography. Leaving the centre, their faces shone with happiness.

Since that first workshop, I have volunteered at
Fighting Words
whenever I can. I have always left that big bright room inspired, uplifted and with a joyful heart. This book is my thank you to the centre, for creating a haven of the imagination – my love letter to
Fighting Words
if you like. I hope they will allow me to continue to be a small part of the magic for many years to come. A huge thank you must also go to Roddy Doyle and Sean Love for their help with this book.

Beyond the Stars
would not exist without the superstar writers and illustrators behind this collection – all of whom said yes to contributing without hesitation. Yes, Chris Haughton, it was a little like “herding cats” at times, but very cool and lovely cats! Thanks to the team: Roddy Doyle and Steve Simpson; Derek Landy and Alan Clarke; John Boyne and Paul Howard; Judi Curtin and Chris Judge; Eoin Colfer and Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick; Marita Conlon-McKenna and P. J. Lynch; Michael Scott and Chris Haughton; Gordon Snell and Michael Emberley; Celine Kiernan and Tatyana Feeney; Oisín McGann; Siobhán Parkinson and Olwyn Whelan; and finally, Niamh Sharkey, who illustrated our competition-winner Emma Brade’s story. Mammoth thanks also to Ruth Alltimes, Mary Byrne and their supernova team at HarperCollins Children’s Books for their hard work and support of what is a highly unusual project. And to my wonderful agent, Philippa Milnes-Smith, for her hand-holding and enthusiasm for the book.

As the Irish writer Oscar Wilde once said: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” With your wonderful work for this collection, you have all reached for the stars, and ‘Beyond’. Together, we have created a glowing universe of space dogs and ice queens, invisible cats and warriors brave.

Now it is up to you, dear reader, to continue the journey. Read the magical stories within these pages and let your imagination fly.

Sarah Webb

Marita Conlon-McKenna
is one of Ireland’s best-loved authors. Her award-winning novels for children include
Under the Hawthorn Tree
, which has been translated into over a dozen languages, and
The Blue Horse
, both number one bestsellers.
Under the Hawthorne Tree
was also televised for Irish, British and American audiences. Marita lives in Dublin.

P. J. Lynch
has been working as an illustrator for over twenty-five years and has won many awards in that time, including the Mother Goose Award and the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal on two occasions. P. J. lives in Dublin with his wife and their three children.

hate the new house.

I hate the way it looks, I hate the way it smells and most of all I hate that it is miles and miles away from where I used to live and all my friends.

“It’s a nice city, Cass. You’ll get used to it and the new school is only a few minutes away from our house. Honestly, you’ll like it.”

Honestly I won’t, because I never wanted to move and leave Rosemount Park, the place where we used to live! But Dad’s plant in Kildare closed down and he was one of the lucky ones that got transferred to the company’s new plant in Galway.

“Why couldn’t Dad just go and come back home to us at the weekends?”

“Because we are a family and families stick together,” Mum said crossly.

So now we are living in Galway in an old house that is practically falling down. The windows rattle and my bedroom is up on the third floor. From it I can see the street and part of the river. Our garden is long and narrow and overgrown.

“Next summer we’ll tackle it,” Dad promises.

BOOK: The Snow Globe
13.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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