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Authors: Glenn Beck,Nicole Baart

The Snow Angel

BOOK: The Snow Angel
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his is a story that I have wanted to tell for years. It is my hope that it will wake those up who’ve been trained to believe in lies like “it’s my fault,” “it’s not so bad,” “he won’t do it again,” or “verbal abuse isn’t really abuse.” Never forget who you are: a daughter of a Heavenly Father. You have royal heritage, and anyone who makes you feel like less than that is not a man, husband, father, or friend, simply someone who is afraid of you because he knows who you are, but doesn’t know who he is.

This book is also dedicated to my sisters, who inspire me, to my mother, who lost her way, and to my wife and daughters, who give me hope. It is also a gift to all the fathers and protectors who try hard every day to be better men than they were yesterday.



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December 24, 6:45


n the stillness before he opens his eyes, Mitchell Clark is strong. He is young and healthy and brimming with life. His arms are roped muscle, hands calloused from pounding nails and lifting beams. His body is a machine, lithe and powerful.

BOOK: The Snow Angel
6.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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