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Praise for
A Quilt for Jenna

the first book in Patrick E. Craig's

Apple Creek Dreams series…

“Patrick Craig writes with an enthusiasm and a passion that are a joy to read. He deals with romance, faith, love, loss, tragedy, and restoration with equal amounts of elegance, grace, clarity, and power. Everyone should pick up his debut novel in Amish fiction, turn off the phone and computer and TV, and settle in for a good night's read. Craig's book is a blessing.”

Murray Pura

author of
The Wings of Morning
Ashton Park

“A good storyteller takes a fine story and places it in a setting peppered with enough accurate details to satisfy a native son. Then he peoples it with characters so real we keep thinking we see them walking down the street. A great storyteller takes all that and binds it together with, say, a carefully constructed Rose of Sharon quilt and the wallop of a storm of the century that actually happened.
A Quilt for Jenna
proves Patrick Craig to be a great storyteller.”

Kay Marshall Strom

author of the Grace in Africa and Blessings in India trilogies

“A touching tale of three people who have lost their way. In
A Quilt for Jenna
, Patrick Craig deftly contrasts the peaceful Amish lifestyle with the harsh World War II Guadalcanal battlefield, tied together with a lovely message of sacrifice, humility, and forgiveness. I was entranced.”

Sarah Sundin

award-winning author of
With Every Letter



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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright © 2013 by Patrick E. Craig

Published by Harvest House Publishers

Eugene, Oregon 97402

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Craig, Patrick E.

The road home / Patrick E. Craig.

pages cm.—(Apple Creek dreams series ; bk. 2)

ISBN 978-0-7369-5107-4 (pbk.)

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1. Amish—Ohio—Fiction. 2. Foundlings—Fiction. 3. Family secrets—Fiction. I. Title.

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To my wife, Judy,

who over our twenty-five years together

has shown me that the Lord truly sets the solitary in families


Thanks to Nick Harrison, my editor and strong advocate for the Apple Creek Dreams series,

and to

Steve Laube, for his wisdom and guidance through the sometimes treacherous and always challenging shoals of publishing novels, and for encouraging me to write this series in the first place.




A Note from Patrick E. Craig

Part One: Apple Creek Again

Chapter One: Jenny

Chapter Two: Memories

Chapter Three: Johnny

Chapter Four: The Long and Winding Road

Chapter Five: Close Call

Chapter Six: Connection

Chapter Seven: Old Friends

Chapter Eight: Come Find Me

Chapter Nine: Roadblocks

Chapter Ten: A Helping Hand

Chapter Eleven: Bitter Words

Chapter Twelve: Friendship

Chapter Thirteen: A Meeting

Chapter Fourteen: The Way

Chapter Fifteen: Conflict

Chapter Sixteen: Shunned

Chapter Seventeen: The Bargain

Chapter Eighteen: Trouble

Chapter Nineteen: Missing

Part Two: The Key

Chapter Twenty: The Prisoner

Chapter Twenty-One: Answers

Chapter Twenty-Two: Darkness

Chapter Twenty-Three: Call to Arms

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Blood

Chapter Twenty-Five: Astray

Chapter Twenty-Six: Stains

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hideout

Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Quilt for Jenny

Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Light in the Darkness

Chapter Thirty: Reunion

Part Three: The Road Home

Chapter Thirty-One: The Agreement

Chapter Thirty-Two: A Key in the Lock

Chapter Thirty-Three: More Answers

Chapter Thirty-Four: The Visit

Chapter Thirty-Five: A Missing Link

Chapter Thirty-Six: The Journal

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Robert

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Truth Will Set You Free

Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Road Home

Chapter Forty: Journey's End


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About Patrick E. Craig

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A Note from Patrick E. Craig

What connexion can there have been between many people in the innumerable histories of this world, who, from opposite sides of great gulfs, have, nevertheless, been very curiously brought together!



, I once counseled two young people who wanted to get married. She was a Christian, but he was not. Like the character in this story, his name was Jonathan. My wife and I spent many days with this precious young couple, doing our best to share the Lord with Jon, but he seemed impervious to the pressing of the Spirit.

BOOK: The Road Home
5.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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