The Recruitment: Rise of the Free Fleet

BOOK: The Recruitment: Rise of the Free Fleet
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The Recruitment

Rise of the Free Fleet

Michael Chatfield

The Recruitment

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Chapter Rude Awakening

Chapter Hope.

Chapter Training

Chapter Time to shake things up

Chapter What’s the use of a new toy if you don’t use it?

Chapter Mecha battles

Chapter Problems and Solutions.


Why me?

Chapter A new reality

Chapter the Golden Refuge.

Chapter, wormholes and Chiefs

Chapter First actions.

Chapter Engineers territory

Chapter Vacations over

Chapter Best Laid Plans

Chapter Generals

Chapter: The ships are coming the ships are coming!

Chapter Slop and best laid plans

Chapter A man and his rocket.

Chapter it’s going too well.

Chapter More scared, terrified and alive than ever.

Chapter How did we do it?

Chapter Easy prizes and scary revelations.

Chapter Mechas without rules

Chapter Rebuilding and preparing

I need to find a new hiding place

Chapter Final preparations

Chapter Hellooo Universe! These monkeys can wormhole!

Chapter Awakening

Chapter Damned men!

Chapter Time to kick ass and take names

Chapter Missed me?

Chapter Of Maniacs and mad men

Chapter Husbands!

Chapter What was broken can come back stronger

Chapter Time to take back what’s ours.


Lady Fairgate looked over the jewel of what had been the Union. The planet was called Worshun. It rested in Quarst the third system colonized by the first race, the Dovark. It no longer glittered, but waited in gray and black solitude.

“It is confirmed.” Captain Lifendi, her most trusted Captain said. Trust was something that was hard to find in the Syndicate. Lady Fairgate had molded the Syndicate together, forcing pirate captains, smugglers, mobs and crime lords bow to her.

Now it looked like she might face the same issues the Union had.

“Are you sure?” It was rare she asked twice. Lifendi didn’t hesitate in case he might offend her.

“Yes, my Lady.”

Fairgate wanted to lash out at the holo-screen in front of her. She thought of the thrill she would gain from destroying it. Instead, she nodded slightly.

“Very well, I want that new slave planet. I don’t care if the station’s half built, enforce recruitment through any means necessary. With those weak Kuruvians dying off on their home world. The Sarenmenti without a home system and original birthing creches, we need a new race.” She was rambling and she knew it. She reined herself, turning to Lifendi who looked at her knees.

“Have Nancy move to the new slave system, Sol. I don’t want anyone from this sector doing it. They might connect the dots. Use reliable sourcing in that sector.”

“My Lady.” He bowed slightly, pausing.

“What is it?” She asked mildly. If it was anyone else she would’ve been tempted to have them flayed. Lifendi however, had earned his place.

“There are rumors that the Planner has been spotted as well.” He said as Lady Fairgate hissed.

“That damned meddling AI!” Her fists went purple with pressure.

Lifendi lowered his eyes.

Smart man.
She thought as she reigned in her emotions.

“Go to the line. Report anything unusual to me. If they come you are to return to me. Take only those loyal.” She said as Lifendi bowed.

“My Lady.” He turned and left as she turned back to look on the defiled planet below her.

I defeated the PDF, destroyed races and made planets obey my every command. I will not go silently into the night. Though one always has somewhere to go. It looks like this new slave system will be mine.

Her eyes focused on Worshun.

They thought I was unworthy. Now I rule their entire Union. I will destroy anyone that gets in my way.

Chapter Rude Awakening


I woke to my face, making an impression in the floor.
My body followed as I rolled over slowly. The floor was slightly rubberized. But it made little difference as I felt the dull pain of new bruises. Slowly I tried to push myself up with my right arm. I exhaled through my teeth as I turned my head to see my shoulder; finding four inches of a katana sticking out of it.


Fuck. So that wasn’t a dream.
I thought to myself as I used my left to pick myself up. My hair hung down covering half of my face. I usually kept it tied back, but it had come free as usual. I flicked and blew the black mess out of the way and looked at the others in the room who was looking at me, from the eight year olds to one or two twenty year olds. I was of average height and a leaner build than the kids that looked to be eighteen like myself. I could see their fear, most of the kids actually crying and the older ones trying to control their fear. I didn’t know why they were looking at me, but I knew I didn’t want to deal with their fear as well as my own.


One boy not even ten years old tugged on my arm “what do we do?” Clearly confused, his eyes burning into mine. I couldn’t bear to look into them too long


“How should I know? I’ve never done this before.” I said to the floor.



“You’re Salchar; my daddy says there’s nothing you can’t win!” His lip began to tremble as his eyes dampened.


“I play games kid, this isn’t a game.”


He burst into tears, causing more of the other kids to do the same.
Had to tell the kid the truth didn’t you asshole.
I thought.


I waaaant my mmmmmommy!” He hyperventilated as I walked to the nearest wall, making sure to not jar the blade in my shoulder. I sat down trying to not focus on the crying kids.


Way to go Salchar, you’ve been here 5 minutes and you’ve made the kids cry


I risked another look up; the kids had all grouped in one corner, keeping away from the older looking teenagers who made smaller groups based on some unspoken similarities. Then there was one girl, quite fit from what I could see who also sat by herself, studying the room as I was. She turned as if sensing my gaze and I felt my blood run cold as I looked into my old enemy’s eyes.


This day keeps getting better. Why couldn’t I just be playing against her back on earth instead of being in this damned conscripted army!
I growled as I looked away from Yasu Ono, the blade mistress and my nemesis.


She looked at me with her flawless skin and model worthy face and body which had been honed through rigorous training. Her hair was kept in a braid which hung over her shoulder, framing her face and its Japanese features.


I looked to see a tube descend from the ceiling and another person drop out of it with a groan. They too had found the floor face first. I moved to go help them.


Now when I mean nemesis I don’t mean ha ha you’re my nemesis, I mean downright hated my existence and everything I did she seemed to be disgusted with. I was an orphan in America, gaming from a young age and being picked up later on by the Korean team Mecha Tail. When I climbed to the leader boards of a few games. She was the heir to the biggest gaming corporation in the world, and her father had personally designed Mecha Assault One and Two. Mecha Tail became my family as we became the world champions of MAO. When MAT came out it was a physical response system, meaning someone acted out in the real world and it was translated into the game. Yasu who had trained to be a fighter her entire life gathered a group and took over the scene as I was gone.


She was asked in an interview what she thought of MT and myself and she had said how talking about a group as dishonorable as mine would only sully her reputation.


MT was made up of Monk, Psychotic Cheerleader, Iron Bok Soo, and myself, Salchar. We were closer than blood relatives and we came back with a storm, much to the apparent disgust of Yasu and her team Samurai’s Revenge with Stone warrior, the Sato sisters and herself the blade mistress. We were just about to fight for the title of champion when something had happened. I massaged my head as I tried to make it remember what had happened.


I closed my eyes as I cleared up my still scrambled head.


I was about to play against Yasu Ono’s team, Samurai’s Revenge, in the world Mecha Assault Two championships in Korea. Mecha Tail and I were just taking the stage after Samurai’s Revenge when the monitors throughout the stadium changed to a purple tinged humanoid. It had webbed hands, gills and clear eyelids which didn’t move, the words came from an unknown source, due to its lack of a mouth.


“Population two, four nine five, you have been called up for service. Recruitment will now begin.”


That was all the alien said, leaving me stunned as the monitors cleared. The roof exploded as boxes rushed down to grab people. People screamed in panic running whichever way they thought was the safest. A box darted for the stage as I ducked and rolled, a section of the stage behind my splintering.


“Lei!” I yelled, the minor player had a thing for swords and brought his lucky sword with him wherever he went. Without thinking he turned opening his duffel bag and threw me his sword. We were like family, and ours was in danger. The other members of MT were already rushing forward to protect the others. I cut off the data cables that would translate my movements into in-game data as I turned to Monk who was ripping them off as quickly as possible.


I saw another box dart forward over Iron Bok Soo who was having a harder time disconnecting the feeds from his wheelchair. I jumped, the katana connecting with the meter thick cord.


“Fuckers!” I heard from inside the box.


The cord went taught, as I hit it with the Katana. Two things happened, the katana broke and the box sailed up into the air.


“Shiiiiit!” I whipped my head to the side, my own momentum carrying me forward as the tip of the Katana came back towards my head.
Adrenaline pumping I didn’t know where the blade had gone until I turned to look back at where the box had been. Finding a five inch long section of Katana in my shoulder.


“Lucky sword, my ass.” I hissed, throwing the hilt and what remained of the useless sword away. Another two box-like grabbers snagged Cheerleader and Monk as I tried to get to them. The rest of Mecha Tail turned, rushing outside as if to find some other way to get to the boxes.

The entire arena was chaos as boxes darted down, closing around their prey and hauling them up to a ship. I could see tens of them through the holes in the arena. There was no getting away from these bastards.



“Well come on you fuckers! Take my family you better take me.” I ground out as I stood up as a box snaked to me. I was suspended in the air as the box snapped around me, yanking up and away. I never felt as helpless as I was suspended without the ability to touch the floor or the walls. I felt like a plush toy in an arcade machine as I heard gas from above me. I struggled to move, to get anywhere as I felt consciousness slipping away.


Well, that explains a few things.
I thought as I tried to get rid of the fuzzy feeling I had. The majority of the children and even a few of the adults were crying. Being an Orphan I was used to being thrown around and having to adapt. Instead of focusing on them and what was going on I went to what I knew, I looked around the bright white featureless room. There were no doors, windows, seats or even an indication of where I’d come from, just plain flat white.


I looked at the katana in my shoulder.
I mentally added to my situation.


The ceiling opened and a box, identical to the one that had grabbed me ejected a blonde man.


“Sounvabitch!” He said, windmilling till he hit the floor. I winced, the man grunting as he turned himself over.


“Ow.” He said simply.


“You okay?” I asked the blonde man that was looking at the ceiling in annoyance.


“Not my best day.” He said, picking himself up. Seeing the fragment of katana in my shoulder.


“Looks like it was better than yours though.”


The katana was starting to hurt like almighty hell—the adrenaline was apparently wearing off.


“Remind me not to buy Japanese.” I growled, my faith in old sword making techniques sorely lacking. Once you have half of one in your shoulder, they don’t look so hot.


“Yeah.” He said as realization sparked in his eyes.


“You’re, Salchar!”


“Yes.” My celebrity training took over as I masked my feelings of pain. Replacing it with a confident smile, looking over the people in the room again. All of them were stunned and looking for direction. I was already thinking as I realized the man was still talking.


“I watch your games, you’re awesome!”


“Why thank you.”


“Best to pull the sucker out.” He said, nodding as I felt my face go pale.
It already hurt like hell getting it lodged in my shoulder, pulling It out doesn’t sound much better.
I thought.


“I’m not sure if that’s the best idea.” I said hesitantly, not sure about the guy who wanted to play doctor on me. That had fallen on his head, and I’d met a minute ago.


“Ah, it’ll be fine.”


He went to work examining the blade and the wound. He quickly fished out a small first aid kit from his pants that seemed to have more pockets than sense.


“I’m Rick, air force reservist.” He said.


“Well, I think you…” I growled as he yanked the katana out. I hadn’t seen his hand snake behind my back as I grunted in pain as he grinned.


“See, easy.” His smile still there as I could only shake my head at his undeterred playfulness.


He quickly sprayed antiseptic and put a bandage on my shoulder, securing it.


Disinfectant is fricking painful! Smells like Russian vodka.


“Good.” He checked his handy work before he laid on the floor. Facing the ceiling, obviously tired from his work.


“You’ll live; you need to move it as little as possible and let nature take its course.”


“Goody.” I said sourly, my arm now throbbing in pain.


“Plus, you’ve got a souvenir.” He grinned as he handed me the five inch piece of the blade.


“Thaanks.” I drawled, grinning at Rick.


“Well, my mom always told me I was the best at getting gifts.” He said as I chuffed a laugh. Realizing that it was becoming harder to breathe. A hum filled the room as the air became thicker and harder to breathe as my entire body became heavier.


I started coughing from the air, which made me hyperventilate in an attempt to get more air. I started to panic before I forced those thoughts from my head.


They could’ve killed you on the ground, now get the fuck up, time to buck up, or shut up.
I fought my body, forcing myself to breathe through my teeth as I looked around the room, the others occupying it having similar troubles as myself, most panicking and collapsing into unconsciousness.


My eyes, nose, mouth and even my skin gained an itchy burning sensation. I tried to ignore it as best as possible, the wound in my shoulder like the worst mosquito bite I’d ever had. I buried my nails into my hand to resist scratching it.


The ceiling opened as three more people were dumped unceremoniously onto the floor around me.


I heard them almost immediately hyperventilating.


“Control your breathing, short breaths or you’ll pass out.” I said


BOOK: The Recruitment: Rise of the Free Fleet
3.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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