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The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

BOOK: The Primal Blueprint Cookbook
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The Primal Blueprint Cookbook


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The Primal Blueprint Cookbook / Mark Sisson with Jennifer Meier


ISBN 978-0-9822077-2-7
1. Cooking 2. Health 3. Diet 4. Low Carb


Editor/Project Manager:  Aaron Fox
Design/Layout:                Kristin Roybal
Consultants:                     Anna Salvesen, Jennifer Zotalis, Bradford Hodgson, Reagan Smith


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First of all, this book couldn’t have assumed its present form without valuable input from tens of thousands of regular readers at my blog, The insights and direction from this vibrant community guide my Primal explorations on a daily basis.

My co-author Jennifer Meier worked tirelessly to not only bring rich flavor and life to these menu ideas, but she took every single photograph in the book. Maybe her kitchen will stay clean for at least a few days in a row now! Aaron Fox, my general manager and webmaster, was instrumental in coordinating the efforts of everyone involved in this project, and in editing the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. staffers Jennifer Zotalis, Bradford Hodgson and Reagan Smith offered excellent insights to help improve the text and provided research and fact-checking support. Gratitude to Anna Salvesen for her early guidance in preparing several of these recipes. My ace designer Kristin Roybal was single-handedly responsible for the fabulous design and layout of both the text and the cover.

Special thanks to my wife Carrie and children Devyn and Kyle for allowing me the space to sometimes push the limits of accepted culinary wisdom.



Sourcing Primal Ingredients

Stocking The Primal Pantry

The Primal Kitchen

Meat Recipes

Grilled Steak

Primal Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast

Shanks a Lot, Bruce

Cardiff Crack

Deli-style Roast Beef

Bison Chili

Sausage Stew

Grandma’s Easy BBQ Pork

Smoked Sausage and Cabbage

Transylvanian Stockpot

Bakin’ Bacon

Pulled or Chopped Pork Shoulder BBQ

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Herbs and Garlic

Five Spice Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Offal Recipes

Steak and Kidney Stew

Mild Liver Pâté

Chopped Liver

Marrow and Parsley Spread

Grilled Sweetbreads

Fowl Recipes

Coconut Curry

Easy, Slow-Cooked Chicken and Broth

Dutch Oven Chicken

Chicken Soup with Coconut Milk

Peachy Chicken Salad

Chicken and Fennel Stew

Moroccan Chicken

Roasted Turkey Breast with Herb Butter

Turkey Kebabs

Braised Duck with Bok Choy

Seafood Recipes

Salmon Chowder

Fish Broth

Fish Soup with Coconut Milk

Stuffed Mackerel

Nicoise Salad

Fish Patty Cakes


Whole Fish Baked in Sea Salt

Shrimp Cakes with Spinach Slaw and Coconut Almond Dressing

Chopped Yellowfin Tuna Salad with Avocado and Bacon

Pan Fried Oysters with Dipping Sauce


Steamed Mussels

Vegetable Recipes

Eggplant Caponata

Cream of Greens Soup

Braised Cabbage

Bacon Broccoli Salad

Simple Winter Squash Mash

Brussels Sprouts with Browned Butter and Hazelnuts

“Cream” of Broccoli Soup

Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Mustard Dressing

Creamed Kale

Cucumber Moons with Seaweed Salad

Egg Recipes

Eggs Benedict Salad

Egg Muffins

Swiss Chard Frittata

Egg Foo Yung

Zucchini Egg Bake

Tomatoes Stuffed with Ground Bison and Eggs

Almond Crusted Poached Eggs

Fried Eggs Over Green Chili Burgers

Hard Boiled Eggs and Salmon Over Cauliflower Rice

Tamari Eggs

Primal Substitute Recipes


Mashed Parsnips

Cauliflower Rice

Summer Squash Noodles


Spinach Bread

Nut Crackers

Coconut Pancakes

Nut Butter Bars

Pumpkin Nut Muffins

Root Vegetable Chips

Marinades, Sauces and Dressings Recipes

Mustard and Herb Marinade

Herb and Caper Marinade

Sesame Ginger Marinade

Blackberry Marinade

Parsley Oil

Basic Vinaigrette

Caesar Dressing

Avocado Mint Dressing

Coconut Almond Dressing


Ranch Dressing

Confetti Dressing

Lemon Caper Sauce

Primal 51 Ketchup

HFCS-free BBQ Sauce


Dessert Recipes


Baked Coconut Milk Custard

Baked Chocolate Custard

Peach Clafouti

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Chocolate Truffles

Walnut Meal Brownies

Grok Rocks

Coconut Milk Yogurt

Beverage Recipes

Lemongrass Tea

Refrigerator Tea

Sage Water

Spiced Lassi

Hot Cocoa

Blackberry Ginger Mocktail


Primal. Paleo. Low-carb. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. These are all at least partially descriptive of the latest revolution in cuisine—a revolution that eschews grains, man made fats and other processed foods in favor of tastier, more natural fare. It’s also a revolution that promises to let you enjoy sumptuous feasts of some of nature’s most satisfying foods, while allowing you to almost effortlessly lose excess body fat, improve energy levels, get sick less often and possibly even live longer.

Long ago, our hunter-gatherer ancestors feasted off the land—and sea. Foraging, fishing and hunting for their meals, they evolved to thrive on whatever they could pick, catch or spear. As a result, theirs was a rich and varied diet of plentiful meat, seafood, fowl, fresh vegetables and fruits, and wild nuts and seeds. With this natural bounty came a veritable trove of nutrients: copious antioxidants, polyphenols and minerals, ample protein, nourishing and sustaining fats. These are the nutrients our genes expect from us at every meal, the nutrients that ensure that we will be lean, fit, and healthy.

Fast forward to 10,000 years ago, and human health in much of the world took a decisive turn. The advent of the agricultural revolution overturned some 150,000+ years of hunter-gatherer sustenance. Grains, the centerpiece of cultivation, now largely supplanted the nutrient-rich foraging diet. As archeological evidence reveals, human health and stature took a blow with this nutritional downgrade. Despite this shift, the evolutionary hunter-gatherer blueprint continued to be passed down through each generation and, in fact, governs our bodies to this day.

More than ever now, we live in an aberrant culinary universe. Our culture’s penchant for sugars, grains (including whole grains) and processed foods constitutes a striking—and costly—incongruity between what our bodies evolved to thrive on and what we actually feed them. We see the results in the surging lifestyle diseases that plague us today: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and more.

The answer, of course, lies in re-harmonizing our diets with our abiding evolutionary genetic mandate. This is exactly the heart of the Primal Blueprint, a
constellation of lifestyle principles that seek to realign our daily life with our inherent physiological design. Informed by the elegant logic of biology, the Primal Blueprint model adapts the nutritional cornerstones of hunter-gatherer fare for the culinary tastes and unprecedented variety of the 21st century. I think you’ll find that the recipes in this book represent the gratifying pinnacle of that convergence.

In this collection, you’ll enjoy user-friendly recipes for Primal cuisine with incomparable flavor and sumptuousness as well as tips for creating your own Primal kitchen. These recipes are part of my own permanent rotation, and they never disappoint. Many of the selections in this book offer Primal versions of classic, comfortingly familiar dishes. Think succulent Italian pot roast with balsamic vinegar and herbs or rich chocolate custard. Other selections infuse popular ingredients with fresh, original tastes like tender shrimp cakes with coconut almond dressing or fried eggs over zesty green chili burgers.

BOOK: The Primal Blueprint Cookbook
11.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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