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“You were watching me?” Blue looked out at
the window to Zack's left and could see her parked car not far across the lawn
in full view. Of course, he had a clear view from his office. And he must have
noticed that she was fiddling with her skirt that kept riding up when she moved
the first day she arrived to work there a few weeks ago. Oh, heavens!

“When my staffers…and contractors, come to
work here, I like positive energy. We give it and we expect it. Negativity
breeds illness and we want our crops to flourish, and most importantly, our
valuable employees to do so as well.”

“I like that,” she said. Feeling more
foolish than before. There she was thinking, wishfully thinking, that he was
making a pass at her when in fact he was just trying to get her to lighten up.
He probably read her anxiety-ridden body language. Oh, God!

“I trust that you’ve tasted Romero Wine by
now?” he arched a brow, flirtatiously.

God! Would I ever love to taste your
Blue had heard of Zack Romero’s reputation with women. The man had a
commanding presence, a killer body and charm to die for. She could imagine what
a sexy lover he would be underneath the silky sheets.

“Well, no. Well, yes.”

“Oh?” A grin played across Zack's lips. “Which
is it, Miss Monroe?”

“Sorry, I’m just…”
a bit flustered right now. I can’t even think in your presence for some
bizarre reason.

He pressed a button on his intercom system.
“Yes, sir?” The bodiless voice sounded on the other end.

“Please bring the Merlot, 1976.”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”

“We have a wine tasting room as you know
but for the moment I’m going to improvise.”

Blue’s heart hammered in her chest. Was Mr.
Zack Romero about to do what she thought he was about to do?

“I’m going to give you a lesson, Miss
Monroe.” A smirk curled his sinfully sexy lips.

“A lesson?”

“Yes. I’m going to give you a lesson on how
to taste a Romero.”

Heat rushed to the soft flesh between her
What did he just say?

“I’m going to show you how to capture the true
essence of Romero Winery,” he continued, grinning slightly. His dark sexy gaze
burned into her.
“It is an
important aspect of working here that you fully appreciate all that we are. Our
taste is our business.” His eyes drifted to her lips and she subconsciously
licked them.

Your business?

Blue swallowed hard.
Girl, you’ve handled politicians, gangsters, protesters and dangerous
weather conditions as a reporter. You can handle Zack Romero. Alone

“Okay,” she said, trying to summon her
inner confidence.


Moments later, a member
of his staff set the table up in his office for some experimental taste
The gentleman covered the oak table in
a white satin cloth then laid out a few glasses and two bottles of wine.

“Now, remember, Miss Monroe. Wine tasting
is not wine drinking. You are only whetting your palate,” Zack said, standing
at the wine tasting table with Blue at his side, looking on.

He uncorked the first bottle on the table
then poured her a glass of red wine. “This is the result of one hundred percent
estate-grown grapes from our own vineyard.”

Blue had heard a lot about family owned and
operated vineyards and the intimacy they often provided but this was…different.

Splendid. Blue was giddy all of a sudden.
She didn’t know why.
A private tasting with Zack Romero?
This was not how she had envisioned this day to be. It was thankfully better.

From the first day she had arrived, the air
around the estate was filled with the fresh fragrance of juicy grapes and
flowers and the breathtaking scenery almost stole her breath away. Blue would
volunteer here, never mind work here, just to soak in the delightful views
every day. How nice to be able to live on the property.

“Got it,” she said, trying to hide her
trembling. What was she afraid of? Heck, she’d never done this before. What was
he expecting her to say…or do? What was she to look for…to taste for?

“In wine circles, tasting is the sensory
evaluation of this magnificent elixir. This practice is as ancient as wine
making itself.” She loved to hear the sound of Zack’s smooth, delicious deep
voice. It wasn’t just what he said, but the way he said it.

“That’s intriguing to know,” she said,
jotting down some notes on her pad. Blue placed the notepad and pen down on the
table and took the wine glass from Zack. She was ever aware of his eyes on her
the entire time. That didn’t really do much to help her nervousness.

“There are four stages to wine tasting,
Miss Monroe,” he said in a low voice, his gaze capturing her own.

“The appearance.”

“Yes,” she said, noting the beautiful,
sparkling red liquid in her glass.

“Then there is the aroma of the wine,” he
said, as he stood close to her with a glass of his own in his hand. He lifted
the glass near enough to her nostrils so she could catch the sweet scent.

“Next is my favorite phase. The taste. The sensation
in my mouth,” he explained in a low voice. “Some tasters spit it out when done.
But I’m a man who enjoys swallowing.” A sly grin etched his face.
“I like the flavor to slide down my
throat,” he said, dark passion burning in his eyes, his voice smooth, deep and
slippery like raw silk.

Blue’s body grew weak and flimsy. Her inner
thighs throbbed out of control now.
want you.

No. Get
a hold of yourself, girl,
she scolded herself
Why were her thoughts traveling
down the direction of naughty lane? She had thoughts of him sensuously tasting
her between her thighs and squeezed her eyes shut momentarily and drew in a
deep breath.

Stop thinking, Blue.
Don’t even go there. You’re working!

There was just something so seductive and connecting
about sweet wine and smooth sex.
Like you
could ever have a chance with Zack.

Zack’s scent was arousing and delicious. Blue
had to steer her thoughts away from him.

She sipped from the glass at his insistence
and oh, the taste was delicious, sweet, silky, fascinating. “Oh,” she moaned in
her throat.

“Smooth, isn’t it?” Zack said with a satisfactory
boyish grin.

“Hmm,” she voiced again. That was all she
could say.


Zack’s gaze followed Blue’s luscious lips.
Heat surged through his body at her mesmerized gaze. A delicious fire blazed in
the darkness of his eyes. The woman looked stunning. His crotch jumped, to his
chagrin, at her sexual response to tasting his sweet wine. Oh, the things he
could do to her to make her scream out, never mind, moan with delight. He could
bet that she would taste of sweet wine.

Control, Zack.

You’re not quite done yet.
You still have another day to go.
It was a crazy few weeks without the
silky touch of a beautiful woman, like Blue, in his arms. He’d thought he would
have gone crazy out of his mind.

Why surely he could control his feelings
towards this stunning woman before him. He was beginning to harden between his
loins so he had to trail his mind away from Miss Monroe.


“Hmm. You have an impressive portfolio of
wine, Zack.”

“Mastering the art of women…I mean,
is essential in order to get the most
experience of your consumption of fine wine.”

Blue stood there grinning. It was obvious
to him that she’d caught his Freudian slip of the tongue.

Good. At least she didn’t seem the least
bit offended.

“The final stage is what we call the
finish. The aftertaste.”

“Good. That was quite an experience.
Sweet, savory.

“I like that. I appreciate your comments.”

He poured another glass after uncorking the
next bottle. Her first glass was, of course, still full, since the intent was
not to drink. It was to take a taste. “Now try this one.”

“What is this?”

“A dry white wine.”

“Now, Miss Monroe, when you take a taste,
you take a small sip and let it roll around in your mouth this time.”

Why had he told her that? He could visualise
her rolling a part of him inside her mouth. Oh, God! He was, of course, referring
to the wine.

. He commanded his thoughts back to matters at hand. Not on some


The truth was, Zack was a playboy. He loved
women more than he loved fine wine. He just couldn’t trust chicks as much these
days. Yet, something deep inside him told him that Blue Monroe was different.
He’d had women openly flirting with him in situations less intimate than this
one. One even playfully tried to rip off his shirt.

Blue was different.

Gracias a


“You have wine dribbling from your lips,
Miss Monroe,” he said in a low voice that sent her pulse racing like mad. Her
inner thighs tingled. He reached his finger to brush it off her but the
electricity pulled her hard in his direction. Before she knew it, Zack had
lowered his head to hers. She could feel the heat of his sex. She could almost
taste it.

me. I want to taste you so badly, Zack.

As if he could hear her wishes, Zack softly
brushed her lips with his and electrical currents surged through her blood. She
shivered uncontrollably at the sensation of his amazing lips on hers as he kissed
her seductively.
Rainbows seemed
to arch inside her belly at his light strokes and oh, so delicious taste. The silky
feel of his lips on hers was delightful; it stole her breath away.

Have mercy.

She had never known what it was like to be
kissed by a reputed highly experienced lover like this. Zack had the touch! No
wonder he was known as a playboy.

They both placed their glasses on the
table. Zack snaked his strong arm around her waist. She could feel his power. A
potent surge entered her body from his. He slid his warm, moist tongue inside
her mouth, swirling so magically and she tilted her head back and moaned in
She was exploding with
fireworks inside from…his passionate kiss. Oh, wow! He pulled her closer to him
and lifted his finger to trace the outline of her jaw and lifted her head back
up to his. Their tongues danced and became sweetly entwined. Zack tasted
delicious like sweet, red wine.

French kissing her until she was dizzy and
her legs felt weak, Blue’s body continued to heat to scorching levels. She
could feel the dampness pooling inside her panties. Her sex pulsed
uncontrollably as he held her firm, his hand sliding down cupping her behind as
he groaned with pleasure.

God! I want you. Take me now.

She was enthralled by the magical expert
kiss of this…sex god! She was in ecstasy. She was intoxicated with his
salacious lovemaking of the lips. She arched her back in delight. Zack leaned
her against the table pushed against the wall and like love-hungry
he swept the expensive wine glasses aside with one
quick motion and shifted her up on the table. She could feel the hardness of
his erection pressing through his pants as the heated passion consumed them
with delight. His lips followed the sensitive skin on her neck as his hands
massaged and held her body. She wrapped her arms around Zack’s neck while he
continued to pleasure her with his hotness, sucking on her lips causing them to
tingle like she’d never felt before. The sensation of his skin on hers was

How could this be?

There was a strong electrical connection
between them, an explosive chemical reaction that could not be denied.

She was kissing Zack Romero. Blue was
making out with her hot and oh, so sexy boss. She was dreaming. This wasn’t
real, she mused. She was dreaming.


She thought she would die from too much
excitement pumping her heart.


Then, breathless, Zack pulled away. He
looked into her eyes and a sudden change in temperate seeped through them. He
looked away, clenching his jaw as if cursing under his breath.

“I’m sorry,” he said, breathing hard.
His voice hoarse.
“I should not have done that.” A serious
look slid across his handsome face.


For kissing me?

Am I
that hideous?

“W-what?” Blue whispered, breathless. Blue
was trembling inside. Her body was throbbing. She needed release soon but now
she would not have that satisfaction. Why did he stop? She straightened her top
and drew in a deep breath. She could feel her pulse beating hard in her throat.

BOOK: The Playboy Billionaire (The Romero Brothers, Book 3)
9.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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