The Penguin Book of Card Games: Everything You Need to Know to Play Over 250 Games

BOOK: The Penguin Book of Card Games: Everything You Need to Know to Play Over 250 Games
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The Penguin Book of Card Games

A former language-teacher and technical journalist, David Parlet

began freelancing in 1975 as a games inventor and author of books

on games, a field in which he has built up an impressive

international reputation. He is an accredited consultant on gaming

terminology to the Oxford English Dictionary and regularly advises

on the staging of card games in films and television productions.

His many books include The Oxford History of Board Games, The

Oxford History of Card Games, The Penguin Book of Word Games,

The Penguin Book of Card Games and the The Penguin Book of

Patience. His board game Hare and Tortoise has been in print since

1974, was the first ever winner of the prestigious German Game of

the Year Award in 1979, and has recently appeared in a new

edition. His website at ht p:// is a rich source of

information about games and other interests. David Parlet is a

native of south London, where he stil resides with his wife Barbara.

The Penguin Book of

Card Games

David Parlet



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Second edition, entitled The Penguin Encyclopedia of Card Games, first published by Penguin Books 2000

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To Dan Glimne…Ace of Swedes




Cards by nature Plan of attack Playing the game What shall we play? You must

remember this…

1 Bridge-Whist family

Contract Bridge, Bridge: partnership variants, Non-partnership Bridge, Three-handed Bridge, Two-handed Bridge, Whist, Whist variants, Bid whist, Spades, Kaiser, Forty-One, Vint, Quinto, Whist for three players, Whist for two players, Calypso

2 Solo family

Solo whist, Belgian whist, Solo variants, Boston, Ombre, Quadrille, Related games, Preference (Austrian), Preference (Russian), Asszorti, Vira, Oh Hell!, Ninety-Nine 3 Euchre family

Euchre, Pepper, Five Hundred, Ecarté, Twenty-Five, Auction Forty-Fives, Nap, Brandle, Redbeard, Bourré, Julep, Five-card Loo, Norrlandsknack, Femkort, Three-card Loo, Tomato, Zwicken, Toepen, Cucumber, Truc, Put, Aluette,

4 Hearts family

Hearts, Related to Hearts…, Barbu, Tëtka, Reversis, Schieberamsch, Bassadewitz,


5 Piquet and others

Piquet, Piquet for three and more, Imperial, Gleek

6 High-low-Jack family

All fours, Pitch, Smear, Cinch, Don

7 Point-trick games

Manille, Spanish Solo, Fifteens, Forty for Kings, Tressette, Terziglio, Stovkahra, Roque, Da Bai Fen, Zheng Fen

8 Ace-Ten games

Skat, Schafkopf, Doppelkopf, Avinas, Owcy Glowa, Six-Bid, Bavarian Tarock, Einwerfen, Yukon, Catch-the-Ten, Reunion, Madrasso, Briscola, Bohemian Schneider, Bura, Sedma 9 King-Queen games

Sixty-Six, Bondtolva, Tute, Gaigel, Tysiacha, Mariás, Ulti, Pip-Pip!, Zetema

10 Queen-Jack games

Bezique, Marjolet, Pinochle

11 Jack-Nine games

Klaberjass, Belote, Coinche, Jo-Jotte, Klaverjas, Handjass, Schieber, Pandour, Grevjass 12 Karnöffel family

Karnöffel, Watten, Brus, Stýrivolt, Alkort, Voormsi

13 Tarots and tarocks

Scarto, Ottocento, French Tarot, Tapp Tarock, Paskievics, Cego

14 Catch and collect games

Card-catching games, Gops, Thirty-One, Other collecting games

15 Fishing games

Cassino, Zwicker, Cuarenta, Scopa, Scopone, Varieties of Scopa/Scopone, Basra, Other fishing games

16 Cribbage and other adders

Cribbage, Cribbage variants, Noddy, Costly Colours, Counting games (Adders)

17 First out wins

Newmarket, Domino, Crazy Eights, Switch, Eleusis, Arsehole, Zheng Shàngyóu, Tieng Len

18 Last in loses

Rolling Stone, Sift Smoke, Durak, Challenge, Dudak, Mustamaija, Kitumaija, Hörri, Skitgubbe, NLK, Shithead, Scapegoat games, Cheat, Paskahousu

19 Rummy family

Rummy, Basic Rummy variants, Loba, Gin, Thirty-One Rum, Wushiyi Fen, Conquian,

Kaluki, Contract Rummy, Push, Vatican

20 Canasta family

Canasta, Canasta variants, Hand and Foot, 500 Rum, Arlington, Continental Rummy, Pináculo

21 CompetitivePatiences

Spite and Malice, Racing Demon, Spit, Grabbage, Pirate, Conjugal Patience, Progressive Patience, Dictation, Poker Squares, Cribbage Squares

22 Vying games

Poker basics, Draw Poker, Stud Poker, Flop Poker, Wild-card Poker, Short-pack Poker, Freak-hand Poker, Dealer’s Choice games, Brag, Mus, Primiera, Poch, Bouillotte,

BOOK: The Penguin Book of Card Games: Everything You Need to Know to Play Over 250 Games
3.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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