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The Magic's in the Music (Magic Series Book 5)

BOOK: The Magic's in the Music (Magic Series Book 5)
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The Magic’s in the Music

Susan Squires

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2015 by Susan Squires

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Critical Acclaim For
New York Times
Bestselling Author Susan Squires

“Superb writing, vivid narrative combined with complex plotting, and intricate characterization make each novel by Ms. Squires an absolute winner.”

Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Susan Squires has a fascinating, unique voice:[she] is a rare talent.”

New York Times
bestselling author Christine Feehan

“Few writers combine a sensual romance within a supernatural thriller as well as Susan Squires consistently does.”

Midwest Book Review

“Full of colorful characters, romantic locales and vivid details of 1820’s life [
One With The Shadows
] has a delicious pace and plenty of thrills…”

Publisher’s Weekly
(A Best Book of the Year)

Do You Believe In Magic?
is an entertaining and exciting paranormal romance that will leave fans desperate for more. This novel features a great couple introduces a charismatic family and sets up what should be a very fascinating series.” (Four Stars)

The Romance Review

“…action, adventure, magic fighting, loving and more. Since it is the first of a series, there are enough threads left dangling that you know it’s going to continue yet the story gives a satisfying ending. Recommended for anyone who likes paranormal romance…” (Four Stars)

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About Susan Squires

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The Magic’s In the Music

“You can’t seriously
be considering turning down this role.” Greta’s friend, Jax, had to shout over the din at Club Magma. Though the band was on a break, the noise of a capacity crowd bounced off the high ceiling and cement walls painted in glowing swirls of orange and red. “Any woman in her right mind would kill for it.”

Greta knew that included Jax. She raised her eyebrows at her friend. “Girlfriend of the superhero in a comic book reboot? Not sure that’s what my career needs.” Red lights pulsed and flashed, making the place look like the inside of a volcano. Custom designed to give Greta a headache. Why exactly was this one of the hottest clubs in town? Her gaze was drawn to a big guy leaning against a pillar in the shadows. Rough, good-looking features and a scary scar running down one cheek got her attention. Hard to believe the bouncers at Magma had let him in.

“Hey, what’s wrong with playing at true love with Jimmy DeBrett and starring in a franchise that will still be going when you’re forty?” Jax sipped her red drink. It boiled smoke from a dry ice cube, thus its name, Lava Lamp. Several of its namesakes sat on the bar, boiling away. “Every woman and half the men in Hollywood would kill for that gig.” Jax giggled.

Greta felt bad that what Jax had always dreamed about came so easily to Greta. It must hurt Jax that Greta wasn’t even sure she wanted the acting success her friend craved.

“I didn’t fight so hard for control of my life just to let my agent talk me into a new form of servitude. They’ll want a contract that goes on forever.”

“Uh-oh. Incoming at six o’clock.” Jax gestured with her glass.

Greta sighed. In a place like this, fans weren’t likely to be the sweet, shy ones. She half turned and caught their approach from the corner of her eye. Not sweet and shy. A cluster of swaggering young men moved in on her. Leather jackets, scruffy hair and scuffed boots. The one in the lead had a leer to match his three-day stubble.

“You’re Gretchen Falk,” he accused, hooking his thumbs in his front jeans pockets.

She gave him her sweetest smile. Why the hell had she let Jax talk her into clubbing? “Yes, I am. What can I do for you?”

He looked her up and down. Slowly. “Not what you can do for me, honey, it’s what I can do for you.” He tried for a growl. She’d bet he practiced it, along with the smirk, in front of a mirror.

She sighed and swiveled back on her stool. “Think I’ll pass on that kind offer,” she muttered, pretty sure he couldn’t hear her over the din. She passed her empty glass to a good-looking bartender who was setting drinks down in front of a couple to her right. He raised it to her and nodded. Guess the bartenders in here had to learn sign language.

The hand on her shoulder made her flinch as the smirker swiveled her stool around. He leaned in close enough that she could smell whiskey, but his unfocused eyes told her that whiskey wasn’t all he was on. “You don’t want to miss out on an offer like this, honey.”

She tried to shrug him off, but he wasn’t having any of it. The guy had her arm.
Bernie was always pestering her about getting protection. At times like these, she wished she’d listened to him. “Look, if you want autographs, show me something I can sign. Otherwise, leave me alone.”

“You don’t want to be alone tonight,” the guy shouted at her.

A shadow loomed behind him and grabbed his shoulder. “Don’t be an asshole, kid.”

Wow. The guy with the scar. Where had he come from? She was pretty sure he didn’t need to practice the gravelly growl or the dangerous look. He had an intriguing accent. French? The punk and his friends, who had been a little frightening just a minute ago, looked suddenly soft and naïve in comparison to the newcomer.

The punk struggled away. “Look what the cat drug in.” His mouth curled into a sneer. But he seemed a little taken aback at his opponent’s hard eyes. Understandable. As the punk’s attention shifted, Greta wriggled off her stool, pulling the skirt of her tiny, beaded dress discretely down and sidled in next to Jax. The bartender was hovering.

“I think you need to leave,” the guy with the scar said. He gave a hard-eyed stare to the others in the pack. “Take your friends with you.”

They looked like sulky children, but no one stepped up to challenge Greta’s rescuer. Why would a man who looked like that bother to help her out? Her persecutor realized he was on his own. But she could see the stupid punk decide he couldn’t back down without losing face. He took a swing at the guy with the scar. The guy ducked it easily, disgust hardening his face. He put a hand on the kid’s shoulder and stepped into him, getting his hip under an uppercut to the kid’s gut. Jerk dropped to the floor, clutching his belly. Wow. The only punches she’d ever seen thrown were by stunt guys, when Greta could be sure the victims were faking their injuries.

Jax gave a hoot of approval. Several people nearby clapped. Suddenly two club security mountains slid out of the crowd to pick up the punk. “Anybody else want to have privileges revoked?” one asked. He glanced at the pack. The mountains dragged the jerk to the door, and his companions dissolved into the crowd.

So did the guy with the scar. Greta looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen. She hadn’t even had a chance to thank him.

“Sorry about that,” the bartender shouted. “I should have caught that earlier.”

“If I have you to thank for calling in the cavalry, I’m more than grateful.”

“Looks like your rescuer had it under control,” he shouted. “Martini is on the house.” All the bartenders at Magma were lean and cute. No doubt they were all out-of-work actors This one slid a drink in front of her. “Where’d the white knight get to? He’s got a free drink coming, too.”

Funny thing. The bartender didn’t have to shout the last part. The place had gone quiet.

“There he is,” someone said into the silence.

“It’s him.”

From several points in the room, Greta heard a soft hiss. “The Ghost.” Jax swiveled, then froze, her Lava Lamp forgotten.

For Greta, things started to move in slow motion. She felt a tug, almost physical, from behind her. She turned like she was moving through viscous liquid.

The man who strode through the crowd had shaggy dark hair, a long leather duster and stubble of at least three days. That’s where the similarity to the jerk who’d just been tossed out ended. This guy was no poseur. He had more in common with her scarred rescuer. He couldn’t care less about the crowd. He didn’t even spare them a glance. The fierce look in his eyes was all for the red-washed stage. He strode toward it like he was moving through hell toward redemption. A backpack swung carelessly by his side.

Greta peered at his profile. He actually kinda looked like the man with the scar; same dark hair, fair complexion. Greta shook herself. She was just imagining that. This guy was far less rough.

“Get people on the sound board and the lights,” a hefty man hissed to someone in the shadows.
Club manager?
Several guys in black jeans and tee shirts scurried away.

Greta was having a hard time catching her breath. What was with that? Yeah, the guy was a looker, but she’d been hanging out with beautiful men since she was twelve, and they’d never affected her this way. Cheekbones? Check. Strong jaw? Likewise. But his chin had a dimple, if she wasn’t mistaken. His lips were full, sensual. He felt dangerous, but contradictory. Definitely not like the guy with the scar. That one had been menace through and through—no contradictions or doubts in evidence.

The crowd didn’t yell at the newcomer or jeer. They backed out of his way respectfully.

“It’s him,” Jax whispered. The guy hopped up on the stage and surveyed the instruments abandoned there, his back to the crowd. He dropped his backpack and shed his leather coat. No one challenged him, though Greta could see the band who owned the instruments stick their heads back in from offstage, where they’d been taking their break. The guy some had called Ghost glanced to the keyboards but settled on a guitar, a candy-apple red one that glinted in the dim light. He picked it up, flipped a few switches on the amp and corrected the tuning. Back still to the audience, he strummed a chord.

BOOK: The Magic's in the Music (Magic Series Book 5)
3.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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