The Last War (Book #9 of the Sage Saga)

BOOK: The Last War (Book #9 of the Sage Saga)
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The Last War

Last of the Sages IX


Julius St. Clair




Julius St. Clair


You've just lost the next two days of your life.

Because you'll never want to leave the fantasy worlds of Julius St. Clair.

He is the #1 bestselling author of the epic fantasy series, The Sage Saga, and a number of incredible novels including: Obsidian Sky, The Seven Sorcerers Saga, End of Angels, Gods and Monsters, and more.

Join the Sage Academy and become a legend. Fly with the angels and explore the universe. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking romance, or master the arts of forbidden magic. Make a wish and watch your dreams come true. Try to survive the latest zombie apocalypse, or simply fall asleep under an Obsidian Sky.

No matter what story you choose, you made the right decision.

The Last of the Sages (Book #1 of the Sage Saga)
, and 
End of Angels (Book #1 of the Angel Story Saga)
are both available for FREE on Amazon, and
The Sorcerer's Ring (Book #1 of the Seven Sorcerers Saga)
, and
Obsidian Sky (Book #1 of the Obsidian Saga)
are available on Amazon for a discounted price!

Also, if you love free books, just join the mailing list by emailing Julius at
[email protected]
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Select Praise for Julius St. Clair


“This author has the fantasy fiction genre nailed. His use of anti-hero protagonists and coming of age challenges is outstanding. Excellent character development and plotting move a fast-paced adventure tale through enough action to please readers of all ages. I highly recommend [Obsidian Sky].” – Amazon Reviewer


“[The End of the Fantasy] was my favorite out of all of them. What a great adventure. By the end of this story you will truly feel like these characters are people you know for you have traveled with them on their journey.” – Amazon Reviewer


“This is a solid author. I see his evolution with each book and I highly recommend his work. Don't miss out! The material is always suitable for young adults and more mature readers and is full of action, adventure, values, and suspense.” – Book Reviewer


“After reading and enjoying the First book of the [Saga Saga], I Decided to get this one, I am Thrilled to find that the story keeps getting even better, I now have a new favorite author in Julius St Clair.” – Amazon Reviewer


“I was really happy when I found this book. I’ve been looking for a legit angelic fantasy story for a long time. I really like how it has everything from humor to friendship, variety of characters and description of beautiful places. I'm impressed with the imagination of the writer.” – Book Reviewer 




BOOK: The Last War (Book #9 of the Sage Saga)
11.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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