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The Husband

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Chapter One


The trip seemed long enough to have taken weeks for Adam Clancy to drive from Houston, Texas to Long Island, but in reality it had only taken three days. At twenty-eight, Adam could still afford to take chances on jobs and love in far-flung places and move somewhere with the allure of either. He had moved to Houston for the promise of a good job while leaving a hopeful romance on Long Island.

The relocation to Texas lasted just short of six months while he'd worked a job he had long sought: Chief of Security for a complex of high-rise office buildings in downtown Houston. He'd needed to adjust to two things upon arrival in Houston. First, the responsibilities of the job, and second, the intense summer humidity. After a quick search, he moved into a fourteenth floor apartment in a high-rise building with a magnificent view of Houston. The deal was sealed when he learned it took only ten minutes to walk from his apartment to his office, which was located exactly four blocks from his abode. However, after the first walk, he learned that by the time he arrived at his office he would be drenched in sweat.

As for the job, he loved his employment. He commanded a force of over one hundred security officers charged with maintaining a complex of five high-rise office buildings. The buildings even included diplomatic offices of foreign governments, or missions as he'd learned they were officially labeled.

In the sex department, he found there still existed a local bathhouse in Houston, and since he knew no one there, he decided to go and check the spa out. However, he had no intention of having sex with anyone. The age of HIV had removed sexual activity from the list of casual things to do. When he arrived and bought a membership, he got the usual towel, went in, and changed out of his clothes, wrapping the towel around his waist.

His pleasure in the facilities exceeded his expectations. Along with the normal steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and other things, Adam found a swimming pool outside under the stars. The area seemed well shielded from prying eyes with a tall wooden fence all around the back area of the property. He indulged in one of his favorite things: skinny dipping. Adam Clancy never felt freer than when in a pool, naked, enjoying a warm summer breeze while looking at the stars.

He hadn't noticed one of the other guys slip into the pool.

"Hi, I'm Ben. I've never seen you here before."

The sound of the man's voice brought Adam out of his inner peace to the real world, a little startled at first as he hadn't heard the man approach. He recovered quickly.

"Yeah, first night here. I'm Adam. Nice to meet you, Ben," he replied with a smile. He let his eyes run over the man's body. In the gay community, he might have been referred to as a muscle head. His physique appeared almost over developed with massive arms and prominent pecs. "Have you been a member here for a while?"

"About a year now. I come maybe once or twice a month to use the steam room and weight room."

"So I guess you like this facility then. No problem with the police or anything along those lines?" Adam asked.

"Nope. You can't even find drugs in this place, which is great. But you do see a lot of unprotected sex. The guys like the steam room for that; lotta fucking goes on in there."

"No excuse for risky sex as far as I'm concerned, but they're all adults. They know the story, and if they choose to ignore the information and act like kids, any negative results are on them. For me, while I have sex once in a while, I prefer sex with someone I at least like, if not love."

Adam leaned his head back onto the rim of the pool when he felt a cool breeze blow through the area once more. Adam was startled when he felt his dick being fondled by the stranger.

Adam pushed his hand away. "Sorry, not interested. Believe me or not, I'm not going to be coming here for sex. This pool will be the magnet that brings me back for visits to this place. No offense."

"Wow, no one ever turns me down. Did you get a good look at my body and cock, dude?"

"Sure did. You've obviously put a lot of work into it. I'm simply not here to hook up," Adam said in a friendly but firm way.

"One night I'll come in to this bathhouse and there will be five guys fucking you. And when my prediction comes true, I'll laugh my ass off," he said gruffly.

He gave Adam a sneer then swam away and climbed out of the pool and headed inside. The encounter ruined Adam's mood, and he decided to get out of the pool as well. He headed into the hot tub room located just off the pool area. He found an old-fashioned hot tub made out of wood and capable of seating at least twelve grown men. There were three guys in it, and they seemed to be having a three-way, so Adam went inside and decided to shower off.

When he entered the shower room, Ben stood there under one of the showerheads. He had his face turned up into the spray, and Adam took the opportunity to check the guy out to see if his body warranted the conceit Ben possessed.

Adam had to admit the guy seemed really well built without an ounce of fat on him anywhere he could see. When he turned around to let the spray hit his back, Adam's mouth dropped open. Ben possessed a huge dick that perfectly matched the size of his body. However, he also noticed his balls seemed to be much smaller than they should be considering the size of his dick. Steroids?

Ben opened his eyes and smiled at Adam. "Change your mind? We could fuck right here in the showers, or go to the private room I rented if you're shy."

"Sorry, didn't mean to stare at you. You have an incredible body, and you certainly have an enviously large penis, but no, I still don't wanna hook up. Besides, I'm sure now, having seen all of you, you must have no problem getting laid around here anytime you want, right?" He watched as the warm water splashed down Ben's body.

"Sure, that's true, but apparently not
will bend over for me. Okay, like I said, when I find you getting gang fucked one night, I'll move to the front of the line and give you what you deserve." He smiled and left.

Adam snickered quietly and finished washing off the chlorine from the pool. He left the showers, stuck his head into the steam room to observe the atmosphere, and found the conditions Ben had predicted with dimly lit steam and a lot of men moving around. Some were getting blowjobs; others were getting fucked. He turned around and headed to the locker. As much as he liked to clean the pollutants outta his lungs, a steam room was a benefit he might have to avoid unless in the mood to be a voyeur.

BOOK: The Husband
7.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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