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BOOK: The Everything Mafia Book
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Another word for stolen property.

take for a ride:
If you are taken for a ride, chances are you won’t be coming back.

A euphemism for taking a cut of another’s Mafioso’s booty.

telephone solicitor:
A bookmaker, or bookie, who takes bets over the phone.

through the eye:
As in a bullet in the eye.

through the mouth:
As in a bullet in the mouth. This is a form of execution administered to turncoats and stoolies.

trunk music:
This would not be music to your ears. This is the Mafia euphemism for the decomposing flesh of a murder victim stuffed into the trunk of a car.

Second in command in a Mafia family.

Not the Hades of Greek mythology. This is a generic expression for the world of organized crime.

Lending money and collecting interest. It was once banned by the Catholic Church but is a common practice by your credit card company and the corner loan shark. And the interest rate is not all that’s different between the two.

va fa napole:
An Italian expression that literally means “go to Naples” but is used to convey the sentiment “go to hell.”

The excessive interest of a loan shark, measured in points.

walking book:
A bookmaker who does not have an office. He makes the rounds to visit his clients.

walk-talk, take a walk:
To have a discussion in a public place, such as a golf course, to avoid the possibility that listening devices might pick up the conversation.

waste management business:
A slang expression for organized crime.

To commit murder.

wise guys:
Mafiosi who are not “made men,” hence not admitted to the inner sanctum.

Young Turks:
Aggressive and ambitious young Mafiosi who are a threat to the older established dons.

A term used to describe Sicilian Mafiosi operating in America. Originally a put-down, the term morphed into a catch-all term for any Italian mobster made overseas.

Mafia Timeline

New Orleans police chief David Hennessy is murdered, allegedly by members of the Mafia. The subsequent trial and mob vigilantism makes international headlines.
The Volstead Act becomes law, beginning Prohibition.
1927 -1931:
The Castellammarese War occurs.
1929 :
St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
Bosses in Detroit, New York, Cleveland, and Chicago are murdered.
1931 :
Lucky Luciano orchestrates the assassination of Masseria and Maranzano. Al Capone is sentenced to eleven years for income tax evasion.
1933 :
Prohibition is repealed.
1935 :
Dutch Schultz is killed.
Abe Reles "falls" to his death from a Coney Island hotel window.
1944 :
Louis "Lepke" Buchalter gets the electric chair.
1945 :
Lucky Luciano is released from prison and deported to Italy.
1946 :
The Flamingo Hotel opens in Las Vegas.
1947 :
Bugsy Siegel is murdered.
The Kefauver Commission takes its mob busting hearings on the road, exposing organized crime to the public.
1956 :
Meetings between American and Sicilian mobsters regarding control of heroin traffic.
1957 :
Frank Costello survives a botched hit. The raid on the Mafia conference on Apalachin, New York, gives the gangsters unwanted publicity. Carlo Gambino becomes the Boss of Bosses.
1959 :
Fidel Castro takes control of Cuba, kicking out the American mobsters and closing their casinos.
Height of the Gallo-Profaci war in New York City
1962 :
Lucky Luciano, Joe Profaci, and Philly boss Sal Sabella die.
1963 :
McClellan Committee starts hearings into organized crime.
1966 :
Mafia meeting at La Stella restaurant in Queens, dubbed "Little Apalachin." Bonanno family internal war.
1969 :
Thomas Lucchese and Vito Genovese die.
Joe Colombo is shot at the Italian-American Unity Day he organized. He lingers in a vegetative state for years before dying.
1973 :
Frank Costello dies.
1975 :
Jimmy Hoffa disappears. Sam Giancana murdered
1976 :
Carlo Gambino dies and is succeeded by Paul Castellano.
1977 -1978 :
Intrafamily mob war in Kansas City.
Beginning of bloody Philly mob war.
1982 :
Meyer Lansky dies.
1984 :
Las Vegas skimming case nets Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Chicago mobsters. Beginning of end of mob control in Vegas.
1985 :
Paul Castellano is killed; John Gotti takes over. The Commission case takes down the heads of the five families.
1987 :
Santo Trafficante Jr. dies.
1992 :
John Gotti is sentenced to life for racketeering and murder.
1995 -1998 :
The Mafia moves into stock scams on Wall Street, netting tens of millions.
John Gotti dies in prison. Joe Bonanno dies at age ninety-seven.
Leadership of Chicago Outfit convicted for gangland killings in Operation Family Secrets trial.
The feds arrest more than sixty members and associates of the Gambino family.

BOOK: The Everything Mafia Book
12.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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