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‘And now?’

The way that the massaging fingers stilled on the back of her neck told her without words just how important this was to him.

‘Now, I know exactly who I am—what I want.’

His slow smile was her reward, and the glow in his eyes intensified a thousandfold.

‘And that is?’

In a rustle of fine silk, Isabelle got to her feet and laced her arms around his neck, pressing her lips to his in a deeply loving kiss.

‘Now I’m a fully grown woman, my darling, with all of a woman’s love for my man.’

‘Is that a fact? So tell me…’

Once more those tanned fingers were busy behind her back, but this time they were unfastening swiftly and efficiently the silky ribbons that laced up the bodice of her dress.

‘How do you feel about showing me exactly what this grown woman’s love involves?’

Isabelle’s smile grew, became wider, positively beatific.

‘I thought you’d never ask. I can’t imagine anything I’d like more.’

A Dios gracias
,’ Luis muttered fervently. ‘Because if I don’t make love to you right now I swear I will—’

‘You won’t have to,’ Isabelle interrupted, pushing her fingers into the black silk of his hair and drawing his mouth down to hers for a long, deep, passionate kiss. ‘Because I feel exactly the same way.’

And as Luis swept her up into his arms and carried her towards the bed she smiled again in anticipation of the perfect end to a perfect day. It had been a day of public ceremony and public celebration but now, at last, this private time was theirs.

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BOOK: The Duke’s Secret Wife
4.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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