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The Damsel's Defiance (22 page)

BOOK: The Damsel's Defiance
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‘Aye,’ he growled. ‘And I’ll hold by your decision.’

She shivered as his lips grazed her sensitive palm. ‘Even without the babe, did you really think that I would leave you? That I could leave you?’ She frowned, concentrating on pushing back a lock of his hair that had fallen over one temple. ‘After Giffard, except for the love of my family, I thought I would never know true love, never learn to trust anyone again. But you have shown me how, Talvas, in every look, in every gesture. You have shown me true love.’

She saw the joy spark in his expression, and sagged against him, weak with her revelation. His arms supported her slight weight easily, clasped tight around the small of her back, the indentation of her waist. He swallowed, his throat dry. ‘Then you’ll stay with me, at Hawkeshayne?’

Her slim fingers reached up to trace the high arrogant arch of his eyebrows. His eyes locked with hers, tangled with her green gaze.

‘Speak,’ he urged, his voice ragged with expectation.

Her lips tilted to a smile, amazed at the quiver beneath his skin. ‘Aye, Talvas, I’ll stay by your side for ever.’

He laughed then, a boyish chuckle of glee, springing to his feet to pull her up with him, sweeping her high in his arms and sealing her lips with a kiss that would join them for eternity.

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BOOK: The Damsel's Defiance
12.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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