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He turned off the Christmas tree lights, then together they climbed
the stairs.

As always the first thing Melissa did when she reached the top of the stairs was go into the boys’ bedroom to see that they were still peacefully sleeping.

Henry followed her in and a soft smile played on his face as he looked first at Joey and then at James. That smile, filled with such love, with such tenderness created a warmth inside her.

She would never have to worry about her sons being loved. If anything ever happened to her Henry would make sure they not only had what they needed to survive, but that their world would be filled with the love he refused to believe in for himself.

“Melissa.” He grabbed her hand as they left the room.

She knew immediately what he wanted—and what she wanted from him. Dear Reader,

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. I begin decorating my house in November and I’m not satisfied until the entire house breathes with the spirit of Christmas. I love the scent of pine in the air, the glow of twinkling lights on the tree and the warmth that fills my heart. During this time of year I find myself smiling more, humming carols under my breath, baking goodies for friends and neighbors and picking up special gifts that will bring a smile to somebody’s face. No other holiday speaks to me more of love and family and surprises. Writing The Cowboy’s Secret Twins reminded me of all the wonderful feelings that Christmas evokes.

I hope when you read the book it will bring to mind memories of Christmases past, of laughter and family and, of course, love. Happy reading!

Carla Cassidy


The Cowboy’s Secret Twins

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is an award-winning author who has written more than fifty novels for Silhouette Books. In 1995, she won Best Silhouette Romance from RT

BOOK Reviews for Anything for Danny. In 1998, she also won a Career Achievement Award for Best Innovative Series from RT BOOK


Carla believes the only thing better than curling up with a good book to read is sitting down at the computer with a good story to write. She’s looking forward to writing many more books and bringing hours of pleasure to readers.


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Chapter 1

Melissa Monroe couldn’t help but wonder if she was making a huge mistake. A fierce case of déjà vu filled her as she drove the Texas road. The lonely highway, the snow coming down from the overcast sky and the Christmas carols playing on the car radio all evoked memories of the last time Melissa had driven on this particular road.

It had been just a little over a year ago, only at that time the snow hadn’t been comprised of pretty little flakes lazily drifting down, but rather a blizzard whiteout condition that had eventually forced her to pull over. A sexy stranger in tight jeans and a cowboy hat had rescued her. He’d told her his name was James and they’d ridden out the storm together in a vacant farmhouse.

It had been a wild and crazy night and she’d acted completely out of character. The consequences of her actions that night were in two car seats in the back.

Joey and James, who were a little over four months old, had been completely unplanned and unexpected, but since the moment she’d realized she was pregnant, they had been desperately wanted and loved. She glanced back now to check on them and smiled. Snug as bugs they were in their little blue coats and matching hats. They’d been sleeping for the better part of an hour and Melissa hoped to get where she was going before they woke up demanding another meal.

Thirty minutes ago she’d passed the place in the road where she’d had to pull over during the storm a year ago. It was just outside the small town of Rockport, Texas. She was now ten minutes from the Texas town of Dalhart and her final destination.

On that night a year ago she’d been on her way from her home in Amarillo to visit a friend in Oklahoma. Tonight she was on her way to someplace just on the other side of Dalhart.

Tightening her hands on the steering wheel, she hoped she wasn’t on some kind of a wild-goose chase. Suddenly all kinds of doubts crashed through her mind. Maybe she was a fool to trust her cyber friend, a woman she’d never met in person but had bonded with over the past year in a chat room for single moms.

MysteryMom had been a source of support, information and friendship over the past year. She’d helped Melissa through the difficult pregnancy. Then once the twins were born she’d been a font of advice on everything from colic to diaper rash.

MysteryMom and Melissa’s best friend, Caitlin, were the only two people on earth who knew about the circumstances of the twins’ conception. Melissa suspected that MysteryMom had given her directions to her place, that she was bringing Melissa to her home for a face-to-face meeting and to spend the holidays together.

For the past couple of weeks Melissa had been depressed. Christmas was only four days away—the twins’ first Christmas—and she hadn’t even had any extra cash to buy a tree or a single present.

She’d always dreamed of giving her children the kind of Christmas she’d never had, with family gathered close and laughter in the air. It wasn’t all about a lack of money that had depressed her, but certainly financial worries played a role.

She’d been working at building her own interior design business when she’d found herself pregnant. The pregnancy had been difficult and the business had fallen by the wayside. Since the twins’ birth Melissa had been living on her savings, which were dwindling fast.

It had been all she could handle to take care of newborns, but after the first of the year she was determined to somehow provide for them and delve back into her work.

She slowed as she reached the Dalhart city limits. According to the directions MysteryMom had sent her she was to turn off the main highway and onto a country road approximately ten miles from where she was now.

With a new burst of nervous tension kicking up inside her, she pulled into a restaurant parking lot and grabbed her cell phone from her purse and punched in Caitlin’s number.

“Are you there yet?” Caitlin asked when she answered.

“According to the map I’m about fifteen minutes from the place,”

Melissa replied.

“How’s the weather? I heard they were calling for snow.”

“It’s been spitting a bit, but nothing to worry me,” Melissa replied.

“I don’t know why you just didn’t plan on coming to my place for Christmas instead of taking off on this adventure of yours.”

Melissa smiled into the phone. “You’re going to have so many fancy parties to attend, the last thing you need is me and the boys hanging around.” Caitlin was single and gorgeous and working up the corporate ladder at blinding speed. “Besides, look what happened the last time I was on my way to visit you.”

“It’s not my fault you got stuck in a blizzard and then decided to kick it with some sexy stranger.”

“True, it wasn’t your fault. I’ve decided it was all Tom’s fault,” Melissa replied and tried to ignore the faint pang of her heart at the thought of her ex-boyfriend.

“Ah, don’t even mention that snake’s name,” Caitlin replied. “I thought he was a creep when you first starting dating him and he definitely proved me right.”

“Water under the bridge,” Melissa replied. “Anyway, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know I’m almost there.”

“You’ll call me when you arrive? Tell me all about this MysteryMom of yours?”


“And, Melissa, I hope you have an amazing Christmas. You deserve it.”

Melissa put her cell phone back in her purse and pulled her car back on the road. Dusk was falling and she was eager to get to her destination before dark.

As she drove her mind filled with thoughts of Tom Watters. She’d thought they’d marry and build a family together and after two years of dating she’d begun to press him about setting a wedding date. He’d finally told her there wasn’t going to be a wedding, that for the past six months he’d been involved with another woman, one who was much sexier, much more a woman than Melissa.

Once again she clenched her hands on the steering wheel as she thought of that moment. She’d immediately made plans to visit Caitlin, needing to get away from her dismal apartment and all reminders of Tom. Reeling not only with a broken heart, but also with a damaged ego, she’d been easy pickings for the handsome stranger who had come to her aid. Her cheeks burned hot as she remembered that night of unexpected passion. James had looked at her with such desire. He’d made her feel so sexy, so wanted. She’d never before experienced that kind of wild abandon and suspected she’d never experience it again.

She cast all these thoughts aside as she drew nearer to the road her directions told her to take. As she left the small town of Dalhart behind, she spied the highway sign where she needed to turn.

In approximately ten miles she should be at the destination that she suspected was MysteryMom’s home. Excitement danced in her chest as she thought of finally coming face-to-face with the woman who had been not only a friend, but also a surrogate mom through the trials and tribulations of being a single new mother to twins.

If she didn’t like the looks of the place she’d turn around and make the two-and-a-half-hour drive back home. If she got any bad vibes at all, she’d just drive away. There was no way she’d put her babies or herself at risk.

The first surprise was the enormous stone monuments that marked the entry to the address she sought. The second surprise was when she drove down the tree-lined narrow drive and got her first glimpse of the house. No, house was too plain a word for the mansion that rose into view. The two-story home was as big as a hotel, with several equally impressive outbuildings. Lights spilled with a cheerful welcome from several of the windows as the evening had begun to thicken with night shadows.

“Oh, my goodness,” she whispered to herself. The whole place breathed money.

As she drove up the circular driveway she saw that one of the outbuildings was a stable and she was more convinced than ever that this was MysteryMom’s house. MysteryMom had mentioned that she loved working with horses.

She parked the car and glanced into the backseat where Joey was awake. Of the two boys, Joey was the most laid-back. He rarely fussed and seemed content to take life as it came at him.

On the other hand, James was a handful. Demanding and impatient, he was the first to set up a frustrated cry if he needed a diaper change or a meal or if she took away his beloved rattle. But, he also had begun to belly laugh when happy and the sound of it never failed to delight her. She looked at Joey, who gazed at her with bright blue eyes. “Are you ready to go meet Mommy’s new friend?” she asked. He waved his arms as if to show his excitement.

BOOK: The - Cowboy’s - Secret - Twins
8.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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