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BOOK: The Cartel Enforcers (The Bill Dix Detective Series Book 2)
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Slowly Dix and Petersen escorted Kovach to their vehicle. Dix was the driver, Kovach the front passenger, and Petersen was the rear passenger directly behind Kovach. Kovach did nothing foolish. As they drove to the Sheriff’s Office building, Kovach divulged almost everything connecting him to Jose Calderon. Kovach left out a few key pieces of information, but the only way the information would come out was if Jose Calderon survived today. By the time they got to the office, Kovach was immensely relieved because a massive weight had been lifted from his chest as he confessed everything to Petersen and Dix. They were baffled, yet somehow managed to understand exactly why Kovach had done what he had done, and why he was doing what he was doing now. Strangely, they agreed Kovach was actually on their side, but for different reasons perhaps. Dix convinced Petersen to give Kovach his weapon back as they parked at the Sheriff’s Office. They entered the Sheriff’s Office building and tried to make it appear as though everything was the same.
This is going to be tough,
thought Dix.



Chapter 43

Jose Calderon received a phone call around 9 a.m. from one of his informants alerting him to the location of Special Agent Romero. He determined Romero needed to die because he could not take the risk of him informing law enforcement of his plans to steal the money at the warehouse or divulging anything about his operation in San Diego. To keep the heat off him, he used one of his men to make a phone call to a group of Enforcers. He wanted Romero located and silenced. Calderon’s man gave pertinent information to the leader of the Enforcers and told them it needed to be done by noon today. Without hesitation, the Enforcers suited up in full tactical gear, automatic weapons, and rolled out to the hospital where Romero was being treated for some injuries from the accident. Calderon originally wanted the hit to be done quietly, but as he thought about it, he realized it would be a perfect diversion for law enforcement while his men assaulted the warehouse.

He grabbed the phone from his man talking to the leader of the Enforcers and changed the plans. He wanted confirmation Romero was at the hospital. Once the Collector gave Calderon the confirmation he was there, he’d tell the leader when to take him out. In his head, he was pretty sure most, if not all, of the Enforcers would die in the attack. That did not concern him. He decided to double the fee to ensure Romero was killed. Whether or not the Enforcers survived was not important to Calderon.
Business is business
, he thought.



Chapter 44

Smith pulled into Calderon’s warehouse at 11 A.M. He donned tactical gear and readied himself for all out urban warfare. As the remaining men arrived, he directed them where to congregate for their own field briefings. He showed them the video he took from inside the warehouse and carefully explained the plan one last time. Blueprint schematics were scattered about for reference although only two other hand-picked men knew of the tunnels below the city.

The mood at the warehouse was good, but tension was building as the mercenaries anticipated assaulting the Sheriff’s Office warehouse…in broad daylight. Smith had provided a change in the plans for non-lethal weapons (bean bag rounds, flash-bangs, pepper gas rounds) and ordered they be used first before live fire. An armed robbery was much easier to deal with than a murder.



At 11:10 A.M. surveillance units at Jose Calderon’s mansion detected him leaving in a red Ferrari. He was traveling alone. The surveillance units followed him. They assumed he’d head over to the benefit. A fixed wing vehicle was also being used, but it was pretty hard to miss a bright, shiny, red Ferrari.

Calderon drove to a warehouse that none of the surveillance units were familiar with. The solid steel gate opened and he drove inside. Once inside, the gate closed. There was a small parking lot inside the gate where Calderon parked. Surveillance units could not see any movement inside the warehouse. He exited the vehicle and was met by a single white male adult wearing camouflaged BDU’s (battle dress uniform). They shook hands and disappeared in the shadows. The sergeant leading them called Special Agent Sullivan to advise her of the new location and status of Calderon.



Calderon examined the mercenaries. He was impressed and looked at Smith. “Well done. I assume we’re ready to go.”

Smith nodded. “Affirm. The perimeter and interior teams are briefed and ready to go.” He eyed Calderon trying to get a read on him. He needed to know his mindset because it determined what his next moves would be.

Calderon noticed several of the mercenaries were carrying non-lethal weapons. Without looking at Smith he said, “Once again, Mr. Smith you impress me. Non-lethal weapons should save a few lives and bring less attention to our cause.”

“I do what I can. Your man set for the diversion on the other side of town?” Smith had arranged a diversion just in case Calderon couldn’t come through.

“There was a slight change in the plans, but a diversion will take place just before you and your teams move on the warehouse.”

“I don’t like changes this late in the game,” said Smith as he raised an eyebrow at Calderon.

“Nor do I Mr. Smith, but Special Agent Supervisor Doug Kovach has not returned my calls and another situation presented itself. Rest assured, the diversion will be grand and you should slip into the warehouse without much resistance.”

Smith wasn’t willing to push the issue any further. He was satisfied that whatever Calderon had planned would work and would provide him easier entry. He looked at his watch and did the math, forty-five minutes until the operation began.

Calderon noticed Smith looking at his watch and decided to look at his own. He was about to say goodbye to

Smith and the mercenaries, but he received a phone call. The caller id read DK (for Doug Kovach).

Calderon walked away from the group and went into an office space before answering the phone.

He hit the answer button and said, “Mr. Kovach, what a surprise. You have not been answering my calls. I was beginning to think you had forgotten your role in all of this.”

Kovach looked around the room. Dix and Petersen were with him and his phone’s speaker function was activated. They had locked the door to the small office to ensure there would be no interruptions.

Kovach took a deep breath, exhaled, and replied, “Unfortunately, I know all too well what my role is. I’ve got a diversion set up, but you haven’t told me when I should actually make it happen.”

“That’s because I’m not so sure you’re going to help me. Maybe you’re trying to set me up.” Calderon had a card to play, but he was holding on to it until it was absolutely necessary to use it.

Kovach had a sad look on his face and replied, “I’ve been giving you small pieces of information for this whole warehouse thing as well as other cases. You believe what you want to believe, but time is ticking. You keep messing around and maybe I’ll blow the whistle right now. I’m tired of playing games.”

Calderon chuckled and coldly replied, “Is that right? I don’t think so. You will do what I tell you to do. Otherwise, your wife and daughter are dead when then land in Minneapolis.”

Dix and Petersen bolted upright and frantically looked at Kovach. He was beside himself. He had sent his family under aliases and Calderon still found out.

Kovach snapped and screamed, “You piece of shit! You touch my family and I will hunt you down!” Dix and Petersen tried to calm him down, but he was enraged. They

could hear Calderon laughing on the other end of the phone call. Kovach heard it too and pounded the table and threw a chair across the room. Dix motioned to Kovach to keep talking to Calderon, but he could hardly see straight.
Why? Why did I send them away? I could have protected them better here!

Finally Calderon said, “Listen to me carefully. You’re going to make your diversion happen at 1 P.M. When I get the money and I’m free, I will have my men release your family. If they don’t hear from me directly, they’re dead. I detect a trap, they’re dead. Do you understand me?”

Kovach gathered enough of his wits to communicate again, but he was furious. He needed to make sure Calderon felt he had the upper hand. Dix and Petersen pointed at the phone trying to get him to respond to Calderon’s last comment. The fact that Kovach had changed the location of the escape route marking in the tunnels could not be reversed, which meant Calderon would most likely be apprehended with the money and in turn Kovach’s family would be killed. Kovach did not know what to say, but he had to do something to at least try to save his family.

In a soft voice Kovach replied, “The diversion will happen at 1 P.M. You will get the money and be free,” he tried to finish his statement but lost it again, “Release my family! They have nothing to do with this you asshole!”

“Oh, they have everything to do with this. Everything works out for me, then everything works out for them. Don’t forget, 1 P.M. and stay out of our way.”

Before the conversation could continue Calderon hung up. Kovach paced back and forth in the office while Dix and Petersen truly understood the control and power Calderon had. His reach and resources blew Dix’s mind. He racked his brain for a way to get people to Minnesota without alerting Kovach’s administration about the whole mess. He suddenly remembered he had a friend stationed in Minneapolis assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Dix quickly searched for the number in his phone. He wasn’t finding it, worst of all he hadn’t talked to the man in at least a year. He searched the phone over and over. Just as he was about to abandon the idea and call someone else, he found the number. He dialed it and prayed.

A man in a southern draw answered and said, “Shit fire, if it isn’t the legendary Bill Dix.”

Dix interrupted, “Jim, I’m calling in a favor and it’s an emergency and I have no time to explain.”

Immediately he stopped messing with Dix and replied, “Copy that, go ahead.”

Dix over his shoulder said to Kovach, “What were the names your family used?”

Kovach answered Dix and was shocked Dix was even helping him.

Dix said to Jim, “Plane headed to your airport. Two passengers under the name of Melody Smith and Abigail Smith are on the plane. Cartel hit men are at the airport to intercept them. They’re family of a federal agent here with me now. I’ll explain later, but you need to get to them before the cartel does.”

Jim replied, “Jesus Bill, that’s not going to be easy.”

“Make it happen, this is life or death.”

“I’ll see what I can do and get back to you.” Jim hung up and frantically committed every resource he had to the Minneapolis airport.

Kovach walked over to Dix and patted his back. He sat down slumped in the chair a defeated man.

“Don’t thank me yet.” He was still confused as to what exactly Kovach was up to, but the bottom line was the man’s family was in serious risk and he couldn’t just stand by and let that happen.

The group exited the room and went to the command

center. They re-grouped with Sullivan and everyone was brought up to speed about the latest developments.


Calderon came out of the shadows and got back into his red Ferrari. He knew he was being followed and chose the red Ferrari to make sure everyone knew where he was.
he thought.

Surveillance units observed Calderon exit the warehouse and head downtown. He eventually pulled into the valet parking at the hotel for the benefit and got out. He paused before giving the keys to the valet worker and walked slowly into the building to make sure the surveillance units could see he was going into the benefit.
This is way too easy
, he thought.



Chapter 45

Two tactical dispatchers were setting up inside the command center. Since nothing was happening at the warehouse they monitored the Sheriff’s Office and the police department’s radio channels. Calls were coming in and as it got closer to 1 p.m. Kovach, Dix, Petersen, and Sullivan were getting amped up for what was about to take place.

Suddenly, a frantic 911 call came in for an armed robbery in progress at the First National Bank across town from the Sheriff’s Office warehouse. The commanders weighed what type of response to send, a small group of uniformed officers in case it was a ruse, or a full-scale response. Ultimately, the decision was made to send all available units. It was being reported that a hostage had been taken and the call takers could hear what sounded like gun fire in the background.

Dix looked at Kovach, “Is this your doing?”

Kovach looked puzzled and replied, “No, a bomb threat was suppose to come through at the local high school. A brief case on the quad was placed to make it look suspicious. I have no idea what this is?”

Dix felt Kovach was telling the truth. He wondered if the heist was poor timing or Calderon’s doing. He chewed his nails anxiously waiting for an update at the bank and the situation in Minneapolis.

Marked units arrived at the bank and confirmed it was being robbed. They reported at least one suspect was inside with multiple hostages. Hostage negotiators, and what was left of the SWAT team, were sent to the bank to try to find a safe resolution and rescue the hostages.

BOOK: The Cartel Enforcers (The Bill Dix Detective Series Book 2)
9.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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