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The Billionaire Boss

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The Billionaire Boss

J.A. Pierre




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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental.


Copyright © 2015 by J.A. Pierre. All rights reserved.


No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form.



Chapter One


Time seemed to stand still as she focused only on him.

Who is the lucky woman in his life?

January Williams asked herself this as she listened to Ariel Cunningham talk.

She sat with her ankles crossed, watching as he moved purposefully along the front of the room. His presence was commanding. He had wavy dark brown hair and his voice was infectious. Everyone in the room
listened. Though January tried to pull her eyes away, something about the man tugged at her. The men and women in the stark cold room seemed to be just as entranced. How did one become a man like Ariel Cunningham?

January was not one to look strangers directly in the eye, but every time Ariel turned her way, she boldly met his gaze. She wanted him to remember her. Somehow she knew that there were other things vying for his attention—women, business proposals, or whatever else a billionaire dealt with on a daily basis.

He was dressed in a tailored Gucci suit.
How ironic.
only knew it was Gucci because she’d seen the same exact suit in a women’s magazine the day before. Her roommate had a stack of magazines on her desk.

It looked better on Ariel than it had on the model. The thought made January smile and she leaned forward.

He wore the navy blue suit well. The deep and intense color seemed fitting for the man’s dark blue eyes.

He returned January’s gaze, and her heart rate galloped. She tried to control her breathing. An attempt to hide the effect he had on her. She didn’t want her attraction to this stranger to be so obvious. She diverted her eyes, and they trailed down the length of his body to his shiny black shoes. When January looked up, Ariel’s eyes narrowed.  She glanced away.
Maybe it’d been a mistake to look down.
He probably thinks I was checking him out.
She sighed.

She wasn’t sure what to do with herself as she sat at the software company’s orientation. She didn’t want to give the wrong impression. He looked like perfection and January was sure he demanded it.

Ariel Cunningham was the CEO of a prominent software startup that had quickly surpassed the competition in a mere ten years of existence. It was headed by the brilliant Ivy League techie who now took the time to talk to the newbies about his company, Logis Apps Ltd.

He had broad shoulders. His hair was sharply cut and his tanned skin glowed as a result of good nutrition and exercise. January caught herself visualizing her hands running over his body. Ariel’s chiseled jawline and glistening white teeth were what stood out most to her.

She was certain his defined face was like a premise of the rest of his covered body.

“You might be wondering why the CEO is here conducting an orientation session today,” Ariel said. “I’m the type of man who pays attention to detail. Later on, I want to be able to say ‘I remember you’ when I see you walking throughout the halls of this building. Even though we’re a software company, people come first.” He looked directly at January.

She licked her lips and her stomach churned. An image of she and Ariel lying on the beach side by side flashed in her treacherous mind. And January
feel like her mind was betraying her as it led her where she was apprehensive to go. Ariel glanced down at January’s legs before he scanned the rest of the room.

January had chosen a pink blouse and black skirt that morning. She’d thought it looked professional. Now she wasn’t so sure.
Maybe it made her look younger than her twenty-one years.

She desperately needed the summer job at Logis Apps Ltd. The salary was great and she had bills to pay. She also hadn’t heard back from any of the other three companies she’d applied to before her junior year at university ended. 

He told the group of twenty that he expected them to do a great job and when he smiled, January took in a deep breath.

His smile revealed neither disdain nor favor. It was

He looked her way then, his eyes sliding to her cinnamon glossed lips.

January shifted in her seat.

Is he interested in me?
She shook the thought off.
Why would he be?

January was sure Ariel could’ve gotten almost any beautiful woman he wanted—one with intelligence, a high profile job, and a home of her own.

"Before you fill out the necessary paperwork,” Ariel said, “there will be an additional typing test.  Those with the highest scores will officially begin working tomorrow and those who fail to meet the basic requirement...” He paused. The room felt as if an ax would fall. People wanted to stay. “I wish you the best of luck in your job search.”

The blond man next to January shifted in his seat. His hair was long and reminded her of a surfer. He seemed anxious and January looked at her hands because she didn’t want to catch any nervous vibes. She was sure she'd pass the test.

Ariel called the tall brunette who had ushered them into the room fifteen minutes before. “This is my assistant Heather.”

She was sitting in a chair in the back of the room. The pregnant woman made her way to the front, then indicated to the group that she’d be taking them to the testing room where the company’s computers were set up.

"Accuracy and speed will be important,” Ariel said as people got up.

January stood at the same time as the blond man next to her.  Somehow they ended up walking side by side toward the exit until his shoulders bumped into hers. They smiled at each other politely.

“Excuse me,” January said, though she thought he’d angled toward her on purpose.

His smile broadened. “Since we’re not officially coworkers yet, I’d like to just tell you that you have great legs. They remind me of butterscotch.”

January laughed. She didn’t know what to say, but mumbled, “Thanks.”

“I saw you get out of your car as I drove into the parking lot. I go to Wakefield University also. Saw your school sticker.”

January opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted. Her shoulders jolted slightly when she heard Ariel’s voice.

“Are you here to pick up women or to work?” Ariel asked the man, whose eyes grew wide.

“I, I,” he stammered.

“I don't expect you to hit on this young lady again,” Ariel said firmly.

January could not tell if it was because Ariel felt disrespected by the man or if he was being  protective of January. And if he were looking out for her, why? 

She felt odd as she stood between the two men.

The man’s expression showed that he was desperately uncomfortable. January was certain it wasn’t a great feeling to know you’d made a bad impression on the boss on day one.

“I’m here to work, sir.”

“Well then, I don’t expect you to hit on this young lady again.” Ariel gave the man a light pat on the back and a nod. It signalled that the conversation was over, and the man fled.

January started to follow behind.

"Come to my office after you pass the test," Ariel said. His hand briefly touched her back as they exited the room. Instantly, she wanted to feel his touch once more. January nodded at him and made a right behind the group while Ariel went in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, January was anxious to take the test and hoped her nerves didn’t get the best of her.  She wondered what would await her in the CEO’s office.



Chapter Two


Ariel was caught off guard by January. He hadn’t seen a woman that beautiful in a long time. There’d been many pretty summer temps who’d done an exceptional job during their start at his company. Many had been promoted and offered a salaried position after they’d gained experience. But no one had immediately struck him like January. He knew she had more to offer than looks.

Still, it was hard to not ogle her supple body. Ariel had tried his hardest to concentrate as he spoke to the group earlier. He found that he got just that when their eyes had met—hard.

Besides university students, there were also a number of people looking to change careers present. They could only get into the company through the temporary employment program as the software company wasn’t hiring anyone full-time. They were well known for the generous salaries they offered regular employees, as well as other perks including an on-site gym and three weeks’ vacation.

Ariel couldn’t get January’s brown almond-shaped eyes out of his mind as he walked down a long hallway toward the elevator. There was a marked innocence in them, and he wondered if she was in a relationship. At the same time, the thought annoyed him.

Why should I care?
He’d never dated a temp, or any employee of his for that matter. The company had no policy against dating, though harassment was a no-no.


The first thing Ariel did when he got to his desk was call human resources for January's file. He also asked them to send two other files in order to not make it too obvious what he had up his sleeve.

The name tags the temps had stuck to their shirts told him her name was January.
Named after the first month of the year.
She looked like the type of woman a man put first.

He swivelled his chair and sighed, reminding himself that he wasn't that type of man.

Work came first.

He’d stood back as the people filed out of the room and saw when January and the man bumped into each other. The only reason he’d hung back was because he’d wanted to get a good look at January from behind. Ariel was a butt man and stood admiring her almost-too-perfect shape. She was slender yet curvy.
That ass was so firm and round.
Ariel smiled with delight. He was sure he could bounce a coin off it.

When he’d heard the compliment given to January by another man, his anger flared. He’d interjected, wanting to cut off any chance the man hoped for with the beauty.

If the man passed the test he’d have to hire him, though Ariel would keep a close eye on him.


There were plenty of emails to check and files to go through, but when January’s application was brought to him, it held his attention.

He noticed that in the short paragraph regarding their personal hobbies, January wrote that she enjoyed pottery. Her script was elegant, including the letter i with a circle for the dot. Ariel saw his opportunity. He always looked for a common denominator whenever he tried to connect with someone. His mom had just started pottery classes. It was a great entry point to general small talk. He was sure he’d decide whether to go through with his plan by the end of their conversation.

He closed her file and tapped two number keys on his keyboard.

A screen came up on his iMac. Cameras were strategically placed throughout the company’s building, including one in the testing room. January sat in the front row.
I should’ve expected that from a 4.0 GPA communications student.
She needed money—of course. But Ariel had something else in mind for January besides working in one of the usual departments that utilized temps.

Many a professor was distracted by you.
There was no way any man with a working penis  could not have noticed January. Her blouse was buttoned up to her neck; still he wondered what type of bra and panty set she wore. He thought about what it’d be like to pop the buttons of her blouse, one by one.  Ariel liked to take his time.

He didn’t want to make assumptions, but she didn’t look like a girl who’d been around the block.  Something about her facial expression when he was behind her and she’d turned around. She’d been nervous with him so near.

He watched the overhead camera shot a few seconds more, then exited the screen. He had to start work. A few minutes later his phone rang.

“Hello.” Ariel knew from the caller ID that it was his secretary.

"Mr. Cunningham. Just a reminder about your meeting in a half an hour."

“Thank you.” He hung up the phone.

He wanted to see January before his client came for the meeting. He knew how Sarah was; she’d take up at least an hour of his time. Ariel picked up the phone. “Are the results in?”

“Yes,” said Heather who’d sat at the back during orientation.

Ariel leaned back in his chair. “Did Ms. Williams pass?”

“Let me take a look.” Papers shuffled. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Please send her to my office now.”

BOOK: The Billionaire Boss
10.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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