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The Awakening

BOOK: The Awakening
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The Awakening
A Savior's Song [3]
Amileigh D'Lecoire


Thais Mousa, a muse with the voice of an angel and the heart of a woman, is called from the security of her home-world to serve Aramis, an ancient God of the Wheel of Time.

After pulling Thais from the sea when she is thrown violently into his world, Aramis immediately finds himself driven to possess this fallen creature, a demanding need that controls him in a way that even he does not understand. With fevered urgency he bonds her to him, introducing her to a world of sensual pleasures that will take her beyond the thresholds of womanhood and into the waiting arms of a God who hungers for her with a relentless, consuming need.

But there is another who hungers for Thais as well, and her poisoned barbs pierce deep.

Blackmailed by Melisande, bonded mate to Aramis' brother Hippolyte, Thais is taken to the realm of Propolos where he and Melisande rule. Hippolyte, a darkly sensual God whose pale good looks are both disarming and traitorous to the decaying blackness of his soul, finds himself equally drawn to the woman-child who sings to beast within and eagerly takes her for his own.

Blinded by a rage that shakes the very foundations of the Heaven's themselves when he believes Thais has gone to Propolos of her own free will, Aramis gives into his grief and prepares his soul to return to the sands of the Creator. He waits eagerly for death as his realm begins to crumble and his people fall ill, watching helplessly as his Mother's curse comes to claim them all.

It seems all hope is lost when Dominic, Aramis' most devoted and beloved Priest, discovers the truth behind Melisande's lies. With the help of Vespa, his recently bonded soul-mate, Dominic begins a desperate race against time. He and Vardra must find a way to defeat Melisande and bring Thais home, before the God he loves is taken from the world, and the light of all creation with him.

Adult content, 18+. Graphic violence and sexual situations M/F, M/M/F, F/F


A Savior’s Song, Book Three – The Awakening

An Original Erotic Romance Series


Amileigh Babineaux D’Lecoire




Copyright © 2012, Amileigh B D’Lecoire. All rights reserved.


Publisher's Note

This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidents

either are the product of the authors' imaginations or are used

fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events

or locales is entirely coincidental.

The shadows recognized her immediately, embracing her with the intimacy of a lover as they pulled her close.  Tendrils of emptiness swirled about her legs and waist, helping to conceal her presence from prying eyes
, should there be any
.  In the darkness, unseen things slithered into the murky swamp and mosquitoes buzzed angrily above the tepid waters.  Crickets chirped from within the tall grasses of the muddy shore
and birds of prey screamed out as they flew overhead.
It was oppressively warm and humid here
, even in the dead of night.

It was not her choice to be here among the marshy reeds, and she fought back the unease that nibbled at the corner of her thoughts, hating this world and suddenly missing the beauty of pale moonlight as it rained kisses down upon the roses in her gardens back home.    

She glided soundlessly among the trees, a bone-piercing chill frosting the air around her as she moved
, leaving
pockets of cold
in her wake
-- a stark contrast to the stifling heat that claimed the swamp.
A large hooded cloak decorated with intricate symbols of silver thread kept her face hidden as it encased her within its soft-flowing folds
and she pulled the collar tight under her chin.
The velvet material danced gracefully behind her delicate frame in billowing waves of emerald and black, making it appear as though she moved through water rather than across air and land

To the untrained eye she was no more than an illusion, a trick of light that gave life to shadows where none existed.

“Be at peace, Elvanya,” a voice called upon the wind.
She froze as it probed deep within her soul and gave rise to the
sensation of warmth.
The sound of it upon her ears was rich and deep, wholly masculine and distractedly familiar so that she struggled against the urge to weep from the purity of it.

  She could feel the closeness of him then as his presence surrounded her, and she grew instantly quiet.
Her breath caught in her throat as unseen hands began to move with intimate knowledge along her frozen flesh, claiming her with confident authority.
Strong fingers traced sensual swirling patterns along the sensitive skin of her arms, light caresses of invitation, and she felt a
desire begin to stir.
She closed her eyes and sighed softly as one hand travelled back up to caress the smooth column of her neck, an invisible thumb running slowly along her lower lip.
Her breasts began to ache, begging to be touched, and her core slowly came to life, throbbing and distracting.

“I have long missed the taste of you,” he whispered low and
against her soul.

lips pressed lightly against her skin,
and moist as it teased against the delicate curve of her ear.

“But you know this already, do you not?”
Bold hands moved possessively to rest upon her hips,
and firm as they pulled her close.
She felt his arousal as he pressed against her, frighteningly large and
, and she shivered with
He was there and he was not
and she wan
ted to shout out in frustration as her body began to ache with the need to be consumed by him.


Show yourself,

he demanded
, pulling back.
“If you’ve courage enough to solicit a gratuitous caress, then surely you
the courage to reveal
to me.”
Her words were
harsh even though her eyes danced with mischief, and she was
met with indulgent laughter as a hand moved up to softly trace the curve of her face.

“Look within, my love, and
who it is that will possess you this night.”

  His voice was smooth as silk, his touch heated and addictive.  His hands moved to cup the weight of her breasts, squeezing gently as he teased tiny pink nipples to life.
He was her lover, her life, her creator and her God.  She was concubine to
his needs, the inspiration to his dreams
mother to his children

She tugged playfully away, a mock pout playing across her lips as she meant to punish him for having been away so long.

“Do not think to escape me,” he
purred in response
before grabbing her and pulling her body back against his.
lips found hers, probing and
, forcing her own lips to part and accept his seeking tongue as it swept inside and began to caress the velvety smoothness of her mouth.
Eager hands pushed back the hood of her cloak to reveal her delicate features before tangling within the silken mass of golden curls that fell about her shoulders.
She was overwhelmed by her sudden invasive need of him and she wilted, all resolve draining away as she succumbed to the power of his seduction.

“Much better,” she heard him whisper as strong arms wrapped tight about her now pliant body.
The air around them began to shimmer and pulse, and there was the displaced sound of large wings unfurling and beating against the wind as she felt herself being lifted from the ground.

Higher and higher they rose into the soothing blackness of night.
She shivered in the darkness as her clothes fell away, her pale skin alive and glistening in the moonlight as he held her to him.
With wanton eagerness her legs parted and wrapped around him in invitation, and a dangerous growl rumbled deep within a massive chest before he penetrated her folds with a swift, piercing thrust.
As he entered her she cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain, his engorged member stretching and tearing as he buried himself deep and began to move inside of her.

“You’re hurting me,” she whimpered softly, feeling as if she had been drugged.
Her lips were swollen and her tongue thick as a haze of guilty pleasure ensnared her.
His mouth pressed against the base of her neck and he nibbled at the tender flesh as his hips continued to piston above her
, filling
completing her
.  It was always this way with him – wild and passionate, dangerous and compelling, and always so deliciously, painfully consuming.

“Shhhhhh,” he whispered soothingly against her skin, comforting her.
The thickly veined hardness of him stroked with erotic insistence against her sheathed nub until she climaxed with such violent force that she feared she might faint.
As wave after wave of
ure both tormented and enflamed
she heard his soft laughter of satisfaction
.  She
shivered as a lucid moment of precognition washed over her, revealing a future of addictive lust that would consume and ultimately destroy her.

As her body continued to throb and ache she felt him stiffen, and with one final thrust his deep throated cry filled the night, rumbling like thunder across the skies as his seed poured into her.
His shaft swelled painfully inside of her, his orgasm causing small barbs to emerge from its tip and bite deep into her tender flesh.
They were locked together and held firmly in place, nature forcing her to retain his seed and take it deep within her womb.
Tears rolled down her face as he held her, his lips finding her tight nipples and latching on, sucking greedily and seemingly oblivious to her soft sobs.
Yet even through the haze of pain associated with this coupling, as he moved slightly against her, she was brought once again to climax, explosive and shattering, and he moaned aloud, his husky voice mingling with her cries of pleasure as her walls convulsed around him, milking the life giving fluid from him.
They were two and they were one, and she
couldn’t help but cry
with joy to find herself within his arms once more

BOOK: The Awakening
12.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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