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The Auction

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The Auction






Eve Vaughn



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.


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The Auction

Copyright © 2015
Eve Vaughn

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To my mom who has always been my biggest cheerleader. Mom you gave me my passion for books and without you there’d be no Eve. Thank you.




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Tonight she would be punished.

Shrouded in total darkness,
was positioned into a kneel with her forehead pressed against the cold cement floor. The tightness of
her back muscles
indicated she
had been like this for
at least a couple of hours. Her knees ached, but she dared not move or else what
had in store for her would be
worse. Though there was no one else in the room, there were infrared cameras planted all around her. She also wore a collar that detected motion, picking up even the slightest twitch of a finger, so
would know if she broke form.

Tori held her breath as the
sound of footsteps drew closer. Her brief act of defiance earlier would cost her dearly. At the time, it had been well worth it to release the frustration of her situation, but now she wasn’t so sure. Her patron was an unbending beast with very little tolerance for disobedience. He was a sadist of the worst order, seeming to take pleasure in making her and the other girls under his patronage suffer.

Though she’d long since given up believing in any deity, she prayed that he would eventually grow bored and release her from this contract, freeing her to return home to her family. Tori promised herself if she gained her freedom, she’d collect her younger siblings and get out of this cursed city, and somehow make a way for them without falling victim to the sadistic
of people who had more money than compassion. Even though her middle sister was now of age
participate in illicit programs like The Run
, Tori hoped it wasn’t too late to save her.

Tori had survived The Run the first time in one piece, although she hadn’t been completely unscathed. The scars she bore from that experience were all internal and in ways even more painful than the physical harm she endured now. The second time she found herself being hunted by a group of Elites as
if she were an animal, led to an ordeal of brutality and mental anguish
. Her new patron, who only allowed her to refer to him as Mr.
, made Tori wish she hadn’t been born. She couldn’t imagine either of her sweet sisters enduring the inhumanity of the horrible Run.

A shudder shook her shoulders as she imagined it. All her life she’d done her best to shield them from harm by working odd jobs, and sometimes doing things that made it difficult to look at herself in a mirror. She protected them from a lazy alcoholic father who was
abusive and expected to be taken care of. But now that she wasn’t there, she could only hope that somehow they managed to pull through, despite the realist in her
fearing the worst
. She had to keep believing, however, that nothing bad had happened to them or else she’d lose hope and with
that, she’d have no reason to
on. She wasn’t positive how much time had passed since she’d been under the patronage of
Mr. X, because she’d lost track
months ago. B
ut she figured it had to be at least a year. She muttered a silent prayer for the
people she cared about the most.

The clicking of booted heels clicked and clacked against the floor, making her stomach bubble as adrenaline pumped through her veins. Sweat beaded on her forehead and her breathing grew shallow. She could tell from the sound of his approach that he was wearing his steel-toes. The last time he’d worn them, she’d been treated for three broken ribs and a crushed hand. Tori still experienced pain whenever she balled that particular appendage into a fist. It wasn’t that Mr. X couldn’t afford the proper medical treatment to make sure every single nerve ending worked properly; it was just that he wanted the remaining pain to serve as a reminder to never step out of line again. Now that she had, she could only imagine that what was in store for her would be worse.

Much worse.

When the door creaked open and bright lights flooded the room, Tori nearly flinched from fright, but she barely managed to remain still. She bit the inside of her bottom lip to hold in a cry.

The footsteps stopped right by her head but she didn’t dare look up.

“Pretty, pretty, kitty. You’ve done it this time.” The sinister way in which he whispered his words sent chills down her spine.

Tori wanted to throw up the contents of her dinner at the name she’d been given. Her patron seemed to find it amusing to refer to all the woman in his ‘harem’ by animal names, completely robbing them of the humanity they deserved. When Tori had first arrived at his mansion of horrors, she’d dared to stand up to him.
So you have claws
, he’d said as he stroked her face,
just like a kitten. You’ll be my
She hated the name just as much as she did the man who’d assigned it to her.

Mr. X stroked the back of Tori’s hair. Her wild honey-brown curls hung around her face, masking the fear and contempt that must have shown on her face. “When I give you
an order
, I expect it to be obeyed. Do you understand, kitty?”

“Yes sir,” she bit the words out.

A chuckle filled the room. “Still defiant until the end. That’s why you’ve always been my favorite. The fight in you is what makes it so exciting.” He ran an icy finger down her spine and Tori began to tremble. This was how it began. Mr. X liked to put his girls at ease with soothing words, making them think all was forg
before he went in for the kill. Tori wasn’t fooled for a second. The
the words he spilled, the worse her punishment would be.

“You have pretty skin, a beautiful golden brown, not the artificial kind from the salon, but the genuine thing. I would so hate to mar it
more than it already has been
.” He sounded as though he actually regretted
putting her in this situation

He was full of shit.

“Do you know why you’re here, kitty?”

tried to gulp before answering but
couldn’t gather up enough saliva to wet her pipes. She was so thirsty, her throat felt raw. “Because—” She could barely get the word out.

“You may get into position two.”

Pain seared
her body until she was in her new
, resting upright on bended knees
with her back straight and head forward. She kept her gaze focused on the spot in front of her, not daring to glance up to make eye contact.

Black gloved hands holding a bottle of water with a long straw sticking out of the top came into her line of vision. “Drink, kitty.”

Without hesitation, Tori latched on to the straw and sipped as quickly as her parched mo
uth would allow. After a few lif
e-giving gulps, Mr. X pulled the bottle
away much to Tori’s distress
. “I require your answer now,” he said calmly, as though he were a man who wasn’t about to torture her within an inch of her life.

“I’m being punished because I defied you.”

“And how did you defy me?”

She wanted to glare at him and scream, but thought better of it. “Because I didn’t want to service your guest.”

“And why was that?

“Because he smelled horrible, like he hadn’t washed in days. His scent was revolting.” It wasn’t a new occurrence for Mr. X to have guests over. Most of his friends were huge assholes like their host. When there was company, Mr. X expected his guests to be taken care of, which meant
Tori and the rest of the girls
giving them oral stimulation. There was no penetration because
Mr. X
declared that was reserved exclusively for him. But the guests were usually allowed to fondle the girls.
The first time it had happened to her, Tori had smacked the guest in the face. She had been hung upside down and beaten with a whipping contraption that didn’t leave permanent marks but she’d been sore for weeks. She’d learned her lesson after that. From then on whenever a guest touched her breasts or between her legs, she let her mind wander to another place. But tonight was just too much.

Earlier on, Tori and two other women in X’s harem were summoned to entertain. Tori had caught the eye of one man who seemed no worse than any other of the men. He’d been non-descript and his appearance was inoffensive besides the small beady black eyes, almost like a rat. When she’d gotten closer and caught a whiff of an odor that threatened to knock Tori off her feet, she’d retreated. It was as if the man had taken a bath in shit. In that moment, Tori had chosen to take whatever punishment would be coming to her rather than put her mouth on something that smelled like

Mr. X actually chuckled, startling Tori enough to make her look up into malevolent
, the color of liquid sky.
He stroked the spot on his face that he called his beauty mark although she saw it as a big hairy eyesore. Whenever he did that, Tori knew her punishment would be bad.
Quickly, she righted her head before he could add another infraction against her. “You’re right. My friend does have a unique odor to him.” He laughed again, but just as quickly as it started it ended. “But he’s a very important contact and for that violation you need to be disciplined. Unfortunately for me, as of tomorrow, you will no longer belong to me.”

Before she could stop herself, a gasp escaped her lips. He was letting her go?

“But you’re mine until the morning and you must pay for your little act of rebellion. I can’t damage that pretty skin of yours; it’s
one of my favorite things about you
, by the way. But I can do other things to make you rethink your actions, should you ever step
out of line again. Because
where you’re going, you’ll thank me for the instruction.”

Tori didn’t understand what he was talking about.
If he was setting her free why did it sound like he actually wasn’t?

Again Mr. X chuckled. “I see the confusion on that
little face. So let me make this clear for you. Tomorrow begins your new life. As for your punishment tonight, the water I gave you was full of microbots, naked to the human eye. They’ll eventually pass through you, but they’ll expand and as they work their way out of your system, it will feel like
being sliced by tiny
All internal.
You’ll cry, maybe even scream, but it will be over soon enough. The medics will monitor you throughout the night to insure you don’t bleed internally. But look on the bright side,” He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. “At least your skin will remain untouched.

Mr. X backed away until he was out the door. Darkness once again shrouded her. Before she could make sense of what he’d told her, a pain so excruciating hit her, making it feel as if her insides had been set on fire. And just as Mr. X predicted, Tori began to scream, unable to stop.



BOOK: The Auction
2.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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