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The Apprentices

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The Apprentices


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Published simultaneously in Canada.
Design by Ryan Thomann.
The art was done in ink and acrylic paint on Strathmore Aquarius II paper.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Meloy, Maile. The apprentices / Maile Meloy; [illustrated by Ian Schoenherr].
pages cm
Summary: “Two years after parting, Benjamin and Janie reunite via
magical communication to prevent a global catastrophe”—Provided by publisher.
[1. Alchemy—Fiction. 2. Magic—Fiction. 3. Adventure and adventurers—Fiction. 4. Voyages and travels—Fiction. 5. Southeast Asia—History—1945—Fiction.] I. Schoenherr, Ian, illustrator. II. Title.
PZ7.M516354App 2013 [Fic]—dc23 2012048715
ISBN: 978-1-101-59922-8

For Gwendolyn, Scarlett, and Sawyer

Table of Contents

Part One: Separation

Chapter 1: Grayson Academy

Chapter 2: The Test

Chapter 3: Exile

Chapter 4: Dishwashing

Chapter 5: A Reprieve

Chapter 6: Success

Chapter 7: The Headmaster

Chapter 8: Code-breaking

Chapter 9: An Invitation

Chapter 10: Contact

Part Two: Opposition

Chapter 11: Field Medics

Chapter 12: Homecoming

Chapter 13: First Do No Harm

Chapter 14: YES or NO

Chapter 15: The Mickey Finn

Chapter 16: The Cat

Chapter 17: The Kiss

Chapter 18: Sidetracked

Chapter 19: The Message

Chapter 20: Theft

Part Three: Conjunction

Chapter 21: The United States

Chapter 22: The Notebook

Chapter 23: Winter Wonderland

Chapter 24: The Game of Murder

Chapter 25: Breaking and Entering

Chapter 26: A Confession

Chapter 27: Kidnapped

Chapter 28: Transport

Part Four: Transmutation

Chapter 29: Flight

Chapter 30: Alistiar Beane

Chapter 31: The Sea Eagle

Chapter 32: Copley Square

Chapter 33: Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

Chapter 34: Splintered

Chapter 35: A Dream

Part Five: Precipitation

Chapter 36: John Frum, He Must Come

Chapter 37: Funny Business

Chapter 38: The Gap

Chapter 39: Floating

Chapter 40: Sprung

Chapter 41: Escape

Chapter 42: Bird People

Chapter 43: The Mine

Chapter 44: The Swamp

Chapter 45: Babysitting

Chapter 46: A Squall

Chapter 47: Underground

Chapter 48: A Sail

Part Six: Corrosion

Chapter 49: At Sea

Chapter 50: The Materia Medica

Chapter 51: Underwater

Chapter 52: Alkahest

Chapter 53: Camouflage

Chapter 54: Aloha ‘Oe

Chapter 55: Another Ghost

Chapter 56: The Miller’s Daughter

Part Seven: Germination

Chapter 57: The Confrontation

Chapter 58: The Count

Chapter 59: Unintended Consequences

Chapter 60: Danby

Chapter 61: Arrival

Chapter 62: Fugitive

Chapter 63: The Apothecary

Chapter 64: The Envoy

Chapter 65: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Epilogue: Cargo


1. the action or state of being moved apart

2. the process of sorting and then extracting a specified substance for use or rejection

Grayson Academy

he space between the stone library of Grayson Academy and the red brick science building created a ferocious wind tunnel, in any decent wind. Janie Scott ducked her head and leaned forward into the blast, on her way to dinner with her roommate’s parents in the town of Grayson, across the street from the school. It was November of 1954, and a cold autumn in New Hampshire. Janie wore a warm wool peacoat, but the wind cut through her clothes. It made its way under and over the wraps of her scarf. It found the vulnerable gap between the peacoat’s sleeve and her glove, where her wrist lay bare.

She had found the coat in her closet in London, when she was still at St. Beden’s School, and it had a strange combination of smells: seawater, smoked meat, and something sweet that Janie couldn’t identify. A girl from school named Sarah Pennington had said the coat belonged to her. But then she had taken one sniff, raised her eyebrows, and said that Janie could keep it.

Sarah Pennington also said that Janie and a boy named
Benjamin Burrows had borrowed a necklace from her, with a little gold heart pendant. Sarah said they had melted the necklace down, and were supposed to bring it back whole, as some kind of science experiment. Janie had no memory of borrowing anything from Sarah, but it seemed doubtful that she could bring a melted necklace back. Three weeks of her life had been erased from her mind, and she had lost so many important facts and experiences that she wouldn’t have listed the coat or the necklace among the ones that mattered.

But Benjamin Burrows—that name had nagged at her. Sarah Pennington said he had sandy-colored hair, and was stubborn and defiant. Janie had concentrated, feeling the memory like something deep underwater, so deep it was lost in darkness. Before she went to sleep each night, she willed the memory to come up to the surface. After months of struggle, she thought she knew the shape of Benjamin and the sound of his voice. She couldn’t remember exact conversations, but she had a sense of him. Fragments started to come back, things he had said. She began to remember a flight over water. A plunge into bitter cold. The fear that Benjamin was dead.

Then a parcel arrived at her parents’ London flat, wrapped in brown paper: a diary in Janie’s own handwriting, with a note from Benjamin saying that he thought it was safe for her to read it now. The diary entries explained what she had lost, and some of her memories came back flooding and whole. Some came in scraps and wisps that vanished when she tried to focus on them.

Now she was sixteen, and had recovered most of her memories—or thought she had. It was hard to know.

She had been on a journey by boat to Nova Zembla, an island off the northwestern coast of Russia, with Benjamin Burrows and his father. Benjamin’s father wasn’t an ordinary apothecary who sold medicine. He was trying to make the world safe from nuclear war. He had a book called the Pharmacopoeia with hundreds of years of secrets in it: alchemical secrets, elixirs made from plants, and ways of altering matter and transforming the human body.

Using the Pharmacopoeia, Janie and Benjamin and their friend Pip had become invisible—
invisible—as they tried to rescue the apothecary from his enemies. They had become birds: Benjamin a skylark, Pip a swallow, and Janie an American robin. They had found the apothecary’s colleagues: a beautiful Chinese chemist named Jin Lo and an exiled Hungarian count named Vilmos Hadik de Galántha. Together, they had stopped a Soviet nuclear test that would have killed or sickened the people who lived in Nova Zembla, and the reindeer and fish that kept them alive.

Janie’s trusted Latin teacher, Mr. Danby, had turned out to be a Soviet spy. He had taken Janie prisoner in Nova Zembla, with the help of an East German agent they knew only as the Scar. Benjamin had become a bird again to try to rescue her. But it was dangerous, too soon for his body to repeat the transformation, and he couldn’t keep his shape. She had watched him plunge sickeningly from the sky into the Barents Sea. A
man in a kayak rescued them both from the freezing water and took them back to Benjamin’s father.

In the meantime, not surprisingly, Janie had fallen in love with Benjamin.

But then something happened that she couldn’t quite forgive: Benjamin and his father had erased her memory with a glass of drugged champagne. The apothecary said that Janie was only fourteen and had to stay with her parents, in school. So, fine: Benjamin and his father got to be mysterious, magical peacekeepers, while Janie had to memorize French verbs and eat institutional English food. Was this a fair arrangement?

BOOK: The Apprentices
10.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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