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The Advocate's Ex Parte (The Advocate Series Book 5)

BOOK: The Advocate's Ex Parte (The Advocate Series Book 5)
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About the Author


The Advocate’s

Ex Parte



by Teresa Burrell


This book is a work of fiction, the characters, incidents and dialogues are products of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.


First Printing, 2013

Copyright © 2013 by Teresa Burrell

Edited by Marilee Wood

Cover Art by Karen Phillips



All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.




Library of Congress Control Number: 2013950051


Silent Thunder Publishing

San Diego



To my family.

Every day I realize just how lucky I am to have the love and support of the best family in the world. So many people have no family they can count on. It almost seems unfair that I have all of you.





A special thanks to my editor Marilee Wood who is not only the best editor but a dear friend.


Thanks to a very special beta reader, Stephen Connell who can spot an inconsistency better than anyone I know.


Thank you, Chris Broesel for your law enforcement expertise. And for always responding so quickly when I’m in need.


Thank you, Ron and Kim Vincent and David Servantes, for always being there to answer my quirky questions. I’m always amazed


at your vast knowledge in so many areas and your constant willingness to share it.





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Attorney Sabre Orin Brown leaned against the wall outside of Judge Lawrence Mitchell’s chambers as she waited for him. Although she was thirty-one years old, she always felt like a schoolgirl in trouble whenever a judge requested her presence. And this was “Scary Larry.” Who knew what he might say or do? He was known to shout at attorneys when they did something he didn’t like.

Sabre recalled a few times as a child when she had sat outside the principal’s office with the same sick ache in her stomach. But then she usually knew what she had done wrong. It was always the same things: She just couldn’t keep her mouth shut in class and she loved to argue. Once she told a teacher his statement about inner cities was not only stupid, but racist. She knew the second she said it, she shouldn’t have. The teacher yanked her out of her seat and marched her past the other sixth grade students and down the hall to the principal’s office.

Pulling her back to the present, Judge Mitchell said, “Thank you for coming, Sabre.”

“Of course,” she said.

Judge Mitchell opened the door to his chambers, removed his robe from his tall, lanky body, and hung it on a clothes tree in the corner of his office. “Have a seat,” he said.

Sabre took a seat without responding. She watched the judge, in his early sixties, as he sat down behind his massive oak desk. He picked up a photograph of a younger self, three small children, and a woman whom Sabre knew to be his first wife, among many. Admiration covered his face, but as he set the photo down and turned to Sabre his brow wrinkled and his smile disappeared.

“I may as well get right to the point, Sabre, since there’s no easy way to say this.” He paused just briefly. “We have a problem on a case.”

“You mean a conflict?”

“No. It has to do with a party on one of our cases. Something of which I’ve recently become aware.”

“Your Honor, shouldn’t we have the other attorneys here? County Counsel at least?”

“No one else can know this. I wouldn’t be telling you except….”

“Your Honor,” she interrupted him again, “I mean no disrespect, but I’m really not comfortable with this interchange without the other attorneys on the case present.” She felt her hands quiver a little. No matter how many years she had lived or how many letters she had after her name, authority figures still made her nervous. But she had several cases right now that were very touchy and she didn’t want to risk an appellate issue on any of them because of an ex parte hearing with a judge.

She expected him to rebuke her, but he didn’t. He calmly said, “Sabre, I know this can jeopardize your case and it can get me thrown off the bench, but it has to be said.” Voices filled the hallway from a courtroom that had emptied. “Please shut the door,” the judge said.

His comments made her even more wary. Sabre stood up, took one step toward the door, and looked out. She spotted Tom Ahlers, a deputy County Counsel, walking with a bailiff. “Tom,” she called. “Can you come here a second?”

She turned back to the judge. His face was red with anger and for a second Sabre thought she saw fear in his face. “We need a County Counsel in here, Your Honor. I’m just not comfortable with this.”

“There’s no need for County Counsel,” he said louder.

“So, should I get the DA? Is it a delinquency case?”

Scary Larry jumped up from his big leather chair and flung his arms out, making a dismissal gesture just as Tom stepped inside. “Get out! Both of you. Just get out. You’re on your own,” he bellowed.

Chapter 1


The Durham Case

Child: Matt Durham, Defendant

Type: Delinquency case

Charges: Two counts of First Degree Murder

Victims: Hannah Rawlins & Mason Usher

Facts: Double homicide. Two teenagers bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat.


“Scary Larry is dead,” her best friend, Bob Clark, told Sabre as he approached her in the parking lot of San Diego Juvenile Court. Sabre had just opened her trunk to remove her briefcase.

She turned abruptly, her shoulder-length brown hair dusting across her face as she swung around. “Oh my God! What happened?”

“Hit and run. Right here at the courthouse.” He pointed south. “Back there where the judges park. He was hit walking to his car and left there to die.”

“Did anyone see it?”

“I heard it was almost six o’clock before he left and nearly everyone was gone. It’s kind of secluded back there. I guess a man found him when he went for a walk with his dog. He called 9-1-1, but the judge didn’t make it.”

Sabre removed her briefcase, closed the trunk, and started to walk with Bob toward the courthouse. The blood had drained from her face, leaving it void of color, and her petite body appeared unsteady as she took her first step. Bob took her briefcase, reached over, and put his arm around her.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She stopped. “I’m not sure.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so upset over that crazy, old coot. He was a nice enough guy, but he was totally whacked. I’m sorry he’s dead, but you seem overly affected. What is it?”

“He called me into his chambers yesterday afternoon.”


“And he wanted to tell me something about a case we’re on.” Sabre took a deep breath.

“So, what did he tell you?”

“Nothing, really. The other attorneys weren’t there and I was uncomfortable having an ex parte hearing.”

“Did he tell you what case it was?”

“No, we never got that far. I saw Tom Ahlers in the hallway and invited him in, but Judge Mitchell flipped out and bellowed at us to get out. And then he said I was on my own.”

“What do you mean? What exactly did he say?”

“He said, ‘You’re on your own,’” Sabre said, pronouncing each word slowly and deliberately. “So Ahlers and I left. I don’t know what he meant, but like you said, ‘He’s whacked.’ It could’ve been anything.”

“Or it could have been something that got him killed.”

“Oh no! Do you think if I had listened to him he wouldn’t be dead now?”

“No. What could you have possibly done?”

“Told the police, maybe.”

could have done that.”

“He seemed afraid of something, but he’s such an odd duck, I didn’t really give it that much thought.”

They stopped talking when they stepped through the courthouse door. After dropping their files on the metal detector belt, they walked through.

“I wonder who’s covering Judge Mitchell’s cases today,” Sabre said, as she picked up her files.

“They have a pro tem in the dependency court, and they’ve disbursed the few delinquency cases he had among the other judges.”

“He shouldn’t have too many of those since he was easing out of delinquency. He didn’t seem too happy to be spending his time in dependency court.”

“Naw, he pretty much hated it. I think the presiding judge wanted to get rid of him. Maybe he thought Scary Larry would leave if he was unhappy enough.”

“I don’t think he could afford to retire. He has too much alimony to pay. What was he on? Wife Number Six?”

“Five or Six, I’ve lost track, but who cares. He’s dead now. I guess his ex-wives will all have to find another cash cow.” Bob paused. “And did you know we have a new County Counsel in Mitchell’s department?”

“No, I didn’t hear anything about that. Who is it?”

“It’s Marge Benson.”

“Are you kidding me? She’s back?” Sabre frowned. “But she stayed with the DA’s office when they made the conversion. What’s she doing with County Counsel?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she missed us.”

“Right,” Sabre said sarcastically. “She liked us about as much as we liked her.” Sabre wrinkled her nose. “It’s been so nice around here and now it’s going to be miserable.”

“It’ll be fine. We were newbies back then. Now we’re the king and queen of juvenile court, remember?”

BOOK: The Advocate's Ex Parte (The Advocate Series Book 5)
2.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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