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The Accidental Sub

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The Accidental Sub

Hardcore BDSM




















By: Master G




ISBN: 978-1-62761-030-8

BLVNP 2013



Chapter 1

Random Events


It had been a long hard week in tech support. AT&T's failure of its frame relay network had revealed the problems in our network followed by outages. Our team had all been putting in 14 plus hour days. By late Friday afternoon we had patched, repaired, replaced and band-aided our network back together and our supervisor invited us all out to a local watering hole for drinks, darts, and some much needed de-compression.


I was tired and I must admit not at my best when after losing my first game of darts a lady patron of the bar walked up to me. She handed me a napkin and said, "Get some sleep and call me." She rapidly left the bar and my witty rejoining comment on this was, "Huh, What did she say?" to one of my colleagues.


As much as we had been venting our problems on the events of the last three days, we were sure that the entire population of the bar knew who we were and what we did. My colleague suggested that it was probably someone from a competing firm looking for a "network-rat". In an area like Dallas/Ft Worth, this was not unusual.


The napkin went into my pocket and I did not give it another thought. The incident did make me realize how tired I really was. I could not make conversation unless it concerned Servers, Routers, LAN's, Modems, IP addresses, TCP/IP protocols T1's or DS-3's. With that depressing thought, I finished my beer drove the forty-five minutes home and went to bed. I did not check phone messages or e-mail, just used the bathroom, shucked my clothes into a pile on the floor and fell into bed.


Ten hours of sleep found me rested and my head was clear but my attitude grumpy. It was Saturday, and theoretically I was not on-call for the weekend. With a great deal of satisfaction I turned off my pager and cell phone.


If they needed me they had my home number. It was time to catch up with the work that had suffered during the last few days. By mid-afternoon I had caught up on all household chores. The mail was sorted and bills paid, yard mowed, the house picked up, and grocery shopping done. Now it was time to do the laundry.


While cleaning out my pants pockets I found that napkin. Wrapped in the napkin was a new, in-the-package condom with a phone number on it. I must say this got my attention. So much for the job offer theory.


After getting my first load of laundry started, I decided I would call her, explain my orientation, say "no thanks" then get on with things.


When I made the call to the condom number, I got an answering machine. Her name was Anne. I left a message with name and phone number and indicated that I was the man she had given a napkin and condom to last evening.


Several hours later she did call. The conversation was pleasant. I did explain my "orientation" and that I did not think it would work but I was quite flattered and thanked her for her gift of trust last evening. The call ended coolly but amicably and then I figured that that was over. Back to work for me and finish the household chores.


My current sub, Diane, had left me a few months ago with my blessings. Her mother was in an assisted-care facility in Florida and now needed need full-time care. She had accepted a teaching position at a university there to be with her mother and pursue her doctorate as well.


I got a chance to call Diane and we had a great conversation about her and my recent work experience. I got the usual “You work too hard and too long” then a pause and “Master” was tacked on the end. She seemed to be in one of her playful moods.


“So have you hooked up with Adrian and his sub Elsie” I finally asked her. I had pointed her to acquaintances of mine in Florida. Although she was removed from me by distance, I saw no sense in letting her submissive nature languish. I had asked my friend and his sub to take care of her when she needed a Dom or a friend.


“Yes Master,” was her answer. “They have scene parties once a month or so and I have met lots of new people. Adrian is keeping me informed of what's happening in the local area and Elsie is helping me arrange nursing care for Mom.”


“Anything else?” I finally asked. I got a long pause at that, then an “Elsie and me have been shopping and she has shown me every fetish store up and down Interstate 95 from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach” she finally admitted. As I had hoped, she was getting a very friendly introduction to the scene there.


When I asked about her teaching position and doctoral work, I was informed that the commercial internet account was working and her school internet account with access to the school's library and research resources and facilities had come through.


She was already quite busy and deeply into her research. I got quite a progress report. Her doctoral adviser was “A budding Dom and slave driver” and already wanted preliminary papers and outlines.


When I told her about my experience of yesterday she stated that she would have been happy to talk with Anne, but it seemed that this was already a dead issue. It had been great to talk to her and part of the isolation I had been feeling had lifted. My mood had greatly improved.


About seven o'clock that night, Anne called again. She had been thinking about our conversation earlier and “Just wanted to talk.” My mood at the time was lighter than earlier and we talked for several hours. Our conversation started out very normally and I let her lead on the topics of conversation.


She finally got around to bringing up D/s aspect of our earlier conversation with “What attraction do you see in this whips and chains stuff?” My simple answer of “Control.” did not help her much. Still she didn't hang up so I started asking a few questions. “Have you thought about this, does the idea of being in idea of being the complete sexual control of a man excite you?” I finally, asked.


“Yes I find it exciting,” was the very soft reply.


I could tell she was very excited by this or she would not have called back. Since our conversation had turned to this subject I had noticed an increase in her breathing.


The questions continued. “Would I be kept nude?” I began to explain how she might be dressed. A little of what I might demand, and what would be in my control. As the conversation continued, she finally let it slip that she was not getting the introspection she wanted. I listened to her sigh a little and she verbalized a wish “Oh, if only there was a woman I could talk to about this”.


This I could help her with. But first I would test her to see if she was serious about this. I let my voice turn hard and gave a short harsh command. “Put your hand to your crotch and tell me what you feel”.


A long pause and then an answer of “Oh heavens I'm wet and aroused and I don't believe I just told you that,” she replied. I had to smile when she told me this. I told her about Diane and commanded Anne to call her and get her slant what this D/s world was about. She would tell her what attraction she saw in it. I figured that this was over before it started, but the fact that she had obeyed earlier gave a hint of promise. I gave her Diane's phone number and ended the conversation. I really didn't want to train a novice.

BOOK: The Accidental Sub
11.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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