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Melissa looked up, his head was flung back, the muscles and tendons stood out on his neck.

This was pure lust.

He collapsed against her.

She could feel his body weight pressing her into the floor. The pleasure coming down, she could feel the rub marks off the floor and his shaking.

She held him, whispering endearments and soothing him.

After several minutes, he came up and looked at her. He seemed lost somehow. He cupped her check tenderly and kissed her.

She couldn’t help but kiss him back.

“You are amazing,” he whispered.

For some reason, Melissa was starting to feel their time together was meaning more to him.

It was late at night and they had managed to write a good portion of the book.

“Thank you for all your help,” she told him, kissing him on the lips.

“No problem. I love helping a damsel in distress.” He pulled her across the short space and made her curl round him giving her a hug.

“This feels nice.” She snuggled down, her hands stroking his chest.

“It feels great.” One of his hands was resting behind his head as his other stroked her arm.

“Have you had sex with many women who come to you for a massage?” she asked him.

He laughed. “No. Never. You are the first woman I ever thought about asking out,” he confessed.

She looked up at him. “Really?”

“Yes, since the first week I’ve wanted to ask you out on a date.”

Melissa was shocked. She’d never even thought for a second he would want a date with her.

“You know I am older than you, right?”

She watched as he smiled at her.

“I think I’ve proven to you more than once, I don’t care about the age gap. You are still amazing and sexy as hell.”

Her ego was getting seriously stroked.

“How much did you want me?”

“It was hard to keep my hands in appropriate places.”

She took his hand and placed it over her boob. “Like this?”

He moaned, his hand squeezing the plump flesh. “You don’t know how much I wanted to do that.”

“I think I’m getting the idea.” His other hand cupped her between the thighs.

“I struggled not to take a peek. I was dying to know if you waxed, what you would look like.”

Melissa opened her legs. “Go and look all you want.”

He crawled down the bed until he was between her legs. She opened herself wide and let him look at her.

There was something erotic about watching a man look at you in the most intimate of ways and see the wonder and lust appear in his eyes.

He came back up the bed and slid all the way inside her.

This time they made love, looking into each other eyes without a care in the world. They connected with each other unlike any way they had connected with others. This was more than fucking.  This was the start of something new, something special.

They held each other as they came together in an earth shattering climax. Both confused by the turn of events. Within hours they had gone from being employee and customer, to helpers, to lovers to something more.

Neither could understand, nor was willing to understand the power of the love making they were sharing.

It takes years for people to find someone special. Some people hunt their entire lives and never find love. Others go through life never knowing what they had missed.

This was Melissa and Jacks time to have their moment. To either embrace their moment or let it slip them by to never know if they would feel such passion and love again. 

No one spoke when it was over. They collapsed in an exhausted heap and allowed sleep to consume them.


Chapter Five


Two months Later

Melissa smiled at the email. Her publishers were really impressed with her cougar story. They needed a title and some edits and everything else that came with writing. She checked her watch. She had the rest of the morning to do some chores.

She glanced at her phone, begging for it to ring but again it stayed silent.

He’d left the morning after, before she had even woken. He left no notes, nothing.

Jack Hill had given her some experiences all right. The moment she had woken up, her mind had been buzzing with ideas.

Within no time her cougar story had been written and put out of her mind. But Jack stayed firmly in place. Never before had she shared her work with anyone the way she had with him.

The intimacy had been hard to ignore.

She owned him more than a phone call, more than her silence. She shouldn’t have just cancelled all of her other massage appointments as if he meant nothing to her. In truth she barely knew him but she wanted to get to know him.

He was smart and funny and he didn’t take the piss out of her for being an erotic romance writer.

He got extra special points for that.

Melissa tapped her fingers on the desk, it wouldn’t hurt and he would still be at work. What did she really have to lose?

Making her mind up, Melissa grabbed her purse and car keys. Within moments she was sitting behind her car, she started it up and off she went.

Moments like she shared with Jack shouldn’t be passed aside. They are few and far between.

With that in mind she charged for his work place.

She just hoped in her heart of hearts.  He would still accept her back after two months of absence.

Jack sat at the lunch table with all of his friends, he listened to their endless chatter about the girls they’d laid and the parties they’d been invited too. He tried to act his part. Get involved with everything.

He was struggling to find the energy to care about partying and screwing every female that crossed his path.

He couldn’t get his mind away from her. His older woman, the passion and fire she held within her.

For such a short period of time she had become part of him. It was insane. He was the king of love ‘em and leave ‘em. Not this time, the one woman he didn’t want to leave, the one whom he wanted to phone him back, had practically blanked him. It was like he didn’t exist for her.

She hadn’t even come back for her appointments with him.

Had he been that awful in bed?

Surely she hadn’t been faking the screaming orgasms or the tightening pussy?

Or had she?

Women were known to fake it.

Had Melissa?

He ran his fingers through his hair. This was driving him insane.

“Yo, Jack, ya listening?” Jack turned towards the voice.

He noted how they were all looking at him waiting for his answer.

Shit. What had they been talking about?

“Sorry, man. My head is everywhere.”

They all shook their heads and continued with the conversation. It wasn’t important obviously.

Feeling more like an outsider, he took his bottle of water and sandwich and left the table. He didn’t need this crap.

He made his way out of the building, finding the community park where people were basking in the sunshine.

Jack sat and watched while kids ran around, playing and couples leaned together, supporting each other.

Why is it when the heart is yearning for another, it seems that everyone is happy and contented doing what you wish you were doing?

He wished Melissa was here with him—by his side—basking in the warmth and the glow of each other.

Man.  He was turning into a sentimental jerk.

Shaking his head, he took a long slug of his drink.


He really didn’t need this.

“What do you want Tyler?”

He saw the shadow of his friend standing over him.

“It’s about her? Isn’t it?” Tyler asked him sitting beside him on the bench.

“Look, Tyler, I’m not in the mood for this okay?” Jack didn’t need this, not right now.

“You’re never in the mood anymore. You walk around dead most of the time. Don’t say you don’t because I know you. You’ve been different ever since that Melissa woman stopped coming by.”

Jack knew he tensed up at the mention of her name. He couldn’t help it. She had become much a part of him just through her being his customer. His favorite customer.

“See.  I can see it. What actually happened between you two?” Tyler asked him.

“That is none of your business. Stay out of it.” Jack lost his appetite.  He threw his stuff in the bin.

“Is this because she is older?”

Jack turned on him. “Don’t say it Tyler, don’t say shit to me about her age.”

“Look man.  I wasn’t going to. I was going to say, if she makes you happy why are you sat around moping. Why don’t you go and get her yourself?”

Jack stopped glaring at his friend.


“You ever thought she is the one you need to chase. She is older than you right? What’s to say she isn’t nervous about approaching the young guy. You’re my best friend and I care about you. Go fight for your woman.” Tyler tapped him on the shoulder ushering him on.

Jack thought about it. He should go after Melissa. Why should he be the one waiting around?

“After work I’ll—”

“Screw after work. Women don’t wait around. You want to prove to her you’re serious go after her now. Don’t wait. I’ll tell the boss.” Tyler urged him on.

Jack hesitated for a few seconds and then he was sprinting towards his car. He jumped into his car and was zooming out of the car park. He emergency braked when he saw Melissa coming into the parking lot.

She didn’t see him.  He honked his horn.

She didn’t turn to look.


Doing an abrupt U-turn and pissing someone off who beeped at him, he followed her to where she parked her car.

Jack jumped out, pissing more drivers off as he just abandoned his car.  

“Melissa!” he yelled her name.

This woman could sure walk fast. He started running calling her name.

Finally—after everyone turned to look at him because they thought he’d gone mad—Melissa finally turned.

He watched her eyes widen but she didn’t ignore him. She stood and waited for him.

“Jack? Why are you all sweaty? Why aren’t you at work?” she asked as he approached her.

He went to her.  He didn’t care about the people looking on. It had been two months since he last saw her. He stopped her with his lips on hers. He brought her body close to his and consumed her lips with a searing, soul destroying kiss.

She responded immediately. Her hands curved round his neck and she met him stroke for stroke on the kiss.

Time stood still for this couple. It felt so right to have her back in his arms. He held her and kissed her over and over again.

The crowd applauded. The guys laughing while the girls looked on in awe. None of it mattered.

After several minutes, they broke away gasping for breath.

“What are you doing Jack?” she asked on a sigh.

“I’m staking my claim. I want you Melissa. I’ve wanted you since the first day I met you.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Give us a chance,” he begged.

He watched as the tears sprung to her eyes.

“Oh, baby, don’t cry.” He wiped each tear as it fell on her cheeks.

The tender way he was looking at her was making her heart melt with each touch.

“I was coming to tell you the same thing,” she confessed and in that moment she owned his heart.

The crowd cheered and clapped as they embraced.

They stopped both going bright red as they realized the spectacle they were making. He kissed her again and rubbed her nose with his.

“Should we get out of here?” He nodded his head in the direction of his car.

She nodded. “Yes, Please.”

“I’m so sorry, mate,” Jack apologized to the queue of cars. They waved him off laughing.

He smiled and drove Melissa back to his place. They left her car in the lot for the next two days. He called in sick and made love to his woman, to his cougar for the rest of the week.

Three months after they moved in together.

They were both surprised with how quickly their relationship flourished. Neither expecting anything but they both gained from each other.

The first stirring of love blossoming.




Three years later.

“Your book was a mega hit, Babe. Everyone was buying it.” Jack kissed his girlfriend loving the way she leaned into his touch.

“I know, but I have you to thank for that,” Melissa took a sip of her orange juice.

“Was that really a bad thing? After all you’re my sexy cougar, I have the claw marks in my back to prove it,” he teased.

She slapped him on the stomach. “Any woman young or
could have given you claw marks,” she argued.

“The only woman I want biting into me is you.”

She kissed him giggling. “You say the sweetest things.”

“I mean them.”

The kiss lasted, turning heat filled within moments.

“Stop.” She pressed a hand against his lips stopping him.

“Okay, I’m stopping but I have a raging boner and a sex hot woman sitting in my lap,” he warned her.

She smiled.

“My publishers have asked me to do a BDSM book.”

She waited to see his reaction.

“You mean dominance and submission?”

She nodded, “among other stuff as well.” She turned round in his lap, straddling his groin.

“They recommend with the success of my cougar, maybe I should get her to delve into the BDSM scene, do a sequel.” She rubbed his dick.

“I helped you with that.”

“I can take the younger man on the journey.” She tempted him

“You’re going to be my submissive?”

“If you’re willing to join me in the journey.” She unzipped his pants and pulled out his shaft.

“You’re a right dangerous woman to me, Melissa Crane.”

She chuckled as she tested him for all he was worth.

“What can I say? I’m a right rebel at heart.”


The End

BOOK: Tempting Research
7.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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