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This was what he’d heard about, what his parents had gushed
about. Being with your lifemate intensified every action, every touch, every
kiss to the extreme.

They parted, panting, her amber eyes glowing with the fire
burning inside her.

Did she feel their connection? Did she feel anything for
him? He’d been well on his way to being in love with her and now he was

But did she feel the same?

He had no idea. His glimpses inside her mind had not
included any clues.

Mal did his best to hide his uncertainty behind a smile. He
put his arm around her shoulder and turned her, escaping her insightful gaze.
“Let’s see what’s in store next.”

At least their scorching kiss had released some of the fury
burning in the closed-off area of her mind.

She fell in beside him, her movements matching his
naturally. They were completely in sync. He clenched his free hand into a fist.
But he had no fucking clue about her emotions and began to feel like a total
sissy for worrying about it so much.

Back to the original plan.

Seduce her with so much pleasure and excitement that she
wanted to at least give them a chance to see where they could go.

Adira pushed her hand into the back pocket of his pants,
cupping his ass as if it were her favorite weapon. Despite the increase in pain
in his already oversensitive cock he welcomed her touch.

They entered the next room and studied the scene. Three men
and two women settled down to a down-and-dirty orgy. “Do you want to stay?”

She shrugged, but her hand gripped his ass harder.

He guided her to a chair in the far corner and they sat, but
didn’t settle in. Mal kissed her cheek. “What is it?”

Adira shrugged. “As much as I enjoy watching, I’m not sure
how much longer I can hold on.” She stroked her palm down his chest and cupped
his rod. “I want you.”

Fucking Jade. He wanted to punch a fist in the air, but
managed to restrain himself. “There are private chambers leading off the main
area. They have one-way glass, meaning we can still watch, but no one can see

“What are we waiting for?” She whispered her question
against his lips, chasing shivers down his spine.

He grabbed her hand and more or less dragged her behind him.
She laughed, but he didn’t care. Three doors on the far side of the auditorium
beckoned. The first was locked and redlit, but the second was open. He pulled
her through and slammed the door behind them. With a flick of his wrist he
locked it.

“Alone at last.” He pushed her against the door and leaned
in for a deep kiss.

Minutes later they were both panting and he thought his dick
would forever carry the imprint of his pants closure. He clenched his teeth and
reminded himself this was his one chance. Everything had to be as perfect as he
could make it.

Mal exhaled roughly and guided her to the picture window.
The massive bed was in front of it, but there was enough room to stand between
window and bed comfortably. He tapped the small screen on the right of the
window frame and the performers’ details appeared.

Adira burst into laughter. “Tom, Dick and Harry? Seriously?
Barbie and Candi?”

Mal shrugged. “This looks like an Earth retro orgy. Look at
the decorations.” The big chunky bed, stained dark with a yellow stripe,
standing on a massive shaggy carpet and the ugly geometric pattern on the
sheets reminded him of Old Earth. “If that’s not vintage I don’t know what is.”
He tapped the screen again. “Looks like they all swing all ways. Not sure what
we can expect.”

She leaned her back against his chest, rubbing her round ass
against his hard cock. “We can find out while we undress.” She lifted her hands
to her shirt, but he pushed them away.

“No, sweet, let me. You just keep your eyes peeled on the
action and tell me if anything interesting happens.”

“As you wish.”

Mal focused on his hands as he slowly unbuttoned her shirt,
drawing it out, raising the tension. He unbuttoned her cuffs and drew the shirt
down her arms. Not wanting to lose her soft weight against him, he threw the
fabric backward onto the foot of the bed.

Her satin bra cupped her breasts to perfection. He ran his
hands over and across the silky fabric, rubbing his thumbs over her sensitive
nipples. “What’s happening? You’re not keeping me in the loop.”

She swallowed. “Tom and Harry are standing aside and are
watching Dick, Candi and Barbie kiss and suck.” She paused. “You might want to
have a look yourself. I’ve been told this is every man’s fantasy.”

Mal raised his gaze from the temptation of her breasts.
Candi and Barbie shared a passionate kiss, the three men rubbing their dicks
and watching. He shrugged. “Yeah, if I was on my own I’d watch, but I have you
here. Far more captivating.”

She turned her head and cupped his cheek for a deep kiss.
“You say the nicest things.”

It sounded as if it was supposed to be funny, but Mal had a
feeling she actually meant it. He would tell her something nice every day for
the rest of their lives.

“Now Dick is joining the love fest and sucking some breast.”
Her breathing grew uneven. Possibly from his palm on her belly, possibly from
the scenario before them.

He caressed the smooth skin of her stomach, teased the
undersides of her breasts, before stroking his hands up her sides until he
reached the clasp of the bra. He opened it and pulled the material off. Seeing
her naked torso in the full light was a kick to the stomach. She was beautiful.
Her caramel skin glowed and her dusky nipples hardened with every breath.

He carefully untied her braid and removed the hedgehog
knife. Then he undid the band at the bottom and slowly untangled her hair until
it hung like a black-and-red silk curtain down her back. “What’s happening

“Dick has gone on his knees and is kissing Candi’s and
Barbie’s pussies. He keeps moving between them. And Tom and Harry—oh.”

Mal froze for a second at the breathless noise that escaped
her. When he focused on the scene he found the two women and Dick as described.
Tom and Harry were also engaged. With each other.

He moved behind Adira, rolled her hard nipples with his
fingers and set his teeth to her neck. “Isn’t this interesting? You like
watching men together.”

Chapter Four


Adira shivered and leaned into his touch. She swallowed as
she watched Tom and Harry. Both six-two, Tom as dark as the night sky with
short, curly hair and muscles on his muscles. Harry similarly bulky, but with
skin as white as moonlight. His white-blond hair hung to his shoulders.

Somehow watching these two brawny men kiss so delicately, so
softly, turned her on. They undressed each other with quick kisses and licks of
freed skin. Their muscles bulged with every move, becoming more and more
visible with every piece of clothing dropped.

Adira glanced to the other trio. Barbie had climbed onto
Dick’s hard cock and Cindi suckled her nipples. Overall a sexy scene, but it
didn’t raise her fire like watching Tom and Harry did. “I guess I do.” Her
voice was husky as she finally responded to Mal’s statement.

He nibbled at her neck and rubbed himself against her. “Then
we’ll have to see what happens next.” He released her breasts and unhooked her
belt, carefully setting her holster aside.

And she let him.

She never let anyone handle her weapon. Big step.

He opened her trousers. “Let’s get these off. I want full
access while we watch.”

A whiplash of heat shot through her at the thought of him
teasing her while she observed Tom and Harry. Once again Mal put his own
pleasure on hold to give her what she wanted.

What kind of man did that? And why? As much as she’d wished
she’d taken this next step in their relationship earlier, they had no future.
Hadamard surely had bars, but none would have the style or the pay Indulgence
had. She couldn’t ask him to come with her. And she couldn’t resign and stay.

He had to know all that, so why was he so keen on denying
himself and assuring she never forgot their night together?

Her gut told her there was more going on, but she could not
see what.

With a mental shrug, she pushed everything aside and
concentrated on the two men kissing before her and the scorchingly sexy man
behind her teasing her with his scent, his heat and his touch.

Adira pushed her trousers down, cursing herself for
forgetting her half boots. She bent down to untie them.

Mal groaned. “Jade, you have the finest ass in the

Realizing what she had to look like the way she stood, Adira
hesitated and then continued to untie her boots. Very, very slowly. He liked
looking at her and she sure didn’t mind being the center of his attention. Why

With a little wiggle that made him groan again, she stepped
out of her boots and trousers and rose. Now she only wore her blue satin
panties. And they were proper panties. She had no use for buttfloss, no matter
how sexy.

Before she could pull them off, Mal grasped her hand. “No,
leave them on. I can use them to play.”

She turned back to him. “Aren’t you getting undressed?”

He shook his head. “If I stand behind you naked my cock will
be in your pussy before you can say go. This way I can tease, but keep a little
bit of control.”

“At least take off your shirt.”

He did and Adira’s mouth watered with the need to explore
him with her lips. He was ripped with muscles and dark hair liberally covered
his broad chest until it thinned down into a narrow strip that disappeared into
the trousers.

Mal raised his hand and turned his finger in a circular
motion. “Let’s get back to it. Tom, Dick and Harry have been busy.”

She turned around and leaned into Mal’s heat. The rough
texture of his chest hair rasped across her back, making her shiver.

He was right. Tom and Harry had split up and now had Candi
between them. Adira’s cunt grew wet as she watched them each suck one breast
while at the same time Tom had a finger in Candi’s pussy and Harry had one in
her ass. A whimper escaped her as Tom and Harry kissed across Candi’s chest.
They separated and sucked at the same breast, their tongues entwining over the

Mal stroked one hand down Adira’s front, the other curled
around her breast, his thumb rubbing the areola of her nipple. Both hands moved
at a slow pace, the slight roughness of his skin enticing her. A quiver ran
through her.

Tom lifted Candi into his arms and carried her to the bed.
He gently settled her down and kissed his way to her pussy, which he proceeded
to eat with great enthusiasm. Candi writhed and moaned, which turned into
screaming when he thrust his tongue inside her. Barbie came over and sat over
Candi’s face. The latter promptly began to give Barbie oral sex.

Harry and Dick stood a little aside, both fisting their
dicks. Then Dick joined the four on the bed, kissing Barbie’s nipples and
tweaking Candi’s with his hand.

Adira whimpered when Mal cupped her mound. His hand just sat
there, didn’t move, didn’t penetrate. His other hand continued to circle her
nipples, moving between her breasts with no rhyme or reason.

To get some sort of stimulation she rubbed her butt against
his trousers, hoping to force him to move his hand. It worked somewhat. Instead
of pushing her panty’s gusset aside he grabbed it with two fingers and pulled.
Pulled the fabric between her outer lips and right across her clit.

She gasped. The sensations came too sharp, too quickly. At
the same time he grasped one nipple between two fingers and pinched. Her head
dropped back and she slumped against Mal. He continued to tug her panties along
her clit, driving her closer and closer to the point of no return.

Sparks spread across her body, her clit throbbed and she
waited for that push, that rub that was hard enough to drive her over.

It didn’t come. Instead the pleasure plateaued, keeping her
on the brink, perpetually near climax, but not thrusting her over the edge.

Moisture gushed from Adira’s pussy, drenching her already
soaked gusset.

Finally Mal released her panties, tugged them down and she
stepped out of them. They recaptured their previous pose, only this time Mal
thrust a leg between hers, keeping them wide apart. He cupped her again,
spreading her wetness with one finger. He tapped her clit.

She hissed and rose to her toes.

Mal followed and continued to tease her clitoris.

“They look hot,” Adira whispered with a brief glimpse at the
scenario before her, desperately waiting for Mal’s next tap. She enjoyed
watching threesomes, but it was Mal’s touch, his caresses that enthralled her.

Mal nibbled on her neck, her shoulder, and suddenly bit down
hard. Not with his fangs, just his regular teeth, but the sharp pain threw
Adira into a new level of need.

He drove one long finger inside her wet cunt and bit the
other side of her neck. “Watch.”

She wanted to tell him she could barely concentrate with all
the sensations his touch threw upon her, but then he added a second finger
inside her pussy and words escaped her.

On the stage Candi was sandwiched between Dick and Tom.
Harry prepared himself and thrust a lubricated finger into Tom’s moving ass.

She whimpered. Her knees weakened and Mal had to curl one
arm around her waist to keep her on her feet.

Tension stretched inside Adira like an elastic band. Mal
continued to gently move two fingers in and out of her, but pushed her no further.
Adira stood at the edge of an abyss, balanced between Mal’s touch and her need.
What moments ago had been highly captivating and erotic lost all meaning.

As Mal curled one finger inside her, rubbing against that
most sensitive spot, her eyes slid shut. Vaguely she head Tom bellow, but her
sole focus was on Mal’s finger.

Adira dug her nails into Mal’s arm around her waist.

Mal drove his fingers inside her, deeper and harder than
before. Adira rose to her toes, digging her nails deeper into his arm. He
followed and didn’t let up from his demanding thrusts.

Adira couldn’t take it any longer. Her hands flew to her
nipples, tweaking her hard tips with more and more force. Then she reached
behind her and grabbed a handful of Mal’s hair. She pulled him forward until
his lips rested against the bend between shoulder and neck. “Again.” She had
trouble formulating words. The pleasure spread into every corner of her being.

But she didn’t have to. Mal understood and set his teeth
against her skin. The first time it was more of a nip, nowhere near sharp
enough. Her fingers clenched.

He chuckled and nipped the other side of her neck. But he
also increased the speed of his fingers and rubbed his thumb across her clit.

Close. So close.

Her eyes slid shut. Her hands dropped from the tips of her
breasts. Everything inside her concentrated on his touch, his movement.

With his free hand Mal tweaked both her nipples and stroked
down until he twirled her clit between two fingers. He bit down sharply at her
neck, twisted her clit while pushing two fingers inside her with short, sharp

She exploded even more gloriously than the first time. The
world around her fell away. All she felt was Mal and the mini-explosions that
traveled through her body.


Her head dropped back against his chest and her knees gave
out. Mal caught her and lifted her into his arms. With ease he carried her the
few steps to the side of the bed, pulled back the sheet and settled her on the
soft mattress.

When he moved as if to pull back she clung and he settled
beside her, holding her tightly against his chest.

“Wow,” she mumbled, her eyes closed.

He chuckled and kissed her hair. As strength returned to her
body and she no longer felt like overcooked spaghetti, she realized that
tension ran rampant through Mal. She raised her head. “Are you ready now?”


Mal studied her slumberous gaze and the heat rebuilding
inside her eyes. “Are you?”

Her brows shot up. It appeared as if he continued to
surprise her. It made him glad. She had rather low expectations with regards to
men and the more he caught her unawares the better.

Adira rose up high enough she rested her hands on his naked
chest. He wasn’t sure if she was aware that she massaged his pecs as if she
were petting a wild animal. “I’ve been ready since I walked into the bar
knowing this was our last chance.”

She grabbed his belt and ripped it open. Within seconds she
had his trousers undone and her hand around his hard dick. “Commando.” She
smiled. “I like.”

His only response was a growl, followed by a groan. Her cool
hand against his burning cock? Mal wasn’t sure he’d last long enough to get
fully undressed.

He needed a distraction. Quickly. “They—” He cleared his
throat. “They are at it again.”

Adira didn’t even look over her shoulder. Instead she
dragged his trousers down his legs. Mal raised his hips in assistance. If he
hadn’t he’d have burn marks on his ass.

She didn’t slow down, but untied his boots and dropped them
to the floor. Her eyes widened when she found the small ankle holster for the
phaser on one leg and the sheath for the long knife on his other, but she
didn’t say anything.

Once she had him naked she just stared at him. Stared at him
with a hunger and a need he would never forget and hoped would always be in her
eyes when she looked at him.

“My birthday came early this year.” Her voice was husky and
rubbed across his skin like a touch. Adira smiled and tapped his ankles. He
made room for her and she knelt between his legs. She rested both hands just
above his knees and slowly slid them upward.

Mal instructed the bed to raise the upper end, leaving him
in a more leaning position. It made it easier to watch her. He didn’t want to
miss a thing.

She leaned forward. His breath stopped.

Adira grinned. “Payback can be a bitch.” Her breath teased
the tip of his penis.

He dropped his head back and groaned.

Then he snapped.

Mal grabbed her hips and pulled her up. “Turn around and
ride me. That way you can watch them.” He waved at the group outside the

She studied him for a moment and his fingers clenched around
her gorgeous ass. “No. We’ll get to the riding and the playing, but right now I
need to taste you.”

Before he could process her words she pushed back and sucked
him into the wet heat of her mouth. He bellowed and released her, afraid his
grip would turn punishing. Adira drew him deeper and deeper into the inferno
between her lips.

She flattened her tongue and rubbed it along the fat shaft,
teasing him with an edge of teeth. When one hand grasped his erection and the
other curled around his balls the sheets ripped. The material torn apart by his
loss of control.

“Enough.” He shook off the rags and thrust his fingers into
her silky black hair. He managed to pull her off him. His rod came out of her
mouth with an audible pop. Mal held her frozen. “I don’t want to come in your
mouth the first time. I want to be deep inside your tight cunt, with your
muscles clenched around me.” He dragged her up his body until she sat on his
lap, his dick rubbing against the soft skin of her stomach.

Adira understood. All teasing vanished from her eyes and the
stubborn tilt to her chin softened. “Yes,” she whispered, wrapping her arms
around his neck.

He stopped her when she lifted to her knees and grasped the
base of his member. “What about them?” He gestured to the group outside the

She shook off his constraining hand and held him steady. “I
enjoy watching them.” She nipped his lower lip with sharp teeth. “But it’s you
I want.” Slowly—fuck, so slowly—she sank down on him. Her pussy was so tight and
wet, better than even his hottest fantasy.

He couldn’t process the emotions and sensations racing
through him. All he knew was that his lifemate—he could see the rainbow-colored
connection between them clearly now—took him inside her for the very first time.
Watching his cock disappear in her glorious pussy made him nearly explode. Her
muscles clenched around him as if wanting to deny him entrance.

BOOK: TangledIndulgence
9.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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