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Submission first published in 1996 by New English Library. Published as an eBook in 2011 by Avid eBooks.

ePub: 9781780800790. Mobi: 9781780800806.

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Chapter One

Emily Johnson raised her head to gaze through her tears at the heavy steel door as it swung open. Her arms stretched above her slender naked body, her wrists chained to the cold stone wall, her dark, matted hair concealing the swell of her young breasts, she was a pitiful sight - a prisoner.

'Changed your mind yet, Johnson?' Lesley Swain asked, her short ample body wedged against the door frame. With cropped hair, a cold featureless face and a grey army-style uniform, Swain looked more like a man than a woman. 'I said, have you changed your mind yet?' she repeated angrily, ambling towards the girl.

'No, never!' Emily spat, her brown eyes afire with hatred.

'So you want to go through with this, do you?' Swain asked threateningly, cupping with one hand the soft puffy lips between the girl's parted thighs.

Emily squeezed her eyes shut as the uniformed woman pushed a finger into the chained girl's warm vagina. 'Where is Hannah Kelley?' Swain asked, slipping another finger into Emily's trembling body and biting on one of her nipples.

'I don't know! And if I did, I wouldn't tell you, you fat ugly lesbian!'

Swain jerked her fingers from the wetness between Emily's legs and slapped her face before walking to the door.

'Mr Fowler will get it out of you, my girl! If you won't tell me, then you'll tell him - you'll have to, if you want your body to remain as it is! He has funny ideas about sex, about women's bodies. He has strange ways of satisfying his lust. He's dealt with many a woman in the Correction Centres and they've all broken - in the end. It would be a shame to spoil something as beautiful as your sweet young body. Think about it, Johnson. Think about it!'

'Screw Fowler, and you!'

'I have no doubt that you
screw Mr Fowler - and me! Smith will be here in a minute to prepare you. You'll enjoy that. He'll start by shaving you, and then... well, I wouldn't want to spoil your surprise. This is your last chance, Johnson. I could... let's just say that I could help you in return for a favour or two. I like you, your body. You're young, fresh, pretty - I like your body very much. I could save you from Mr Fowler if...'

'Go to hell!'

'Where is Hannah Kelley?'

'She's preparing, planning. Evans and his totalitarian government will fall, and when it does, I'll get you, Swain!'

'Brave words from someone about to be sexually tortured. You were only caught a couple of hours ago, you've seen nothing yet. I wonder if you'll be of the same opinion this afternoon? Mr Fowler usually gets what he wants within an hour. I wonder how long you'll last under his weird but most effective methods?'

Tears welled in Emily's eyes as the door slammed shut and the bolt locked. She was frightened - and she had good reason to be. She knew of Ron Fowler only too well. For the two years since the 2018 coup led by male rights activist Richard Evans he'd been the dictator's notorious right-hand man. But whereas Evans had toppled Premier Mitchell's pro-woman coalition government with a genuine desire to redress its Equality For Women strategy that he believed had wrecked the country, Fowler's motive was blatantly perverse. Seeking out members of the isolated women's resistance groups that had sprung up all over the country, he had an endless supply of young women at his disposal with whom to enact his debased fantasies. Horrendous stories had spread like wildfire through the underground movement about Fowler and his inhuman methods, and it was hardly a closed secret that he viewed his job as Head of the Correction Centres as a means to a perverted end. The only females to leave the Centres were young attractive girls who, according to rumour, were taken to a secret place to be used by Fowler and his cronies. Some were sold into sexual slavery, Emily fearfully remembered Hannah saying. Evans had experienced little difficulty in seizing power. With most top, well-paid jobs taken by women and male unemployment running at forty per cent, he blamed the government's insistence on equal rights for women and the consequent humiliating and disastrous discrimination against males as a major factor in the country's downfall. Backed by virtually all the male population, and a surprising number of women, he had quickly taken control of the poorly-paid army, a skeleton of its former self, resulting from years of world peace and huge defence cuts. Promising to put the 'Great' back into Britain, Richard Evans had soon become known as Evans the Great.

'Back to basics,' Evans had declared during his television speech, within hours of storming the government buildings and seizing control of radio and TV stations. 'The country has had enough of so-called equality for women! Women have taken jobs, well-paid jobs, leaving their children to be cared for by neighbours, relatives and friends. They leave their children with their husbands - skilled, capable, but out-of-work men. Employers have become so concerned about the 2015 Sex Discrimination Act that they daren't employ men for fear of contravening the Act. I have nothing against women. But they
return to their traditional role of keeping house and raising children. Family values are what I am talking about here - the family values that have long since gone, allowing teenage crime to spread through this country and destroy it! I intend to change Britain, to bring back values, law and order. The male is the natural, traditional breadwinner, always has been - and always will be.'

Marched out of her office at the television studio by Evans's men and ordered to go home and become a housewife. Hannah Kelley had sworn to oust Evans. Twenty-five years old, a top, unmarried television journalist and outspoken feminist, she had formed the Equality For Women - EFW - resistance group. Planning sabotage missions from her operations centre in an underground hideout in the middle of Ashdown Forest, using highly sophisticated radio equipment to keep in constant touch with her group leaders during sabotage operations, she fast became more than a thorn in Evans's side.

Emily Johnson was the first EFW member to be captured, discovered by security force officers while attempting to sabotage a radio transmitter high up on the Sussex Downs. Hannah Kelley's right-hand woman, she was a fine catch. As part of her plan to wreak havoc and disrupt Evans's government, Hannah had sent Emily to destroy the unmanned transmitter, a vital link between Evans and his men. 'I want Hannah Kelley!' Evans stormed, banging his fist on the table.

'And you'll have her,' Fowler promised. 'We've caught one of her best women, Emily Johnson. She knows everything there is to know about Kelley and the EFW, where her base is, the names of her members, her movements - everything. I'm going to the centre to see Johnson later this morning and I promise you that the EFW, along with Hannah Kelley, will very soon be history.'

'This mustn't get out, Ron. No cock-ups. If the people knew about your so-called Correction Centres, there'd be an uprising, and one that we couldn't stop. Rumours are already rife about your methods. The last thing I want is the truth coming out about...'

'My methods are efficient and effective.'

'That's as maybe, but people won't stand for sexual abuse. Sexual torture. The eyes of the world are upon us.'

no sexual torture.'

'Isn't there? I'm not stupid, Ron. I know what's going on in your centres, and so do a lot of other people.'

they know. Anyway, as you said, they're just rumours, and they'll come to an end as soon as I get my hands on Kelley.'

'I don't want unnecessary trouble. Apart from the resistance groups we're doing very well. Unemployment is virtually nil, most women are happy to play the role of housewife, we no longer have to put up with squabbling politicians, taxes are... I want Kelley stopped, Ron! I want her stopped now!'

'She will be, I promise you - she will be. If you'd let me deal with her before she'd gone into hiding eight months ago, this problem would never have arisen.'

'Taking people out, as you put it to me at the time, isn't the way to do things. I don't want to lose face among the people. Without them, I'm nothing, don't you see that?'

'I could have got rid of Kelley calmly and quietly. No one would have known anything about it.'

'She disappears from the face of the earth and no one asks any questions, is that what you're saying?'

'As I suggested at the time, we could have got a lookalike and put her on TV to finish these bloody resistance groups once and for all.'

'It would have been too risky. Times have changed, Ron. The world won't tolerate well-known people like Hannah Kelley disappearing without a trace. And as for a lookalike, how long do you think you could get away with it? A month, a year? The only way to deal with the EFW is to capture Kelley. Without her, and her top women, the group will fall apart. Morale will decline and the other groups will fade into oblivion. Subtlety, Ron, that's the answer. Not torture, murder, it's no good. Look at the bomb you planted in the Underground. Hannah Kelley and the EFW were blamed for that and they lost a lot of their credibility over it. Now go and see this Emily Johnson and don't come back to me until you know where Kelley's headquarters are.' Opening the heavy door, Swain grinned at Emily. 'Smith is here to prepare you for Mr Fowler,' she leered. 'Where is Hannah Kelley? Tell me now, and you'll save yourself from...'

'Go to hell!'

'Do your stuff, Smith. Mr Fowler will be here in an hour or so. You know what he wants - what he likes.'

Banging the door shut, Swain left Emily alone with Smith, a greying man in his mid-sixties wearing a wicked grin. Moving towards her, he dumped a black case at her feet. 'You're a fine young specimen,' he declared, opening the case. 'It'll be a shame to let Fowler get hold of you.'

'You could help me,' Emily whimpered as he pulled an electronic depilator from the bag. Switching the device on, he moved it over the triangle of soft hair below her smooth stomach.

'No, no. In this world, it's look after number one. Dozens of young women in your position have asked me to help them. Where would I be if I'd let them all go free? Dead, that's where! I'll tell you one thing, though,' he added with a slight smile as he watched the black curls fall to the floor. 'Should you decide to tell Mr Fowler whatever it is he wants to know, it won't do you any good. He's an evil man. He wants your body, and he'll have it. Whether you cough up the information or not, he'll have his way with you. If you'd told that lesbian, Swain, what she wanted to know, you might have been slightly better off. She took a fancy to you. You'd have been better off in her hands than in Mr Fowler's, believe me!'

Removing the last vestiges of pubic foliage from Emily's soft cunt lips, Smith looked up and smiled. 'There, just like a schoolgirl! Just the way Fowler likes it. He appreciates the female form, you see. He likes to see what women have got between their legs. It's permanent, by the way. As I've told dozens of others I've prepared for Fowler, and as I will tell the dozens to come, no doubt, your little curls will never grow again. You women are stupid - fools to yourselves. Why not stay at home and clean and cook for the men instead of putting yourselves through this? Why this insistence on working, earning money and pursuing a career? Men earn good money now. Why not submit, give up this futile struggle and live life to the full?'

'Because we don't want to live under Evans's rule! We don't want a dictator, a bastard like Evans telling us what we can and can't do, that we can't work! It's our
to work!'

BOOK: Submission
6.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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