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To Kevin Balfe

Michael Vey

Power: Ability to shock people through direct contact or conduction. Can also absorb other electric children's powers.

Michael is the most powerful of all the electric children and leader of the Electroclan. He is steadily increasing in power, which may be connected to his Tourette's syndrome.

Ostin Liss

Power: A Nonel—not electric.

Ostin is very intelligent, with an IQ of 155, which puts him at the same level as the average Nobel Prize winner. He is one of the original three members of the Electroclan and Michael's best friend.

Taylor Ridley

Power: Ability to temporarily scramble the electric synapses in the brain, causing confusion. She can also read people's minds, but only when touching them.

Taylor is one of the original three members of the Electroclan. She and Michael discovered each other's powers at Meridian High School, which they were both attending. She is Michael's girlfriend.


Power: Ability to temporarily stop pain by electrically stimulating certain parts of the brain. She must be touching the person to do so.

Along with Ian and McKenna, Abigail was held captive by the Elgen for many years because she refused to follow Hatch. She joined the Electroclan after escaping from the Elgen Academy's prison known as Purgatory.


Power: The ability to create highly focused electricity that allows him to cut through objects, especially metal.

Bryan is one of Hatch's Glows. He spends most of his time playing video games and annoying Kylee.


Power: Grace is a “human flash drive,” able to transfer and store large amounts of electronic data.

Grace was living with the Elgen but joined the Electroclan when they defeated Hatch at the Elgen Academy. She has been working and living with the resistance but has not been on any missions with the Electroclan.


Power: Ability to see using electrolocation, which is the same way sharks and eels see through muddy or murky water.

Along with McKenna and Abigail, Ian was held captive by the Elgen for many years because he refused to follow Hatch. He joined the Electroclan after escaping from the Elgen Academy's prison known as Purgatory.


Power: A Nonel—not electric.

Jack spends a lot of time in the gym and is very strong. He is also excellent with cars. Originally one of Michael's bullies, he joined the Electroclan after being bribed to help Michael rescue his mother from Dr. Hatch.


Power: Born with the ability to create electromagnetic power, she is basically a human magnet.

One of Hatch's Glows, she spends most of her time shopping, along with her best (and only) friend, Tara.


Power: Ability to create light and heat. She can heat herself to more than three thousand Kelvins.

Along with Ian and Abigail, McKenna was held captive by the Elgen for many years because she refused to follow Hatch. She joined the Electroclan after escaping from the Elgen Academy's prison known as Purgatory.


Power: Nichelle acts as an electrical ground and can both detect and drain the powers of the other electric children. She can also, on a weaker level than Tessa, enhance the other children's powers.

Nichelle was Hatch's enforcer over the rest of the electric children until he abandoned her during the battle at the Elgen Academy. Although everyone was nervous about it, the Electroclan recruited her to join them on their mission to save Jade Dragon. She has become a loyal Electroclan member.


Power: Ability to create isolated electromagnetic pulses, which lets him take out all electrical devices within twenty yards.

Quentin is smart and the leader of Hatch's Glows. He is regarded by the Elgen as second-in-command, just below Hatch.


Power: Ability to interfere with the electrical navigation systems of aircraft and cause them to malfunction and crash. His powers are so advanced that he can do this from the ground.

After years of mistreatment by the Elgen, Tanner was rescued by the Electroclan from the Peruvian Starxource plant and has been staying with the resistance so he has a chance to recover. He carries deep emotional pain from the crimes Dr. Hatch forced him to commit.


Power: Tara's abilities are similar to her twin sister, Taylor's, in that she can disrupt normal electronic brain functions. Through years of training and refining her powers, Tara has learned to focus on specific parts of the brain in order to create emotions such as fear or joy.

Working with the Elgen scientists, she has learned how to create mental illusions, which, among other things, allows her to make people appear as someone or something else.

Tara is one of Hatch's Glows. She and Taylor were adopted by different families after they were born, and Tara has lived with Hatch and the Elgen since she was six years old.


Power: Tessa's abilities are the opposite of Nichelle's—she is able to enhance the powers of the other electric children.

Tessa escaped from the Elgen at the Starxource plant in Peru and lived in the Amazon jungle for six months with an indigenous tribe called the Amacarra. She joined the Electroclan after the tribe rescued Michael from the Elgen and brought them together.


Power: One of the more ruthless and lethal of the electric children, Torstyn can create microwaves.

Torstyn is one of Hatch's glows and was instrumental to the Elgen in building the original Starxource plants. Although they were initially enemies, Torstyn is now loyal to Quentin and acts as his bodyguard.


Power: A Nonel—not electric.

Wade was Jack's best friend and joined the Electroclan at the same time he did. He died in Peru when the Electroclan was surprised by an Elgen guard.


Power: Ability to “throw” electricity from his body.

Zeus was kidnapped by the Elgen as a young child and lived for many years as one of Hatch's Glows. He joined the Electroclan when they escaped from the Elgen Academy. His real name is Leonard Frank Smith.

Elgen radio communications during attack on Timepiece Ranch

his is Elgen One. All helicopters prepare to commence Mexican Lightning Storm.”

“Elgen One, this is Elgen Twelve. Be advised there are power lines along the south ridge of the compound. All copters stay clear.”

“Copy, Elgen Twelve. Elgen Base, target is in range of missiles. All helos ready to launch Hellfire missiles on command.”

“Roger, Elgen One. Lethal force is authorized.”

“There's motion on the ground, Elgen One. Enemy helicopter is powering up. Enemy helicopter is powering up.”

“Elgen Six, take out enemy helicopter. All helos let missiles fly.”

“Hellfire missiles away.”

[Massive explosions]

“That's a beautiful sight,

“Burn, baby. Burn.”

“How do you say ‘fire' in Spanish?”


“I was gonna say ‘habanero,' Elgen Four.” [Laughter]

“ ‘Jalapeño,' Elgen Two.”

“This is Elgen Nine. No report of ground fire.”

“Elgen One, this is Elgen Base. One hundred and fifty-four missiles confirmed launched.”

[Loud explosions]

“Elgen One, this is Elgen Six. We've hit underground fuel tanks or a weapon cache. The south end of the ranch just rose twenty feet.”

“There's a reason they're called Hellfire, Six.”

“Any enemy sighted?”

“No, sir.”

“Elgen Base, has there been any response from the Mexican air force?”

“Negatory, Elgen One. Skies are clear.”

“All helos commence strafing area with fifty caliber.”

[Sound of sustained machine-gun fire]

“What are those explosions along the road, One?”

“They appear to be enemy land mines.”

“There must be hundreds. The place is jumping.”

“Mexican jumping beans, Elgen Nine.”

“Elgen One, this is Elgen Three. We are directly above target. All primary targets are destroyed. All secondary targets are destroyed.”

“Roger that, Elgen Three.”

“Wait, there's motion at two o'clock.”

“Elgen Two, RPG at two o'clock! RPG at two o'clock! Firing.”

“This is Elgen Two. . . .” [Static]


“Elgen Two is hit. Elgen Two is hit.”


“Elgen One, Elgen Two is down.”

“Fire on RPG, Three.”

“Missile launched.”

BOOK: Storm of Lightning
8.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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