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Stories of Faith and Courage From World War II

BOOK: Stories of Faith and Courage From World War II
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Battlefields and Blessings Series

Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II



Larkin Spivey



Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II

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by Rick Atkinson. Copyright © 2002 by Rick Atkinson. Reprinted by permission of Henry Holt and Company, LLC

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This book is dedicated to the memory of James Arthur Norton Jr. and Edward R. Norton. These young men were pioneers of aviation in my hometown of Conway, South Carolina, and served together in the Army Air Corps during World War II. They were killed in action on May 17, 1943, flying together in a B–26 bomber over Nazi–held Holland. The Norton twins were my mother’s younger brothers and my uncles. I was three years old at the time of their death. Their adventurous and heroic lives were legendary in my family, inspiring my brothers to become Air Force pilots and me to pursue a Marine Corps career.


The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.

—Isaiah 57:1


List of Maps




January—Blitzkrieg in Europe

February—Turning the Tide in the Pacific

March—Battle of the Atlantic

April—War in the Desert

May—Advance in the Western Pacific

June—The Fight for Sicily and Italy

July—The Air War

August—War on the Homefront

September—The Central Pacific Campaign

October—The Invasion of France

November—Victory in Europe

December—Victory in the Pacific




About the Author

Topical Index


Intro: Blitzkrieg in Europe

January 1: New Year’s Day

January 2: Into Darkness

January 3: Tears and Sweat

January 4: Men of Valor

January 5: Unit Integrity

January 6: Close-Order Drill

January 7: Surf Conditions

January 8: Cloud Cover

January 9: To Volunteer

January 10: Unexpected Inspiration

January 11: Luck of the Draw

January 12: Leave It Behind

January 13: One More Kick

January 14: Nerve Tonic

January 15: Never Surrender

January 16: A New Spirit

January 17: We Had Winnie

January 18: Prayer on the Beach

January 19: Calm in the Storm

January 20: Instinct

January 21: Trust Your Instruments

January 22: Superstition

January 23: Teamwork

January 24: Thoughts of Death

January 25: The Face of God

January 26: Miraculous Escape

January 27: New Value System

January 28: Children

January 29: A Nation Prays

January 30: Faith of a Child

January 31: The Few


Intro: Turning the Tide in the Pacific

February 1: The President Speaks

February 2: Public Reaction

February 3: I Joined to See the World

February 4: Readiness

February 5: Attacking the Hinges

February 6: Rumors

February 7: More Rumors

February 8: Tapping on the Hull

February 9: Saved from Drowning

February 10: Will Whiskey Do?

February 11: Encouraging a Mother

February 12: Thanatopsis

February 13: Prisoner of War

February 14: Evangelist

February 15: Fuchida

February 16: Forgiveness

February 17: The Second Day to Remember

February 18: The Miracle before the Battle

February 19: This War Is Over

February 20: Jack Waldron

February 21: Torpedo 8

February 22: Apparent Futility

February 23: Ensign Gay

February 24: Suicide

February 25: Prepare to Abandon Ship

February 26: Wade McClusky

February 27: Another Stroke of Luck

February 28: Spruance


Intro: Battle of the Atlantic

March 1: Sink the Bismarck

March 2: At Sea on a Corvette

March 3: The Old Sailing Rule

March 4: A Child’s Perspective

March 5: Armed Guard

March 6: Sighted Sub

March 7: Attack of the Minesweepers

March 8: Murmansk Run

March 9: New Life

March 10: Hard Choices

March 11: The Four Chaplains

March 12: Reading the Bible

March 13: Where to Sleep

March 14: Hope to Go On

March 15: Navy Shower

March 16: I Couldn’t Die

March 17: One More Round

March 18: Staring at a Bomb

March 19: Evacuated to America

March 20: Nearer to Thee

March 21: Picking Friends

March 22: Eric’s Knife

March 23: Quarter Inch of Steel

March 24: A Sharp Tongue

March 25: The Gear That Saved His Life

March 26: Prolonged Suffering

March 27: A Jubilant Mood

March 28: Was God There?

March 29: The Arctic Is Neutral

March 30: The Best Solvent

March 31: An Act of Faith


Intro: War in the Desert

April 1: Submitting to the Desert

BOOK: Stories of Faith and Courage From World War II
13.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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