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Stars in Jars

BOOK: Stars in Jars
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For Warren, Esther, Sam and Liz




Sam, Sam, Quite Contrary

The Tale of Dotty Cuddletum

Twister Hamster

Harry the Hamster

The Well-Travelled Tortoise

A Goldfish Remembers

When I Was Tiny

I Want to be My Baby Brother

My Older Brother

My Cousin

I Don't Want an Avocado for an Uncle

My Grandma is a Nun

Fidget Pie


My Dad's More Embarrassing Than Your Dad

I Can't Fix Everything

The Best Hiding Place in the World

The Way He Used To Be


The Handkerchief Tree

To My Daughter, As She Learns to Play the Qin

Pencil Stub

A Memory of Snow

Possible Presents

My Friend Bob

Getting Up

Going to be Late for School

Gillian Costigan


Dawn Meets the Queen


When Is a Boy Not a Boy?

The Inside-Out Teacher

The Ballet Teacher

Bubble Gun Paradiddle

Punctuate That Lunch You Ate

Me, Myself, I


Lou's Pyjama-Uniform


The Ice Man


I Like the Taste of Computers

How to Make a Cup of Tea

The Noodle Eater

Food Sense

Boxes at Chapel Street Market

The Pointlessness of Not Buying Your Own Strawberry Ice Cream

Summer Pudding

Making Cream Cakes for Tina Turner

Propagating Thyme

Wish Sandwich

Government Health Warning

Files Not Found on a Computer

The Listening Station

A Slew of Clerihew

The Hysterical Tulip

Death in the Poetry Library

Messages from the Heart Scarab to the Heart

The British Museum Print Room


When I Travelled from the Country to the City

Benches, Tresco

Limerick 1

Limerick 2


Night Sky in the Clun Valley

World Secrets

Krakatoa Meets Popocateptl

River Torridge

Moon Jelly Fish, Horniman Museum

The Humpback's Wail

The Very Fortunate Frog

The Two-Toed Sloth's Boast

What Do You Suppose?

Wasp on the Tube

Birds I

Grey Heron, Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park

The Night Flight of the Pterodactyl


Flamingo Blumingo

Jamie the Jumpling

Birds II

The Solar-Powered Fairy

Teddy Balloon

Dusk at the Botanical Gardens, Bath

Postcard from the Bathroom

A Beach for Ruksar

Mike's Mountain Barbeque

Bradshaw Plots his Revenge


The Return of the Wildman of Orford

The Fragrant Pirate

Piccalilli and Bottle Top


The Powder Monkey

Isopod Song


Playground in the Rain


Rain in Nice

Walter the Water Wizard

Swimming at Forest Hill

The Roman Baths

Mountain Biker Poster

Back to School

Freya's New Pair of Shoes

Iris Upsidaisy

The Year is Turning

Elastic Band Boy

The Shortest Days

The Rugby Tournament

The Girl Who Lives Under a Stone

Planet Nothing

Cherub Bob Was a Slob

Little People

Holding Back Time

Timing Is Everything

Storing Time

For Christmas

Putting Away Christmas

The ‘I'm Not Tired' Dance

Tin Lid


What Does Poetry Do?



What people say about Chrissie


For Vincent

William went up in a rocket

to see where it would go.

It flew round

and round

and round

the sun,

and burnt his left big toe.

Then he flew around the moon,

to see if it was made of cheese.

It crash-landed

in some camembert,

and William hurt his knees.

Then he flew through the Milky Way

and caught

a trail of stars.

He brought them home





where he keeps them safe in jars.


for Alice Catherine

Arms up

Bib on

Eat up

Get down

Arms up

Bib on

Throw food

Mum down

Arms out

No bib

Get down

Throw up

Dad tries

No go

Head down

Give up

Sam, Sam, Quite Contrary

Sam, Sam, quite contrary,

bought a budgie,

wanted a canary.

Sam, Sam, quite contrary,

kissed Suzannah,

meant to kiss Mary.

Sam, Sam, quite contrary,

dressed as a pirate,

playing a fairy.

Sam, Sam, quite contrary,

ate dark chocolate,

says he likes dairy.

Sam, Sam, quite contrary,

shaved his head,

to make it hairy.

The Tale of Dotty Cuddletum

There was a young girl called Lottie

whose tum was ever so spotty,

she pulled up her vest

inspected her chest

and then went to sit on her potty.

The spots were all over her arms and her legs,

she even had one on her nose.

When she took off her socks

and wiggled her feet

she had seventeen spots on her toes.

“Don't worry,” said Mummy,

“Don't worry,” said Daddy,

“we'll go to the shop tomorrow

for a bottle of potion called calamine lotion

then we'll just see how it goes.”

By the end of the week,

the treatment complete,

Lottie was not quite so spotty.

She patted her tum and began to have fun

from that day her nickname was Dotty.

Twister Hamster

Twister sleeps in the day,

Esther sleeps at night.

Esther wakes in the morning,

gives Twister quite a fright

by poking her finger at Twister

who bites her thumb real hard.

Esther now has a plaster.

And she pulls away her finger a bit faster.

BOOK: Stars in Jars
2.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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