Stanley, Gale - Hellfire [Southwest Shifters 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (5 page)

BOOK: Stanley, Gale - Hellfire [Southwest Shifters 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Gage almost told the cowboy that everything about Kate was his business, but he bit his tongue. “It just doesn’t seem right, that’s all.”

“I told you Kate is a homebody. I travel all the time. She’s welcome to come, but she doesn’t want to.”
finished his beer and got off his stool. “Hey, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Nice meeting you, Tanner.” He ignored Gage.

Gage looked at Tanner and silently shook his head, willing his boyfriend to let the cowboy go. They weren’t here for him. As tempting as
was, they’d come to get closer to the she-wolf, not to get involved with a human man. Either Tanner didn’t see him, or he flat out ignored Gage.

Tanner stood up and blocked the cowboy’s path. “Wait. I don’t want you to leave. Neither does Gage. He’s just a little off the last couple of days. The heat and the drought…”

relaxed a little and looked over at Gage.

Gage pasted a contrite look on his face. He was pretty sure it was Kate’s idea not to come, and making an enemy of the cowboy would not get them closer to her. “I’m sorry,
. My mother was abused, and sometimes I just get a little overprotective when it comes to women.”

nodded. “I understand.”

“Can we start over?”

“Sure.” The cowboy smiled and sat down. “I asked her to come. She begged off. Look, I’ll be perfectly honest. Kate and I live together, but we both believe in our personal space. We each have our own lives.”

No surprise there, but it’s Kate’s life I’m more interested in.
“You sound like an old married couple already.” Gage sighed inwardly.
wanted to play, and he was cute as a puppy dog. If only he weren’t human.

looked down and fiddled with a napkin. “Look, I feel like we made some kind of connection, so I’ll be honest. I’m with Kate, but I prefer men. She’s okay with it. If you’re not, just say so, and I will leave.”

Tanner jumped in before Gage could open his mouth. “Well, since we’re being honest,
, I might as well come clean. It’s not a problem. Gage and I are gay.”

’s face broke into a big grin. “That’s a relief. When Gage started questioning me about Kate, I started thinking maybe I read you guys wrong.”

Gage scowled at Tanner, but his lover pretended not to see and leaned in close to
. His lips were very close to
’s ear, and the cowboy shuddered. “We were hoping to get better acquainted.”

hesitated for the briefest second. “I have to be at the rodeo grounds really early tomorrow, and I booked a room here so I wouldn’t disturb Kate tonight.”

Tanner offered the cowboy a slow, sexy smile. “Then let’s move this party upstairs.”

Chapter Five

took his time getting naked. He got down to his briefs. His erection, fighting for freedom, had already left a nice little wet spot on the material. Tanner licked his lips, wanting nothing more than to tongue that damp blotch. He settled back against the pillows and snuck a peek at Gage lying next to him. His partner did not look happy. It pained him that he’d put that sour look on his lover’s face. Maybe he should have passed up this playdate, but damn it to hell, he didn’t believe
was a threat to them. The cowboy appeared to be in the dark about his woman’s identity, so why should he suspect Tanner and Gage? As far as
was concerned, they were two horny ranch hands. And if
did know more than he was letting on, Tanner felt he and Gage had a right to know. The rodeo rider could inadvertently put the Southwest Pack in danger. He looked up, and
gave him a flirty little smile. The cowboy’s expression said,
I’m really loving this.
So was he. If
wanted to give them a show, he was all for it. He just hoped those briefs would come off soon so he could see the main attraction. Shi hooked his thumbs in the waistband and shimmied them over his hips.

Tanner was not disappointed. If he had to describe
in one word, it would be
. He’d never had a blond before. His partners had all been Lycans, big, dark, and hairy.
was an exciting, sexy change, six feet two inches of wiry muscle with a smattering of light brown hair on his hard chest, a face like Brad Pitt, and an eight-inch dick slapping against his abs. A dream come true.
I think I’m in lust.

Shi came and sat on the edge of the bed next to Tanner. “I think you’re overdressed for this party.”

Tanner looked at Gage from the corner of his eye. His partner’s eyes betrayed his lust, but his mouth was set in a frown. Evidently he still thought this was a big mistake. Gage needed to lighten up, and Tanner knew just how to change his mood. He winked at
and nodded toward Gage. “Undress him.”

“My pleasure.” Shi smiled seductively at Tanner and stood.

* * * *

The mattress dipped, and
lowered himself to Gage’s side of the bed. “
There’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I first laid eyes on you.”

Gage gasped in surprise when
gripped the front of his shirt and pulled him close. The cowboy reached around his neck and freed the thick black hair that hung down his back, sighing as he ran his fingers through the long strands.

“So pretty.” His hands twisted in Gage’s hair.
held his head still and looked into his eyes. The first press of his lips set Gage’s on fire. His heart beat faster as Shiloh
forced his mouth open with his thrusting tongue
and they shared a kiss.

Soft lips left his and traced a path over his jaw to nibble on his earlobe.
“Shi…” Gage sighed, knowing he was lost. He might as well enjoy the ride.

“Shh. Lie back,” Shi whispered. Slowly he unbuttoned Gage’s shirt and pressed kisses to his chest. Finally, he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked lightly, flicking it with his tongue.

Gage arched his back, pressing his chest against
’s mouth, wanting more. The cowboy sucked harder then bit him.
Gage’s nipples were hardwired to his cock. His erection grew rock solid, and he reached for his own zipper.

sat up and pushed his hands away. “I was told to undress you.”

Gage eyed the cowboy’s leaking dick and groaned. “You’re taking too long.” From the corner of his eye, he saw Tanner smirking, but he was too hot to give a shit.

Licking his lips,
worked the zipper down and reached inside, groping Gage’s cock and balls, then freeing them. His erection stood straight up like the mast of a ship,
the foreskin rolling back to expose the swelling head.
gave it a few strokes and pushed the foreskin
back to his balls until the shaft was completely smooth. He
spread leaking pre-cum over the head with his thumb. Then he bent to tongue the slit for a taste

Fuck, Gage was impossibly hard. His breath growing harsher by the minute, he gripped the sheets in frustration.
tried to straighten up, Gage held his head down. “Oh God, I want that sweet mouth on my cock. Suck me, cowboy.”

struggled up and flashed an evil grin. “Not yet. I have my orders.”

“Fuck!” Gage growled. He heard Tanner snicker, and he looked over at him. His lover’s eyes were hot and hungry. Tanner liked to watch, and it was obvious he was enjoying this.

Gage had already taken off his shoes and socks earlier. He let Shi help him with his shirt then lifted his ass so the cowboy could remove his jeans.
Despite the AC, Gage was on fire, and a fine sheen of sweat covered his body.
His balls tightened at the look on the cowboy’s face as he lowered his head. But instead of sucking Gage’s aching dick,
pushed his legs in the air and spread his cheeks. A callused thumb rubbed over his exposed hole. Then Shi buried his face in the crease, and his long, wet tongue licked and sucked at his opening. Gage shuddered and let out a cry.

Shi lifted his head and grinned. “Like that, do you?”

“Urgh ha huh!”

“I thought so.” Shi laughed and began anew to drive him crazy. He sucked and nipped. His talented tongue breached the muscle and flickered in and out. Just as Gage reached the edge of an orgasm, he stopped.

Gage groaned. “Don’t stop now.”

He was dimly aware of Tanner’s harsh breaths next to him, and he looked over. From the glazed look in Tanner’s eyes, he could tell that his lover was extremely turned on, maybe as much as he was.

“Yeah, suck it. Suck it all you want,” Tanner encouraged Shi.

The cowboy took the hint, rubbing the stubble on his jaw against the soft skin of Gage’s shaft, then soothing it with his tongue, licking from base to head. Soft animal sounds escaped from Gage’s throat as Shi’s wet heat enveloped him.
The man’s sexy lips felt so damn good wrapped around the weeping head of his dick, Gage couldn’t hold back a moan and his hips bucked, pushing more of his engorged cock down the cowboy’s throat.
swallowed his length then let his lips slide back up the shaft. Pleasure raced through him as
started sucking, and he writhed, straining for more.

“God yes. Harder, cowboy. Suck me dry.” Deep, throaty moans and
loud slurping noises filled the hotel room.

Then Shi slipped a hand underneath him to caress the sensitive skin between scrotum and sphincter.
A finger, slippery with spit and pre-cum, pressed against his hole,
and Gage clenched his buttocks in anticipation. Shi breached the entrance, pushing the tip of his finger past the ring of muscle, and pleasure shot through Gage’s body. Approaching the point of no return, Gage bit his lip to hold back his release.

* * * *

Seeing Gage wrapped up in the pleasure of having
suck his cock made Tanner’s own cock weep for attention. These two men together were so damn hot. It was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. For the moment, he was content just to stroke himself while he watched them.

released Gage’s cock with a soft pop and looked over at Tanner. His cobalt eyes darkened even more. “Fuck me.”

Tanner didn’t need a second invitation. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Shameless, the cowboy groaned and bent over with his ass in the air. “There’re condoms on the nightstand.” He widened his legs before sucking the head of Gage’s cock back into his mouth.

Lycans didn’t get human diseases. Tanner had never used a rubber in his life and didn’t plan on starting now. “Don’t need them. We’re both clean.” He came up behind the cowboy and stroked himself, spreading pre-cum over his shaft. Then he traced the crease of
’s ass. Shi tensed and grunted, then pushed back, encouraging him to do more. Tanner teased him, finally pushing his finger past the tight ring of muscle. Satisfied with Shi’s sounds of approval, he added a second finger and searched the tight passage for Shi’s prostate. A harsh grunt let him know when he found it.

Fuck! Enough! He couldn’t hold off any longer. He removed his fingers and lined his dick up at Shi’s hole, pushing inside slowly until the head of his cock entered. Shi pushed back against him, letting him know he wanted more. One hard thrust, and he was inside, Shi’s muscles gripping his length like a glove. Tanner started moving, and a tidal wave of unfamiliar emotions flooded over him, a feeling of deep affection and belonging. Somehow, it felt right having
between him and Gage.

BOOK: Stanley, Gale - Hellfire [Southwest Shifters 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
13.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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