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To my caveman—another book based around your
multiple personalities.


I love you. Thank you for all the inspiration




Perfect Pairs, 2




© 2015



Chapter One


“Laura, Brandon and Tyler, you are now
bonded for life.”

Jack’s face broke out in a grin and he
whooped loudly and clapped his hands. Happiness for the couple before him
flowed through his blood like rich wine, giving him a sense of warmth and

Though, was it still a couple if there were
three of them? He hadn’t worried about what to call them before, as they didn’t
have many ménage à
relationships in their family

Laura, the bride, lifted her face toward
her men. Brandon kissed her first. Then Tyler turned his woman toward him,
cupping Laura’s face and kissing her also.

A quiver of pain pierced the happiness
within Jack’s chest, like a needle sliding through a balloon.
Such a small thing, but oh-so-powerful.
The image before him
was what he and his brother should have had.
A perfect pair
mating with their fated woman.
It made him ache and swallow hard, trying
to dislodge the deep-seated feeling.

He copped an elbow in his side from his
twin, Scott, and pain spread through his ribs.


“Don’t you dare go all maudlin on me

Jack scowled and jabbed his brother back
with his pointer finger.

“Why the hell would I do that?”

Scott chuckled and
his arm across the back of Jack’s plastic garden chair.

“Because I know you still think she’s out
there. Some perfect woman made just for us.” He huffed out a laugh, though
there was no
there. “But you know that won’t
happen now. You and I are pushing fifty, Jack. We’re done.”

Jack turned in his chair and glared at his brother.
Scott really did have to get over all the crap his wife had put him through and
move forward.

“You might be done, but I’m not.”

He looked back toward the newly bonded
family, taking quick breaths through his nose to calm down. His heart was
pounding a little heavier with anger now, and he shouldn’t feel that way at a

They mingled for over an hour, enjoying the
banter and general good feelings his
family gave him. When they stopped to get another drink, he scanned the area
and watched as Laura bounced from one relative to another. Poor woman didn’t
know what she was in for. His gaze drifted around the crowd until it fell upon
a beautiful woman standing by the refreshment tables.

“Who is that…

Lust burned in his gut as his gaze devoured
the woman who had attracted him. She had shoulder length reddish-brown hair and
a sad, beautiful face. Her body was curved in all the right places, yet her
silver slip dress hid most of that abundant flesh from his sight.

“Who are you staring at?”

Scott turned to stand next to him, shoulder
to shoulder, peering in the same direction.

“Are you… The woman…”

Scott let out a small groan and stumbled
back into a chair, still facing the woman.

thank you, God! We’ve found her.

“Quick, we need to get to her.” Jack
slapped his brother on the knee, and Scott growled at him.

“Calm down, Jack. We can’t just rush over
there. She doesn’t seem to have any shifter in her, so she must be from Laura’s

Jack nodded, excitement building in him
like a running faucet in a bathtub, filling him up to overflowing, and he
couldn’t wait for the moment it happened.

“Okay, so we should talk to Laura first.
Ask for an introduction.”

Jack grinned at his brother and pulled
Scott to stand again, a feeling flowing between them.
sizzling connection and a joined purpose.
He hadn’t felt that with Scott
since they were teenagers. Before they’d met their wives and been torn apart.

Scott led the way through the thick crowd,
and Jack followed with his breath catching in his throat. He couldn’t stop his
gaze from darting over to the woman with the auburn hair.

They finally found the lovely bride
collapsed on a garden chair, panting with the stress of being thrown from one
set of arms to another.

Jack stepped up in front of her and smiled
down at the woman who had made his cousins, Brandon and Tyler, so incredibly

“Laura, you look absolutely beautiful.”

And she did. Her hair was swept up in a
fashion that was both feminine and suited to her face. He could see the twin
bite marks on her exposed shoulders and suppressed the rumble that passed
through him at the sight. One day he and Scott would mark their mate like that

Laura looked up and smiled at them. “Wow,
you two look amazing.”

Jack grinned and inclined his head. His
gaze strayed over to where the woman in silver stood eating one of the pastries
that adorned the table. He forced his attention back to Laura. It was a
struggle, though. The other woman’s pull on him was magnetic and he clenched
his jaw to stop himself from turning back.

Laura sat up straighter and glanced in the
same direction, a puzzled look on her face.

“What are you two staring at?”

She put out a hand and Jack lifted her up
off the chair, steadying her as she wobbled.

“Oh, that’s better.” She adjusted her white
dress, which looked like it had some sort of corset thing underneath. It gave
her a lovely hourglass shape, but Jack wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be.

“Laura, who is that woman
in the silver dress?”

Laura’s eyes widened as Scott asked the
question. She turned and scanned the area while Jack held his breath.

“Oh, she came!” Laura clapped her hands and
took a step in that direction.

Despite Jack being the athlete, it was his
brother that moved first from where he’d stood next to him. Scott’s hand shot
out around her arm as quickly as a rattlesnake and stopped her in her tracks.

“Is she a friend of yours, Laura?”

Scott’s voice was even deeper than usual
now, bordering on raspy. Jack had never heard it sound like that before. Scott
had always put up a very strong front when it came to the subject of their
fated mate. He’d been adamant that he wouldn’t even want her if she finally did
show up, but that really was all it was.
A front.

Brother. We’ve found her. I haven’t even touched her, yet I can feel her
drawing me in. You can too and I know you’re probably terrified, but please
don’t be!

“She’s my cousin from up north. I invited
her to the other wedding but she couldn’t come, so I told her about today and
extended the time a little so she’d miss the ceremony itsel
. Though…” She tapped her foot a little and pulled her
arm out of Scott’s grip.

“I won’t be upset if she knows that I’m
mated to both Tyler and Brandon. My family will work it out eventually.”

Ah, he’d forgotten about that complication.
Non-shifters didn’t understand the bond between three people like they did.

His stomach flickered and he ground his
Back to their issue.

“Can you introduce us to her?” Jack asked,
needing to touch Laura’s cousin to confirm whether she really was
their woman
or not.

“Sure…” She walked through the throng of
people and made her way to the woman’s side. Jack and Scott followed in her
wake. The excitement rose within his belly and suddenly he was reminded of the
year he’d turned fourteen and went on his first date.

“You came!” Laura cried and threw her arms
around the woman in silver,
laughed and hugged her

on, come on.

Laura pulled back and stared at her cousin.

“You look like shit, Ash.”

Jack frowned at Laura. That wasn’t a nice
thing to say to her cousin, let alone a woman that beautiful. Jack’s balls
tightened as he took in her voluptuous figure. He usually dated
ultra fit
women who trained hard to minimize their body

BOOK: Stalking the Pharmacist
8.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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