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Songs Only You Know (43 page)

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Alice Tasman for unwavering belief and calm, kind advice when it was needed most; Mark Doten for digging into this story with such care and acuity, and for seeing light where others saw only darkness; all the incredible people at SOHO, especially Meredith Barnes, whose rapid fire smarts and heart-driven enthusiasm helped carry this book into the world.

Others who helped in big ways: Stephen O’Connor, Patricia O’Toole, Lis Harris, D. Foy, Jeff Rhoda, Sami Jano, Sara Faye Green, Daniella Gitlin, Victoria Loustalot, Jay Goldmark, Akiva Freidlin, Dan and Jenny Jaquint, Jeff Gensterblum, Jenny Gensterblum, Chadwick and Ling Whitehead, Kris Kaczor, Laura Jean Moore, Leslie Maslow, Mike Gardner, Ryan Sult, Evelyn Somers, Alia Habib, Richard Locke, Mary Morris, and Diane Wakoski; thanks, also, to The Anderson Center and The Jerome Foundation for their support.

Though many could not be directly referenced in this story, I owe a great deal to the friendships I made while dreaming the musical dream—so nice to meet you on the other other side.

William Thomas Arnold and Andrew Fullerton and Brian Repa and Scott Stimac and Mike Warden—without their large lives and permission to write about them, I would not have been compelled to write this particular book.

John Kaplan’s guidance and mentorship had profound influence on my ability to recast these experiences, and to endure the consequences of doing so.

BOOK: Songs Only You Know
7.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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