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Authors: Anna Fock

Tags: #group sex, #humiliation, #dubious consent, #reluctance, #rough sex, #gangbang, #older man younger woman, #gagging, #brutal sex, #forced blowjob

Sold To Strangers

BOOK: Sold To Strangers
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Sold to Strangers


Anna Fock

Sold to Strangers
copyright © 2014 by
Anna Fock. All rights reserved.


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This is a work of fiction containing
consenting adults over the age of 18 who are not blood relatives,
whether expressly described as such or not, in graphic adult sexual
situations. It is intended for entertainment purposes only and
should be read by adults only. By reading beyond this point, you
are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age.

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Having a rich boyfriend is great.

That was what I thought, anyway.

When Daniel said I could come and live with
him, I was overjoyed. I wasn’t getting along well with my mom and
dad and would have done just about anything to get out of the
house. And, don’t get me wrong, I really loved Daniel and was
pretty sure he felt the same way about me.

Daniel did, however, come with some perks.
He’d said his parents were loaded and he had a nice house all to
himself. It was great. We did whatever we wanted to without
worrying about anyone intruding. I’m really happy with how it
turned out and, I don’t mean to jump the gun or anything, but I’m
thinking it’s only a matter of time before Daniel proposes.

My name’s Jennifer, by the way. Daniel is a
few years older than me and, while I really do think he loves me
and might propose to me, I would admit to still being a little
shocked if that actually happens. I’m not a knockout by any stretch
of the imagination but I’m young (just turned 18), my body is put
together well, and, I don’t now, I guess I have an overall
innocence about me. A lot of people say I look like a famous
actress who’s also named Jennifer and is in those movies where kids
have to kill each other or something. I don’t have a lot in the
breast department but my firm, round ass more than makes up for it.
But, for whatever reason, Daniel seems to be completely obsessed
with me. He says I’m the first girl he’s ever had sex with and I
actually believe him. He’s not a total goon or anything but he’s
not the best looking guy in the world and he seems a little
socially awkward. At this point, I’ve never cheated on him or
really even thought about breaking up with him. He would be
devastated, I know. He’s often said just the thought of another man
looking at me makes him crazy. And he’s pretty controlling. If he
has any friends, we’ve never even gone out with them. So mostly
it’s just us in this big old house. He works but doesn’t really
seem to be at work a lot. And I’m just resting up before school
starts in the fall, spending most of my days out by the pool and
occasionally riding into town to spend some of Daniel’s money at
the mall.

It’s late afternoon and I’m lounging on the
couch in a white t-shirt and a pair of black yoga pants when Daniel
comes in and says, “Jennifer, we need to have a little talk.”

He seems nervous and at first I think he’s
going to break up with me and I almost start crying. Then I realize
how crazy that is – Daniel would
break up with me – and
then I get a little excited because I think maybe
it. Maybe he’s going to pop the question although there doesn’t
seem to be anything particularly romantic about the situation.

I take a deep, shaky breath and say,

I sit up on the couch and he sits down on one
of the empty cushions. He smirks. He’s wearing a t-shirt and
sweatpants that probably cost over two hundred dollars. I realize
he isn’t smirking. He’s trying to force himself to smile. Jeez, it
almost looks like
getting ready to cry and I almost cry
out, “Yes! Of course I will. I’ll love you forever!”

“This is ... difficult.” He’s still wringing
his hands and now looking around the spacious room to avoid making
eye contact.

I put a hand on his thigh in an attempt to be
comforting. “What is it?”

“I’ve ... lied to you.”

Until this moment, I realize how completely
I’ve trusted Daniel and my first thought is that he’s been having
an affair. It would be nearly impossible, I think, since we spend
most of our free time together and have sex at least once a day. So
I don’t know how he would find the time or the sexual stamina.

But, like a dumbass, I blurt out, “Have you
been having an affair?”

He laughs and a wave of relief washes over
me. “I wish it were that simple.”

Then I think this must be something really

I squeeze his thigh and say, “You can tell

“Okay,” he says, “before I say anything I
want you to know you don’t have to. Okay? You have the right to say

Then I think maybe all he wants is to try
something kinky in the bedroom. In our time together, he’s never
asked to fuck me in the ass (something I thought most guys probably
did by like the fifth date) and he’s never asked to come in my
mouth or ... anything out of the ordinary, really. Okay, I guess
you could say our sex life was bountiful but somewhat vanilla.

“Daniel, just ask me. I won’t be mad at

He exhales sharply and says, “You can’t
promise something like that until you’ve heard what I need to tell

I take my hand away from his thigh. I now
think maybe it’s something bad. I’m still a little confused, not
sure if he wants to
me something or

Or both.

“Okay,” I say. “I’m not good with suspense.
Out with it.”

As he speaks, I feel myself get angrier and

“When I said my parents were rich, I lied to
you. Well, I didn’t really lie about that. They are rich, but I
don’t see any of their money. Not until I’ve graduated college and
go work for my father and all that. Until that day, I don’t see a
penny of it. So this house is ... rented. I felt like you deserved
it. I did this for you and I also thought it would make me seem
more successful. But I’m three months’ behind and I’m getting
evicted tomorrow.”

I panic. I know I can’t go back to live with
my mom and dad. All of my friends have already left the state to
start school. I have a vision of being suddenly homeless. And I
know it only applies to me because Daniel will just go back and
live with his rich parents in their house that’s even nicer than
this one. And the way he talks about his parents, I know there’s
no way
I’m going to be going with him.

“What are we going to do?” Now I am crying.
Everything has gone from being great to terrible.

“Some of the work I’ve been doing,” Daniel
says, “has been for some pretty questionable characters. I’ve just
been doing bookwork but I think they might be in the adult film
industry or possibly even something involving drugs or
prostitution.” He sighs and looks at the ceiling. “It’s stupid, I
know, but anyway, that’s who this house is rented from.”

“Are they going to ...
you or

“They might. I mean, three months’ rent on
this place is
a lot
of money.”

“I don’t have anything or I would happily
give it to you.”

“Actually... you do have something they might

My heart starts hammering in my chest. I
don’t have anything.

“Like I said,” he says again, “you have the
right to say no.”

“What could I possibly have that they’d

Daniel coughs and goes back to wringing his
hands. “They said we could stay here for as long as we want if I
let them use you for one night. There.”

He slumps back on the couch like some great
weight has been lifted but I have a million and one thoughts flying
through my head. ‘They’? Jesus, how many of them are there? ‘Use
me’? I mean, I’m pretty sure what they mean by that but, come on,
they can’t be serious, can they? Isn’t that illegal? Should we go
to the police? And, wow, was Daniel really going to go along with
this? Did
say it was okay? Well, obviously he did if he’s
willing to rent me out to his friends for a night. I almost want to
say yes just to make him feel bad but, obviously, the first thing
that I blurt out is, “No! Fuck no! Daniel, you’re the only person
I’ve been with. My god! I can’t even believe you would fucking ask
me something like that! Am I just a fucking whore to you?”

“No no, baby. I love you more than anything.
You know that. Just ... well, I don’t want you to say yes. It’s
just that, when you find yourself without a place to live tomorrow,
I wanted you to know why ... And to know all of the options.”

“Wait, how is that even an option? I can’t

He pulls me to him. “I know,” he says.
“Jesus, it was really stupid. I shouldn’t have even brought it

I’m too enraged to be comforted by him. This
is as mad as I’ve ever been at him. I stand up from the couch and
look down at him. He seems completely pathetic now. Just some guy
who will never be able to separate himself from his parents.

I hear a car door slam outside.

I look at Daniel. His eyes have grown

“Fuck, Daniel ... Is that them?”

Now my anger is off the charts.

He throws out his hands, stands up and says,
“I didn’t know what to do.”

I’m getting ready to, I don’t know, punch him
or something, when the door opens and I turn to see a man in the
doorway who isn’t bad looking at all. Tall, dark, muscular, wearing
expensive clothes. I assume this is one of the people Daniel has
been dealing with and I turn to the man in the door, not even
knowing how he knows me, and say, “I’ll do it.”

“Jennifer!” Daniel says.

I blink away the tears and look at the man as
he half-smirks.

“On one condition,” I say. “I want Daniel to
be there.”

I want Daniel to be there more for
humiliation than comfort. I want him to see every filthy thing I
have to do. He covers his eyes.

“I don’t have to do that,” he says.

“It’s what the lady wants,” the new arrival

“But I don’t need this place. I can just go
back and live with my parents.”

“Ah, you could,” the man says. “But we’ll
still need five thousand dollars and it’s going to be hard for you
to make that money if poppa doesn’t give it to you and you find
yourself unable to work.”

“Unable to work?” Daniel says, clueless.

“Ever tried working in a coma?” the man


He seems really sleazy and I get a terrible
vibe from him. I wonder if it’s too late to back out.

I almost think anything would be better than
going through with this. I try to excuse myself and leave.

“Not so fast,” the man says, grabbing my

“Let go of me,” I say.

“You’re not exactly exempt from this either.
You know, you’ve been living here. You owe me, as well.”

I try to shake my arm away but he has a
pretty good grip. “My name’s nowhere on the lease. I didn’t even
know there
a lease.”

“Yeah ... but you’ve been living here. You
think things are free?” With his free hand he turns and picks up a
piece of mail from the table near the door and says, “Jennifer
Adams. That’s you, isn’t it? You wouldn’t be getting mail here if
you didn’t live here. You’re as responsible as Daniel.”

BOOK: Sold To Strangers
5.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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