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He moved up from between my legs, taking my head in his hands. His lips danced above mine—a temptation that hovered so close, I swallowed back the urge to completely lose all sense of rationale and ravage him. He must have sensed how close I was to breaking because he didn’t rush anything. In fact, he moved at a glacial pace. I could clean my stove in the time it had taken his lips to close over mine. I stared into his eyes, pleading for him to take me—it didn’t matter how long, or how hard, or how fast, all I wanted was to be completely owned by Joel.
If only for one night.
If this was it, I wanted something to trump the first night that I could barely remember.

“Fuck, you’re going to make this hard for me.”

I couldn’t hold out any longer, I wrapped my legs around his waist—wishing he were as naked as I was—and leaned forward, brushing my lips against his. I opened my mouth to take in his bottom lip, and his hands gripped the back of my head as he kissed me with every fiber of his being. His tongue dived into the depths of my mouth and circled my tongue, creating a torrent of desire to wash over me. Our tongues twined together, and I was lost in the sensation of his mouth, the feel of his hands, the lack of space that existed between us. I pulled his shirt up and we parted just enough for his shirt to eclipse his head. Joel lifted his hips and his hands disappeared just before I heard the whoosh of his zipper being pulled down and heard his pants being thrown to the floor.

His body pressed back down into mine, the stiff erection that had been prodding my back since the moment he approached me at the window now felt heavy against my stomach, waiting for entry into my swollen folds already slick with arousal.

Joel took his length in hand and positioned himself between my legs.

“You know what I thought about when I was making that video for you,” he asked as he stroked his length. My eyes followed along, swinging up and down his shaft like a pogo stick, while hanging onto his every word. “I thought of that tight pussy of yours bouncing on my cock and those perfect tits of yours slapping my face as I sucked on your nipples and played with your clit. It’s an image I can’t seem to get out of my head.”

“Well, I’m here now. You don’t have to imagine anymore.”

, yes. Now there’s the
sexy kitten I watched dance that night.”

He sunk into the bed beside me, his cock jutting up like an eager lollipop waiting for a lick. Three minutes before I couldn’t wait to feel him stretching me, but now all I wanted was to feel his smooth, veiny cock push past my lips and the cool touch of his piercing driving across my tongue. His cock was already seeping pre-come, and when I looked back up, his eyes held a pleading look. He bit his lip, and my knees shifted around his legs as I took in the length of his erection. I kneeled down and took him into my mouth.

Joel’s flesh was hard, unforgiving like metal wrapped in silk as my tongue slid easily up and down his shaft. That masculine scent that always seemed to cling to him was strongest there. I relished the heady fragrance, absorbing it into my body every time my face dropped down farther between his legs.

“Blaire.” My name on his lips was a warning. His body flinched and his hips sank deeper into the mattress while he gasped for breath. I watched him while I took his entire length into my mouth. I wanted to own his body as surely as he owned mine. I wanted to suck him until his cock was spent of every last drop. With hands just as eager to please him, I felt along his body moving from his pectorals down his stomach, up his legs where my hand finally stilled against his balls, tugging them in tandem with my bobbing head. His eyes closed and he reached toward me, a hand sinking into the back of my hair so he could control the movement of my mouth along his shaft.

“As if you couldn’t get any more beautiful. My dick surrounded by your lips is pure perfection. Things are going to get messy, Blaire. I’m going to come down your throat and all over these pink stained lips, and then you’re going to ride my dick and I’m going to fuck you from behind. When I’m done sating myself in
place this little body can handle, I’ll put you in the tub and wash you clean.”

I sucked him harder at the sound of his words, the promise I could see in his eyes. He swelled beneath my lips in turn and we both groaned—him from the feel of my tongue licking around the head of his cock and me, from how turned on I made him. Just watching him, licking him, touching him was feeding something in my core. I felt myself throb between my legs, releasing with it a gush of liquid heat that slid down my thighs. It excited me to no end to have this man—this demigod of a lover—sate
in me. It was just then I realized every word he’d spoken, everything he promised to do to me for the night, I wanted, fiercely.

“Fuck my mouth, Joel. I want to be able to feel your cock still in my throat tomorrow when I wake up.”


Joel lifted his upper body, hovering over me as I sucked him in a flurry. I pressed my tongue back as I took him deeper. Joel tightened his fist in my hair, and he thrust his hips forward to dip farther into my throat, deeper than I’d ever taken any man before. The pressure of feeling him so fully in my throat brought tears to my eyes that washed down my face like a badge of honor, something I’d earned with every tilt of his hips and push of his hand. He fucked my face in earnest, with eyes shut tight and his face awash in pure bliss. It felt like a swarm of locusts took flight in my stomach, swirling through my body with this feeling only Joel could unleash in me.

Joel thickened and elongated, and I took a lungful of air through my nose, preparing myself for his release. His fingers, feeling like boulders trapping my hair beneath his grip, pressed me down farther into his lap as the first jet of come spurted down my throat.

“Blaire, fuck. That’s it, pretty bird, drink me down.” I swallowed him whole, devouring him like his juices were made of freshly made sticky-sweet caramel still warm from the stove. Thick ribbons shot to the back of my mouth, slipping down my throat. I continued fluttering my tongue along his veiny underside until he pulled away from my mouth and splashed the last of his release along my lips, painting the lower half of my face with his seed.

The tension in his fingers eased up, and he swept my hair to the side as we both stayed staring at each other,
as his cock lay spent against the nook of his thighs. With his eyes now solely focused on my come-splattered mouth, I parted my lips and darted my tongue to take in the remaining remnants of his essence. Joel made the closest sound to a whimper I’d ever heard a man make, and it was there in his sunken eyebrows and imploring eyes that I knew this would never be enough—one night, one week, one month would never be able to satisfy the lust that our union had spurred inside both of us.

“Blaire,” he whispered. His hands fell aside my breasts, and he pulled me up his body until I was straddling his lap, face to face. His fingers swiped across my chin and he presented his finger before my face, now laced with his semen. I took his finger in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his digit. With a force that seemed to barrel through him, he yanked his finger from my mouth, gripped my ass firmly with both hands, and dragged me into the slaughter of his mouth. Joel kissed me with need, anger, love, serenity,
. He kissed me every way a man could kiss a woman, and I considered myself lucky to be the woman on the receiving end of those kisses.

Chapter Ten


I pushed the covers past my feet, feeling every ache and throb of my muscles from the previous night’s romp. Joel wasn’t lying when he said we weren’t going to get any sleep. We kept at it throughout the night, sometimes falling asleep with him still inside me, only for him to wake up and continue where he left off. My throat was hoarse, scratchy from a night of constant moaning, and when I looked across the bed at Joel, he was laid out in a dead man’s pose—showing his own signs of wear and tear.

Light flooded the room and I eased out of the bed, careful not to wake Joel, who looked deep in slumber. I found myself drawn to the same window I peered out of last night, watching the lights as though they were Lite-
pegs jutting out from the landscape. Under the morning sun, Vegas just looked like a city thrown on top of dirt and rock.

I felt so far removed from everything up there in the house on the hill; everything beyond seemed so insignificant.
Does Joel watch Vegas from this same window? Is he lonely here? Is that the reason he really wants me to stay?

Warm arms wrapped around me, locking around my naked stomach. With skin pressed up against mine, I could feel his morning excitement trapped between our bodies.

The night
before flashed through my mind under the touch of those hands that brought me overwhelming pleasure.
“I hope you’re ready ‘cause I’m going to turn this pussy inside-out before I’m done. I’m talking permanent damage, Blaire. You’ll never be able to fuck another man and not think of me.”

“Good morning,” I said as he nuzzled my neck, kissing along my jaw and taking my earlobe between his lips.

“That it is. I think
I’m liking
the new view.
You, here and naked in my home.
Say you’ll stay, Blaire.”

“I shouldn’t.”

, stay,” he whispered, kissing down my neck and across my shoulder. He spun me around so I faced him. “Stay.” He kissed down to my breasts, closing his lips around my nipple and
laving me with that expert tongue
of his. The cold glass of the window bit into my back where it touched from shoulder blade to waist.


I thought Joel would be completely spent from last night’s marathon, but as he spun his web for me, I realized he wasn’t anywhere close to being done with me.
He spent the next half hour convincing me why I should stay, as if he hadn’t shown me all the reasons the previous night.

I showered and got cleaned up before making my way back downstairs to retrieve my phone. It was mid-morning, and as I descended the stairs, I began to recognize how odd it felt to be somewhere other than at work. In the six months since I had begun working there, I hadn’t taken one day off, not even a sick day. It was a bit surprising that I wasn’t more distraught by the fact that I was suspended yesterday.
I guess sex does have its benefits—besides the obvious.
Without Joel, I would have gone home, cried into a bottle of wine I would have finished all alone, all the while drunkenly trying to figure out how to dig myself out of the hole I was in.

At the bottom of the staircase, my purse sat atop the marble table in the foyer. As I passed, I heard the familiar beep of a missed call ringing from my purse.
I expected to see a couple calls and texts from Kerri, but nowhere near this many. She’d been blowing up my phone since 7 p.m. the night before, with the most recent call being ten minutes earlier. I didn’t bother listening to the messages. Instead, I called her back.

“Blaire. Oh my god. Sarah texted me last night about what happened.”

“Does everyone else know?”

“They didn’t make an announcement or anything, but it won’t take long for people to notice you’re not coming in. I mean
you’re normally here before everyone. What did Henderson say to you? What happened?”

“Lara. That’s what happened. I didn’t tell you, but earlier this week she sent me a box. Well, it was more like a threat. I guess she followed through because she got me suspended. Although, I’m sure her intention was to get me fired.”

“That bitch. How did she find out?”

“We think she may have been following Joel.”

“We? Are you part of a ‘we’ now?”

“No. It’s not like that. Joel was worried about what else she might pull, so he asked me to stay with him last night. I’m just putting his mind at ease—”

“I bet that’s not the only thing you’ve been putting at ease. Look at you being a little harlot. Good for you. That’s a good way to keep busy.”

“He wants me to stay,” I whispered, not wanting to alert Joel to the conversation I was having downstairs.

“Ooh, waiting out the storm, round two.”

“I told him no.”

“What? Why?”

“Isn’t it bad enough they already know the truth? Do I really want to get caught with my pants down?”

“Are we talking literally or figuratively speaking?”

“Not funny, Kerri. I only got suspended, but I’m sure that’s temporary. They’re probably going to fire me when this is all said and done.”

“We all love you here. I’m sure they won’t fire you. They’re just waiting until the case is over…you know, covering their own asses, and then they’ll bring you back on. You’re getting paid, right?”

“For now.”

“Well, you know what I’d do.”

“Yes. Kerri. Everyone knows what you’d do,” I replied, every word overflowing with sarcasm. “Can you do me a favor? Can you swing by my house and make sure everything looks…you know, normal?”

“Sure, sweetie. I’ll stop by before lunch. Chin up and keep me apprised of all of the naughtiness happening.”

“All right, Kerri. Get back to work.”

We hung up and just in time because Joel was making his way down to the bottom floor just as I put my phone back in my purse. Joel spun me in his arms and kissed my cheek. He took my hand and led me to the kitchen where he pulled out a stool for me to sit at the kitchen island.

BOOK: Shut Out (Just This Once #2)
2.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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