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Sex Practice

BOOK: Sex Practice
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Sex Practice
first published in 1998 by Hodder & Stoughton. Published as an
eBook in 2012 by Chimera eBooks.




Chimera (
) a creation of the imagination, a wild


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This novel is
fiction - in real life practice safe sex.


This work is
sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or
otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated
without the publisher's prior written consent in any form of
binding or cover other than that in which it is published, and
without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent
purchaser. The author asserts that all characters depicted in this
work of fiction are eighteen years of age or older, and that all
characters and situations are entirely imaginary and bear no
relation to any real person or actual happening.


Copyright Ray
Gordon. The right of Ray Gordon to be identified as author of this
book has been asserted in accordance with section 77 and 78 of the
Copyrights Designs and Patents Act 1988.





Larry Lickman
gazed lustfully at the pretty blonde sitting facing him anxiously
in his consulting room. His penis strained within his tight cords
as he imagined her masturbating with a vibrator - legs splayed,
juicy cunt lips gaping, cerise clitoris throbbing in orgasm. Eyeing
her pert breasts, her erectile nipples torpedoing her white silk
blouse, he smiled. She was in her early twenties, married, unable
to achieve orgasm - and delectably fuckable!

The distraught
woman had resorted to Larry's infamous private sex therapy and
marriage guidance practice in despair. Her husband threatening to
leave her for a real woman, she was desperate to respond to his
intimate attention, his vaginal massaging, his clitoral tonguing,
and achieve the massive multiple orgasms she naively believed all
other women were enjoying.

"Some women
find it difficult to climax during sexual intercourse," Larry
began, his elbows resting on his desk, his dark eyes smiling.
"You're far from unique, believe me!"

"But I've read
about women screaming and writhing, their nostrils flaring, their
eyes rolling and... why can't I do it?" the nymphette asked
despairingly, her sea-blue eyes tearful, her lavish red lips
quivering. "Why can't I have multiple orgasms?"

They're probably the women I've fucked, Larry reflected,
manoeuvring his painfully solid penis into a more comfortable
position. "Worry not. You'll soon be screaming and writhing in the
grips of multiple orgasms, Tina," he reassured her.
Especially when I get my tongue between your
luscious folds
. "What I want you to do is
lie on your bed, naked, and masturbate four times every day with a
powerful vibrator."

"But I don't
have a vibrator!" the young woman gasped, shocked by the doctor's

"No problem. I
do a nice line in vibrators. I take Access, Visa... and cash, of

Lickman! I really don't think..."

"Vibrators are ideal for women in your situation,
And pretty good for men,
. "You'll have no choice other than to
surrender to your wonder... wondrous body. The vibrations coursing
through your clitoris will force out one mind-blowing orgasm after
another." Pausing, he frowned at his flushing client. "You do want
to scream and writhe and have massive multiple orgasms, don't

"Well, yes,

"There we are, then. You might well be suffering from
clitoral non-responsus
Using a vibrator will cure the dreadful condition. OK, as this is
only your second visit I'll need to know a little more about your
sex life, your sexual history, so to speak. Firstly, are you a
Roman Catholic?"

religion got to do with sex?"

Take Catholic priests, for example - they're all perverted
hedonists. You're not a Catholic priest, are you?"

"No, of course
I'm not."



"Have you ever
attended the Devil's Mass?"

Devil's... no!"

"That's a relief! Tell me, do you enjoy oral sex?" Larry asked
Do you relish a tongue licking
inside your wet cunt?


"Come on, Tina - if I'm to help you, then you must open
Open up your cunt!

"Well..." she
began softly, her face flushing deeper with embarrassment as she
twisted her long blonde hair nervously round her fingers. "I'm not
used to talking about such intimate things, doctor."

I am
. "I know you're not. Just relax,
Tina. Imagine that I'm not here."


"It will be
easier for you to talk."

"Where shall I
imagine you to be?"


"If I'm to
imagine that you're not here, then I'll have to imagine you to be


"Because you
have to be somewhere. You think, therefore you are."

"I am,
therefore I think."

"You can't
suddenly disappear, become extinct - nonexistent!"

"Well, I'll be
here in reality, so..."

"But you

"No, no!
Imagine I'm not here! You don't have to imagine me to be elsewhere,
just pretend that I'm not here - imagine that you're talking to

"Only lunatics
talk to themselves!"

"What do you
know about the ranting and raving of lunatics?"

"Nothing, I

"Then you're
not in a position to discuss them. Let's not deviate - we're not
here to talk about lunacy. Try it, Tina - pretend that I'm not here
and chat about your sex life, the things you get up to in bed with
your husband."


"I'll break
you in gently. What does he do for a living?"

"He's in

"Admirable! My
father was a spy."


"Yes, he
wanted me to follow in his footsteps but I had a calling to help
women with sexual problems."


"A girl at school pulled her knickers down and showed me her
vagina. After that I knew where my destiny lay."
In girls' knickers


"Indeed it
was. I believe her to have been sent by God to show me the light -
and her vagina."

"Are you a
religious man, doctor?"

"I'm a pagan
at heart."

"I admire that
in a man."

"It's often
been said that I'm an admirable man. So, let's get back to your
sexual problems. Sixty-nine?" Larry probed, his fathomless eyes
locked to hers.




is... we'll come to that later. How do you feel about your

"How do I feel
about it? What do you mean?"

"Let's talk
about your body, Tina. I want you to feel comfortable with your

"I do feel


"Oh, Doctor

"There, you're
not at all comfortable!"

"That's a
terrible word!"

"It's the
proper anatomical term for that particular part of your body, for
your sex crack, your vaginal slit, your girl-crack... er..."

"Is it? I'd
always considered it obscene!"

"That's a myth
created by the upper classes to have vulgar tradesmen remain vulgar

"I don't

Neither do I
. "Tradesmen like using
the word cunt because they believe it to be obscene, they like to
shock. If they knew the truth, they'd rise above the rank of
tradesmen and threaten the upper classes."

"Oh, I

"The word
originates from the word
, meaning a small sheath. Your cunt
is akin to a small sheath, is it not?"

"Well, yes.
But I thought it was a modern word."

"Good grief,
the word's as old as the hills! Older, more than likely. I wonder
why people say that?"


"As old as the
hills. They could say, as old as the dales. Anyway, we mustn't bog
ourselves down with phraseology. May I have a look at your

"My... Doctor

"It was just a
passing fantasy. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. Let's get down
to basics, Tina - let's not be shy, prudish, bashful and... piss

"What are

"Inner lips - wet, pink, inner cunt lips."
God, I'm stiff!

Doctor Lickman!"

"This is a necessary ingredient of the therapy session, Tina.
It will help you to relax and open up. Obviously, you're not at all
at ease with your body, with your naughty bits. Had I said
you'd not have flinched an
eyelid, would you?"




"That proves
my point. I want you to feel relaxed with your body - at ease with
your sexy bits. Repeat after me - wet fleshy cunt lips."

"Wet fleshy...
are you sure that...?"

"Wet fleshy
cunt lips, Tina!"

"Wet fleshy
cunt lips."

"Good girl!
There, now you're far more comfortable! It stands to reason, if you
can't even bring yourself to talk about your cunt, then how do you
expect to achieve orgasm? Right, try this one - solid clitoris
pulsating in orgasm."

clitoris pulsating in orgasm."

I'll bet you're feeling good about your cunt now, relaxed, at ease.
OK, try another one - stiff throbbing knob sperming in my
spunk-thirsty mouth."

throbbing knob sperming... Doctor, is this really helping me?"

"Yes, of
course it is! We're re-educating your subconscious. Right, carry

throbbing knob sperming in my spunk-thirsty mouth."

You're feeling much better now, aren't you? You're feeling loose,
promiscuous, immoral, really horny... er... I mean, free of

"Well, I
suppose so."

"Good. Talking
about your cunt will strip you of inhibitions and allow your
suppressed, deep-seated, rampant sexual cravings to surface. We'll
try one more. I love having a stiff cock spunking deep inside my
juiced-up, tight, cunt hole."

"I love having
a stiff cock spunking deep inside my juiced-up, tight, cunt

"Superb! When
you masturbate, I want you to keep repeating - I love fingering my
hot, tight, wet cunt and licking my girl-juice from my sticky
fingers. Try it now."

"I love
fingering my hot, tight, wet cunt and... Doctor Lickman, is this
really necessary?"

Tina. I won't bewilder you with the technical details, suffice to
say that it's a well tried and tested method of freeing the mind of
inhibitions and allowing orgasms to come. Actually, I've written a
paper about it for the BMJ. OK, try it again."

"I love
fingering my hot, tight, wet cunt and licking my girl-juice from my
sticky fingers."

"Well done! My
star pupil! Female masturbation is extremely important. It's a
little known fact, but it's even mentioned in the scriptures."

"Is it? Are
you sure?"

"Oh, yes! For
some reason, Moses kept it to himself when he came down from Mount
Sinai with the stone tablets, but there was an eleventh commandment
- women shalt masturbate habitually to juice their loins."


"Going back to
Catholic priests, do you know why they have mass?"

"No, come to
think of it, I don't."

"Mass is a
code word, short for masturbation. It all began centuries ago when
they had midnight masturbation sessions. High masturbation was, and
still is, where the lower members of the church masturbate the
higher members, such as bishops and the like."

"I didn't know

"The church
hierarchy like to keep it a secret. Why do you think choirboys are
dressed in frocks? Er... we won't go into that. How do you feel
about your cunt now, Tina? Would you consider squatting over a
mirror and pulling your vaginal lips apart and having a look inside
your cunt?"

BOOK: Sex Practice
8.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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