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A finger went to my lips where I lay behind Victoria, and he cut himself off mid exclamation.

“An…” he started again. “An… intriguing idea. What… how did this happen?”

“I picked her up at the party,” Victoria said, earlier pout instantly forgotten. She rolled over to languidly caress my outline. “Quite the find, I must say. Do you like my little present?”

Jacob’s eyes were wide. He strode tentatively toward the bed. “Yes, very much.”

He reached out as if to touch me. Victoria intercepted his hand, leading it to her chest. “Well then come on,” she said, patting the mattress beside her. “If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll share.”

* * *

acob stood between us as we slowly undressed him, both covering his body in kisses. A shiver went through me as lips pressed against his hard biceps. His skin broke out in goosebumps too. If I closed my eyes, it was just like old times. Just the two of us, just…

“Lay down on the bed, baby.” Victoria’s voice broke my reverie. Jacob’s eyes found mine, and he looked at me, as if asking if I really wanted to do this. I nodded. If anything was to ever happen, I was going to have to learn to share.

He lay down, dressed only in his boxers, and Victoria and I crawled up on either side – past sculpted thighs and chiseled abs to position ourselves; her at his waist, myself at his head.

I ran my hands over his chest as Victoria slowly pulled down the cotton covering him. Both our eyes were fixed on his member as it broke free. It was beautiful, just like the rest of his body. An object of desire, an object of worship.

Need built in my chest, in my throat. I looked at Victoria, and she looked at me, both of us unable to contain our excitement. Her head slowly lowered to his hips even as mine did the same to his mouth. I didn’t know which of the three of us was luckier.

We kissed, deeply, and it was like all of my worries turned to vapor: water on the hot stove of his lips. I remembered this kiss; had been dreaming about it for the last week. It had been with me when I went to bed, and in my dreams when I woke up. It made everything alright. It made my heart beat faster and my toes curl.

We broke, gasping, for air. His hands reached up to clutch at my face, to drag our lips close, but not quite touching. “What are you doing?” he whispered.

I looked at Victoria – her mouth was gliding up and down Jacob’s long, hard shaft. “You,” I whispered back. “I… I need to be with you Jacob. And if this is the only way it can happen, I’ll try.”


“What are you two whispering about?” Victoria asked, pulling off Jacob with a slurp. “Anna, would you like to have a go?”

I looked into Jacobs eyes and held them. “Yes. Yes I would like a go please.” I trailed my fingers down his body until Victoria and I had swapped places. I touched his tip tentatively. It jerked involuntarily toward my hand.

Oh yes. I remembered this.
I remembered what I could do to him. I looked up and grinned. “Enjoy the show.”

Then I leaned down and took his long, hard length in my mouth. It tasted… different, and it took a moment to realize it was because I was also tasting Victoria’s saliva. A warmth started to spread between my legs as I thought about what she had done to me earlier. What I was doing to him right now. Maybe I could learn to like this?

I grasped Jacob’s base and began to lick him like a lollipop, slowly replacing Victoria’s saliva with my own. He groaned above me, and l looked up while I worked to see Victoria sucking on one of his nipples. It was like I had my own show while I worked. His hard body rising up before me, a landscape leading into the distance. Her body, a thing of equal pleasure and beauty above.

His rod went back into my mouth, and I felt his whole body stiffen as I sucked myself down his shaft. My lips dragged against his skin as I slid back up. I moved slowly at first, throat creating suction even as my tongue caressed his tip inside. I swirled him in my mouth, enjoying the taste of him, his hard length.

Then I started to move faster, his moans of pleasure creating pleasure in me too; a warmth that built in my loins as I felt him swell harder. I moved deeper down onto him, pushing him to the back of my throat, taking as much of him as I could. Coming back up for air, then going back down again.

This happiness I was giving him, it was turning me on. I reached between my legs, stroking myself even as I stroked him, building myself even as I built him. Sweet tendrils of electricity began to pulsate gently through my body. I moved faster up and down his shaft. His breathing began to match my movements.

I felt him swell one final time within my body. Previous experience told me what was going to come next. I slipped a finger inside myself. First one, then two.
God, it felt so good.

He exploded with a groan into my mouth even as I exploded, groaning, myself. I drank him down, savoring his salty taste even as my muscles clenched around my fingers, body spasming, whether from the pleasure I was giving myself, or the pleasure I was giving him, I didn’t know.

When he stopped we were both spent. My mouth pulled off his quickly dying member. My fingers pulled out of me. We both lay on the bed, gasping.

I became aware of motion, above. Victoria was slowly moving down the opposite side of Jacob’s body, tongue sliding out to leave a trail over his skin as it glided down. She reached his member, now flaccid, and she slid it into her mouth, tasting it. “Mmm. That was hot. I enjoyed watching that.”

Her head came up, and she crawled over him like a tiger, toward me. Her lips found my knee and kissed it, then slowly began to wind a trail up. “You two have…

She reached the top of my leg and ran a tongue up my most private of parts, making me shiver. “But we have chemistry too.”

Her kisses continued upwards, trailing over my stomach; the underside of my breast. Suckling the nipple, nipping each gently. Her lips reached my mouth, and she hovered above them, gently. My head lifted up as I quested for her, but she pulled away, teasing. I craned further, and she let her lips brush mine briefly before rising higher.

“I want to taste you,” she whispered. “Taste him too. I hope you didn’t swallow it all. I hope you left some for me.”

I pushed myself to my elbows, then as she pulled back again, and I realized that she was angling us so that Jacob could see, I moved to my knees. We knelt before him, on a bed full of tangled sheets; her body naked and svelte before me, a porcelain idol with ruby red lips. Her hands ran up my breasts, playing with them, arousing the nipples. Then they moved up to my face, and pulled me toward her.

We kissed – Jacob’s taste still on my tongue, now on her tongue too. Dimly I could hear statements of appreciation from Jacob, but I was lost in the moment. In the lips of the movie star before me, and the way she ran her fingers through my hair.

We parted, tenderly, mouths still wanting, and both looked at Jacob. He was hard and erect once again.

“I think it’s time for the main act to begin,” Victoria said huskily. She looked at me. “What do you think?”

I looked at Jacob, running my eyes over the body of an Adonis. “I couldn’t agree more.” I moved toward his hard member, eager to feel it throb inside me after all this time.

Victoria shook her head, reaching ahead of me to take him possessively in hand. “Uh, uh, I don’t think so. You got the entree, but I get the main course”.

I looked at her, confused. “What do I do then?”

She shrugged. “You can watch, or you can keep his mouth occupied. I don’t mind.”

I hadn’t realized that it would be like this, but it suddenly made sense. How else did I think a threesome would have worked? This was Victoria’s encounter, not mine. They were the couple, not us. It was Victoria who would finish him off. Not me.
I was the odd one out.

She climbed on top of him and, even as I watched, slid onto him slowly. It almost broke my heart. I closed my eyes – I’d thought I could be ok with this, but now I wasn’t so sure.

I couldn’t block out the sounds. I heard Victoria’s slow breathing start to get quicker, then little oh’s as she got into a rhythm. Tears sprang to the corner of my eyes.

Then a hand slid into mine. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know it was his. Callous and rough, I would recognize it anywhere. But I opened my eyes anyway. He was looking at me. He pulled me toward him, down toward his lips.

And suddenly I knew that I could be ok with this. Because it didn’t matter what was happening below. It was up here that mattered. My lips sought his. We kissed.

This was what I had missed. This was why I was doing this. I gave myself to him, wholly, and to the experience too. Victoria was a part of that experience. A beautiful, sensual part to a private secret that we both could enjoy.

My hands went to his naked chest even as his went to mine, and we kissed passionately, our hands exploring familiar territory made new by the third party below. A groan escaped Jacob’s lips, and I smiled, pleased. I wanted my man happy.

I knelt back up to watch Victoria. She was pleasing Jacob, and that was good.

“What are you doing?” Jacob asked

“Enjoying the show,” I said. “It looks like you’re having fun?”

He nodded. Then he reached up to me, tugging me not down, but across his body. “But I know how to make it more fun.”

He positioned me over him as he lay on his back, and suddenly I was staring at Victoria as she rode him just like before, but now I was straddling him, my most intimate of centers positioned just above his mouth. His hands grasped my hips, and then I felt his tongue caress me.
Oh god.
That felt so good. 

Victoria leaned forward, still grinding her hips upon Jacob, and I did the same, and then we were kissing above him; her, speared by his member, me speared by his tongue. The changed angle gave him greater access and I groaned into her mouth as he put it to good use.

Her hands went to my breasts as she started to move faster, and I felt Jacob’s tongue change pace to follow suit.

“He feels so hard,” she whispered into my mouth.

“I know.”

“You feel so soft.”

My hands reached out to caress her breasts, playing with the nipples. “You do too.”

She groaned again as I began to tweak her in time to Jacob’s tongue; in time to what she must be feeling below. The three of us got faster. I could feel myself getting wetter, my juices hot between my legs, even as I knew she must be feeling the same.

She started to buck wilder, leaving me to sit up straight, caught in her own rising little world. My hands went to Jacob’s rock hard, ripped stomach even as my hips started to move of their own accord above his mouth. I was building again, climbing rapidly to a point where release was imminent. That sweet pressure started to build in my hips, in my stomach, in my thighs. It was spreading now, outwards, little tendrils that set the path for what was to come, that made every nerve in my body sit up and get ready.

My hands slipped down slowly on his body as I started to weaken, approaching his tuft of hair, approaching her thighs. They slid until my breasts were on his stomach and I was totally exposed to him. I was worshiping him with my hands between her legs.

“I’m going to come soon,” Victoria panted. “I’m so close.”

Oh god, I was too. 

My hands found her thighs, found the place where he slid into and out of her in an ever increasing rhythm. My thumb found her pearl, and I rested it there, rubbing lightly against her as we both moved to the rhythm of our desires.

She let out a groan. “Fuck, I’m going to come!”

I pressed my thumb down hard. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
” The last word was a scream as my pressure, and Jacob’s length, sent her over the edge. She grabbed my hair, pulling it with a sharp tug to push me down onto Jacob’s face.

His tongue continued to lick, but then his mouth formed a vacuum around me and began to suck, too.

The tug, the tongue, the screams of pleasure, the sensations all over my body finally sent me over the edge too. Pleasure shot through me and then suddenly I was convulsing in an orgasm that blew my mind and left me collapsed upon Jacob when done.

I rolled off him as soon as my legs worked. Victoria pulled herself off moments later. “You didn’t come yet baby?” she asked as she saw his hard, erect member, still covered in her juices.

He shrugged apologetically. “I guess you were too fast for me.”

“Well I’m spent. I don’t think I’ve got the energy,” she said, yawning. “two mind blowing orgasms is enough for tonight.”

My hand raised tentatively into the air. “I’ll do it,” I said quietly.

Victoria looked at me, surprised. “But you just came already.”

“That’s ok, I can go again.”

“What are you, superwoman?”

“No, but I think he can please me, if you’re ok with it.”

She waved. “Please. Be my guest. But don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t come. He rarely does.”

That wasn’t my experience.
I moved down his body to his hips, and I could have sworn his already hard member began to grow larger. I looked at him. “That is, I’ll do it if you want me to.”

BOOK: Services Collected Boxed Set
6.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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