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Of course she was lying about being propositioned by the guys on the station. He knew an inexperienced woman when he saw one and he was looking at one right now. That blush. That stammer. Not to mention the fact that the lady was also definitely protesting way too much.

But he knew Frankie and she could be pig-headed when she chose to be. Like now for example, pretending she knew what she was doing when it was bloody obvious she didn’t.

Unfortunately her pig-headedness just brought out the devil in him. Two could play at that game.

Now he knew the truth about her, he wanted her to admit it. To admit she wanted him. And he’d do anything to hear those words come out of that delectable mouth. Anything at all.

Even call that very impressive bluff of hers.

‘Anything, huh?’ he said slowly.

‘Yes, anything.’

She had her chin jutted and her shoulders back, and the posture made the cotton of her shirt pull tight across her generous tits. Christ he was getting hard. Her gaze dipped to his groin, then almost immediately lifted again.

He didn’t think it was possible for her to get any redder, but apparently it was.

‘Well,’ he said conversationally, watching her all the while. ‘I could sure use a blow job right now.’

She blinked. Rapidly. ‘A b-blowjob?’

The way she said it only made him harder, perverse bugger that he was. ‘Yeah. I mean, you know what that is, right? You must have given them before.’

There was a moment when he thought she might baulk, the look in her eyes flickering with what he thought was fear, her throat moving as she swallowed. And he was starting to think he might let her off the hook.

But then her jaw firmed and she said, as if she was explaining to a small child, ‘Of course I know what a blowjob is, Mac. I’ve given them to guys heaps of times.’

‘Heaps of times, huh?’ he repeated.

Her blue eyes met his without flinching and yet he could see another expression flickering through them. There was an element of fear there, no doubt about it. Yet still she didn’t back down. ‘Yeah,’ she said firmly. ‘Heaps.’

Jesus, she didn’t know when to stop did she? Pushing her was wrong, definitely. What he should be doing was ending this game. Tell her he wouldn’t be selling her his share of the property, no fucking way.

But he didn’t. What he said instead was, ‘In that case, you’d better come over here and get on your knees, sweetheart.’ He shifted in the seat and sure enough her gaze dropped once more to his lap. ‘Because all this talking you’re doing is making things get a little uncomfortable around here.’


Frankie couldn’t seem to get a breath. She couldn’t seem to look away from Mac’s bloody crotch either. Because she’d thought he was lying when he’d said he could use a blowjob. She’d thought he was putting it on. But there was nothing false about the long, thick outline of his cock pressed against the denim of his jeans.

You’re making things get a little uncomfortable …

He meant her, right?
was making things uncomfortable. Her.

Oh, shit, he was getting hard for her.

And now she stood there feeling like a bloody idiot because if she wanted to continue this dumb charade she’d started, she was going to have go to over there and bluff it out by giving him a blowjob. It was either that or admit she wanted him. Had wanted him for years.

That you’re in love with him, don’t forget that.

Oh no. Oh
no. There was no way he felt the same.

Okay then, so bluff it was.

Mac’s smile had turned lazy. The way he was sitting had made his t-shirt ride up, exposing the brown skin of his flat, ridged stomach. She’d seen him on the station with his shirt off, all wide shoulders and narrow hips, and muscles to die for. And at night, in the privacy of her own room she’d—

Had fantasies just like this one?

‘Come on, Francesca,’ he murmured, his voice rough and sexy. ‘Not wimping out, are you?’

Oh yeah, she’d had fantasies. Lots of them. Him touching her, her touching him. Him taking her, being inside her, loving her …

He doesn’t love you, but so what? Doesn’t mean you can’t finally make those fantasies a reality.

Yeah, why the hell not? If she convinced him to sell his half of the station and move out, then he’d go and she’d never see him again. This was her last chance.

Frankie swallowed and got her to feet. She edged around the coffee table, finally coming to stand in front of him, and looked down. His gaze had gone molten, burning, watching her. There was a faint tinge of red to his cheekbones and she could see the tension in his body.

Casually, Mac spread his thighs, indicating she was to kneel between them, and somehow she found herself doing exactly that, dropping down in front of him.

She stared at him, almost in a daze, her heartbeat thundering in her ears, a weird pressure right down low in her groin. An insistent ache that wouldn’t go away.

The expression in Mac’s gaze had intensified, the gold of his eyes as hot as the midday sun. ‘You sure you want to go through with this?’

So the bastard was giving her an out, was he? Well, she sure as hell wasn’t going to need one. She didn’t look away from his molten gaze even though her heart was racing and her throat was bone dry. ‘Of course I’m sure.’

And she reached for the zip of his jeans.


Frankie drew down the zip of his fly with agonising slowness. She had a look on her face he recognised, the one she always got when she was learning something new and was determined to get it right. Giving whatever she was doing her whole attention and not stopping until she’d mastered it.

Jesus Christ, was he actually insane? If he let her do this, he wasn’t sure he’d survive.

Perhaps now he should do the decent thing and let her pull her away. Apparently though, he wasn’t very decent because he made no move to stop her as she opened his fly and spread the denim, her hands shaking a bit. And, oh fuck, the brush of her fingertips against his aching dick was almost more than he could stand.

He’d waited too long. Wanted her for too many years.

She was bloody going to kill him.

Her forehead creased as she reached for the waistband of his boxers, pulling at them awkwardly, the blush on her cheeks now creeping down her neck. It was clear she had no idea what she was doing, which meant he should really stop her. Tell her it was okay, that she didn’t need to do this.

But those shaking fingers had managed to pull away the cotton and get him free, and now she was staring, her eyes wide, her mouth slightly open, at where his cock curved up towards his stomach, hard as a fucking fence-post.

He could feel her warm breath on his skin and the heat of her body leaning between his thighs. Could smell that delicious scent of flowers and earth, and now it had a musky edge to it, feminine arousal. And he knew there was no going back.

He had to have her mouth on him. He had to have her. Right here. Right now.

Impatient, Mac reached for her hand and guided it to the base of his cock. ‘Wrap your fingers around me,’ he ordered roughly. ‘Like this.’

She started to resist. ‘I … I can do it.’

But that was just more bluffing and he didn’t want that, not now. Not when she finally had her cool fingers around him and her lips were just inches away. ‘It’s my dick, Francesca. I’ll give the orders.’

A flash of blue as she looked up at him, her eyes deep and dark as a midnight sky, and oddly challenging. And she held his gaze as her grip on him tightened. As her little pink tongue came out and she licked the head of his cock, delicate as a cat.

Sensation exploded in his head.
The word hissed between his teeth, almost torn from him.

And then the gorgeous little bitch smiled.

And did it again.


Somehow she’d lost her nervousness and she didn’t quite know how or where. Maybe it had been when he’d told her what to do and she’d heard the edge of desperation in his voice. Or maybe it was when she’d wrapped her fingers around his cock and felt him tense.

Or maybe it was when he’d sworn when she licked him, when she’d seen the heat flare in his eyes, like melted golden coins.

How weird to be on her knees and yet, for the first time in their entire relationship, feel like she was the one with the power.

He tasted salty and musky and very, very good. Much better than she’d anticipated. And the way he looked at her gave her a heady sense of confidence she’d never had in her entire life. It almost didn’t matter than she didn’t have any experience, that she was a virgin, and that this was the first penis she’d ever touched. That she had no idea what she was doing.

What mattered was that this was Mac and he was looking at her the way she’d been wanting him to look at her for years and years and years.

She licked him, watching him as she did so, her nerves and uncertainty dropping away as she watched his face. Guided by the flames in his eyes and tightening of his features, her tongue circled the head of his cock, then licked at that little slit at the centre, the muscles of his thighs gathering tight as she did so.

His hands came up as she did it a third time, pulling her ponytail out, rough fingers burying themselves in her hair as it fell loose over her shoulders. ‘Suck me, Frankie,’ he growled, low and husky, ‘Do it.’

He’d never spoken her nickname before. And hearing it now, while she was doing
this …

She trembled, her earlier confidence forgotten. Because she wanted to do this right, she wanted to make him lose the damn plot, the way he’d been making her lose it for the past ten years. But that was difficult to do when she didn’t know how.

His fingers gripped tight. ‘Don’t think. Just do what I say.’

God, had he sensed her uncertainty? Did he know how much of a liar she was?

You’re thinking about this now? When you’re actually doing what you’ve been wanting to do for so long?

Apparently she was an idiot. A total, stubborn idiot. If she wanted to do to him what he’d been doing to her, then letting him take the lead was only going to make things better.

So she gave him a nod and his fingers in her hair eased, stroking and smoothing instead.

‘Open your mouth, sweetheart,’ he murmured. ‘Take me in.’

And she did. He was wide and long and he tasted of salt, and she desperately hoped she wasn’t going to choke and embarrass herself. But those fingers in her hair were guiding her, showing her the way, and soon she was gripping him tight and moving her mouth, and it felt natural. It felt … good. Especially when he began to whisper encouragement, rough and growly.

‘Oh yeah, that’s good … That’s really fucking good … Jesus, sweetheart.’

She closed her eyes, lost herself in the movement, in the heat of him, the feel of his hands in her hair, in the scent of him. In the sounds he made as she drew him deeper, sucked on him harder. And then he began to lift his hips, thrusting into her mouth and she let him, one hand gripping him, the other clutching onto his hard thigh.

His movements began to get wilder and out of rhythm, his breathing harsh. ‘Don’t stop,’ he ordered, the command edged with desperation. ‘Don’t you fucking stop.’

Like she’d ever do that now, with him completely at her mercy.

Mac gave one last thrust, a deep, rough groan escaping him as the orgasm hit and he came. And she swallowed him down without a thought, loving the way his fingers in her hair were so tight and how the powerful muscles of his thighs had tensed.

He shook, gasping, and she kept her hand wrapped around him, holding on tight, triumph sweeping through her.

She’d just made him lose control. And she
liked it.


Mac could barely think. Frankie still had her head in his lap and her mouth wrapped around his dick and his head was ringing like someone had hit him with a length of four by two.

Fucking hell.

Yeah, she’d been inexperienced, but once she’d taken a bit of direction … Jesus, he wasn’t going to recover from that in a hurry.

And then he looked down and saw the self-satisfied smile on her face as she released him, and, just like that, he could feel himself getting hard again. A much fantasised-about blowjob was one thing, but having her naked and under him? That would make fucking Lazarus walk again.

Mac pushed himself out of the chair without a word and reached for her.

‘Hey.’ Her eyes had gone wide. ‘What are you doing?’

Ignoring her, he pulled her to her feet, turned her around and urged her down so that now she was the one sitting in the chair. With firm hands, he eased her thighs apart and dropped to his knees between them.

She blinked at him, her face flushed pink. ‘M-Mac?’

‘Your turn,’ he said by way of explanation, and reached for the zip of her jeans.

Frankie stiffened. ‘What? No. You can’t—’

‘Sweetheart,’ he said flatly, cutting across her. ‘Are you seriously going to persist with this “I don’t want you” bullshit? After the best bloody blowjob in the history of creation?’

A faint tremor ran through her and the fear was back in her eyes, though he had no idea where it was coming from. Because surely, after what she’d just done to him, she couldn’t be afraid.

‘What is it?’ He let his hands rest on her thighs, his palms pressing down, feeling the heat of her seep through him, meeting her wide blue gaze. ‘If you’ve never done this before, I kind of guessed that already.’

She shook her head jerkily. ‘I-it’s not that.’

Her body was tense beneath his hands, so he moved them, stroking up and down her thighs, trying to soothe her. ‘Then what?’

She blinked, another shiver making her shake. ‘If … you’re only doing this because I did it to you, then it’s okay.’ Another convulsive movement of her throat. ‘You don’t have to.’

Shit. She really thought that?

Well, it’s not as if you’ve been honest with her either.

No, he hadn’t. But then, he’d thought she’d guess he wanted her. After all, it wasn’t as if a guy could lie, not when his dick was pointing straight up. Then again, given her inexperience, maybe she didn’t know that. Christ, he felt like a stupid bastard.

BOOK: Secret Confessions: Down & Dusty - Frankie (Novella)
5.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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